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  1. KillerRu

    (MOC)(Instructions) Cavegod's Tie Defender

    Can I replace part 4095 with part 63965? Because it's a BIG difference in price...
  2. KillerRu

    [WIP]My bad try at an MOC

    The only thing I lack is the eye for little details. I can do rough ships etc. But detailing isn't my thing "yet". Oh and the little ship can be parked at the back section of the bigger ship (Detachable). Here's how it looks like with the "drone" inserted at the back section:
  3. KillerRu

    [WIP]My bad try at an MOC

    Little update :D
  4. Hi, Those aren't really expensive, plus you only need one. But I'm finding{"color":"98","iconly":0} quite much in price. I might switch them for the trans-light blue ones which are less expensive.
  5. Damn those radar dishes are expensive :O
  6. Allirght! First the Nebulon-b tho :P But I would like the whole fleet too! Thanks for providing these!
  7. Can't get the dropbox link to work... And a partslist will be awesome too :P Thanks in advance! Edit: The dropbox was a success now only will need a partslist if someone can pass it? :D
  8. KillerRu

    [WIP]My bad try at an MOC

    Thanks for the tip! It can indeed maybe use some more "playability" since it lacks on this build atm. I'm thinking to redo the back a bit to add a detachable sattelite or so that can unfold. But need to work on the design first. I'll keep it updated!
  9. KillerRu

    [WIP]My bad try at an MOC

    Yeah was intended to keep the classic, clunky look... So somehow I indeed succeeded. But lacks a bit of details like most builders have :p
  10. KillerRu

    [WIP]My bad try at an MOC

    Thanks all! Glad someone actually likes it :P Oh and forgot another shot of the back:
  11. KillerRu

    [WIP]My bad try at an MOC

    Well thanks :D I love the old classic look and that was what I at least tried to achieve in this one... More to follow :P
  12. KillerRu

    [WIP]My bad try at an MOC

    And done...
  13. KillerRu

    [WIP]My bad try at an MOC

    Was indeed thinking of the monochrome colours as well... But don't know which color would fit this hard black and neon-green? White like Blacktron?