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  1. The more I look at the new helmet the more I like it. Definitely thought it looked bad at first though so I understand why others aren't in love with it.

    It seems to me like they are planning on using this as a replacement of the old openable helmet. No real reason to keep two molds that are so similar, especially when they've talked in the past about how they limit how many molds/colors they have in production at once. Granted, Vidiyo seemed to be the antithesis to that thought process so maybe they've stopped that 😅

  2. 12 hours ago, Clone OPatra said:

    If it got to the point that LEGO sets were released like AAA videogame titles, we'd be in BIG trouble. Many games are knowingly released unfinished just to meet a deadline.

    I don't get the framework of making excuses for the big profit-oriented company, even when it's LEGO which we all know and love and feel like it's a bit of family. They employ people to test things. Lots of people. And if they're not employing enough people for that, then it's a problem.

    A freak plastic issue which seems to be effecting some copies of the Volkswagen van is one thing, but not properly play testing a new design for mechs which didn't need to be changed in the first place is something else. Why did this get as far as production before it was caught? At the end of the day it doesn't effect the consumer too badly because we can't even buy them, but it's still a head scratcher.

    That’s fair, video games wasn’t the best example. I’d like to specify I’m not trying to make excuses for them, just stating that in a sample size that large it’s virtually impossible to catch every flaw. We definitely should be holding them to a high standard especially based on the price, I’m just trying to be realistic because as an engineer I’m especially aware that no product is perfect and no amount of testing will catch every flaw.

    10 hours ago, Maple said:

    Because many AFOLs think LEGO is their god, their best (only) friend and frankly are in a cult. I'm sick of it and the reason I will disappear for months at a time. I love LEGOs but I hate the community.

    Nice of you to make such flattering assumptions about people.

    3 hours ago, jonwil said:

    I think the mistake with the marvel mechs was switching the design of the hip joint away from the piece with the 3 ball joints (a part that is still being produced and is in several sets that will be hanging around for quite a while such as the new VW van and the dark red pickup truck). Why they would change a perfectly good hip/leg design is beyond me.


    That definitely does seem to be the problem but I get what they were TRYING to do. I think they should have just made a new piece that has two ball joints instead of three to remove the extra bit down there but I guess they tried to do it without creating new parts.

  3. 56 minutes ago, Maple said:

    Oh really? That's why a TMNT set had to be redone after release? IS that why an Antman set had to be redone after release? Is that why these mechs had to canceled / delayed when I guarantee you some stores have already been sent them?

    Just because a few issues were found post-testing doesn’t mean they don’t test. There are legal testing requirements in the US and Europe for toy testing. Plenty of video games still have bugs after testing. When you release as many sets a year as they do, you’re going to miss things or take longer to release things than you want. Having said that, stability issues should have been caught unless it’s a material specific issue.

  4. Isn't it just "Droney" from the first movie reskinned to match the gold and black suit?

    Also, these sets are "inspired by" the first two movies even though they're under the NWH branding so they definitely aren't scenes from the movie. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if the drone is in the movie looking like in the set just regular sized instead of helicopter size lol 

  5. 11 minutes ago, lego_guyon02 said:

    To put the discussion to rest for once and for all: Mark Stafford confirmed that the Marvel license does not allow them to make a figure of Stan Lee. 

    Makes sense. Marvel wouldn't own his likeness even though he's a huge part of their history. Maybe the Lee estate will license his likeness to them at some point

  6. I just love this. Also, very glad I've not bought any Spider-Man sets this year yet 😂😂😂

    My quick observations/thoughts:

    I love the overall figure selection but they did a few people DIRTY. Gwen especially...

    I think they made this with the idea that you would really only need to buy this for most people to never need another Spider-Man set

    I got worried about whether it was open at the back for a second, but I'm very happy with how they designed this set and how it opens

    It's crazy how many DEEP DB cuts they went with in this set. I've red hundreds of Spider-Man comics and I can't recall hearing of Ron Barney or Amber Grant

    The inside of the building is a little plainer than I would have liked but they really put their budget in the figures and exterior so I can't complain too much

  7. 55 minutes ago, Scarilian said:

    Nice compiled list. I'd be quite confused if we don't get Mary Jane Watson in this set honestly - and she needs an update.

    Though if the cabby is 'Bernie' then it might be Harry Osborn as the missing figure. Bernie is the nickname for Harry Osborn's driver in that show.

    I’d love to get Harry. Agreed, but Guyon already said no MJ.

  8. 54 minutes ago, Scarilian said:

    If we are really going 25 figures, then my guesses for the 11 missing figures would be:

    1. Eddie Brock (Daily Bugle Employee + Alter-Ego of Venom)
    2. Robbie Robertson (Daily Bugle Employee)
    3. Ned Leeds (Daily Bugle Employee)
    4. Aunt May (Supporting character)
    5. Mary Jane Watson (Supporting character)
    6. Harry Osborn (Supporting character)
    7. Gwen Stacy (Supporting character + Alter-Ego of Spider-Gwen)
    8. Jessica Drew (Alter-Ego of Spider-Woman)
    9. Matt Murdock (Alter-Ego of Daredevil)
    10. Foggy Nelson (Supporting Character)
    11. New York Taxi Cab Driver

    All of these would be fairly plain figures, but it helps fill the ranks and they would be useful. The Taxi Cab Driver is expected given the remark about a New York Taxi Cab, perhaps they would make the driver look slightly like Stan Lee though I doubt they would be able to have him be Stan Lee.

    Confirmed: 14 of 14+: Civilians (3): Peter Parker, J.J.Jameson, Betty Brant + Villains (6): Venom, Carnage, Black Cat, Mysterio, Green Goblin, Doc Ock, + Heroes (5): Spider-Man, Punisher, Daredevil, Spider-Woman, Spider Gwen

    @upliftingbricks Fixed it, ty

    I really hope this is who they include 🤞🏼