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  1. When I bought the home version of Mindstorms EV3, I was disappointed that the gyro sensor was not included. So I bought the gyro sensor, and also the ultrasonic sensor, separately. Using the elements from the home EV3 set and the 2 sensors I made this model. (utrasonic sensor is optional) gyroboyharrie, a shooting gyroboy Control via colored bricks, infrared remote or Android phone.Even infrared beacon following is included. In case the optional utrasonic sensor is used it will avoid objects. If you want to see it in action: https://www.youtube....h?v=5nxW51COfIs Building instructions: https://www.youtube....h?v=GP7Y2l_wdn8 .lxf file for Lego Digital Designer is attached. Use Lego Digital Designer to generate better visible, but less logical, instructions. The complete .EV3 file on request. (EV3 @ harrie.info -remove spaces) gyroboyharrie.lxf
  2. You've got a point there. Changed the design to use small 2m axles instead of the pegs.
  3. In LDD I would like to insert a peg for only half a unit, but it will refuse. E.g. in the following picture I want to insert the 2 pegs only halfway into the motor. Attached the .lxf file. half_peg_insert.lxf