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  1. Ooooooh I would buy that! Awesome! Man you all amaze me. I know I don’t post much but I check every single morning to see what is new. Everyone here should be working for lego. Hands down you all are the best.
  2. jimim

    [MOC] Post Office

    You guys always amaze me with these moc buildings. I would rather buy these vs the lego released ones. It’s always amazing to see. I have no idea how you all pull these out of your mind and put it into bricks. I consider myself a pretty creative person but I still wouldn’t even know or understand where to start.
  3. Good review! I don't know only thing that makes it look like a raptor, without having a sticker that says raptor, is the "landscape edging" flares. I deff know which pieces are being reused when they do a Bronco lego! lol
  4. Finally got the new r2. Just got the email it was back in stock and got it ordered!
  5. Deff my next purchase to do your build. I’m caught up right now on all the sets I want so might be a good time to grab this one.
  6. jimim

    10278 Police Station

    I got my vintage car. it ended up shipping and not being cx'ed. I ordered day 1 in the afternoon here in the USA just for reference. Just if others were wondering status of theirs. jim
  7. jimim

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Anyone get a backordered vintage car? Mine still shows backordered not cx’ed. I called lego and they said since mine was not cx’ed by now I should get it. Wondering about anyone else. I ordered day release but later in day when police station was already backordered. Got my police station though.
  8. jimim

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    I got my gardens yesterday. holy cow that box is heavy. mine came packed in a heavier box that fir the set perfectly. i never got a set boxed like that. usually the flimsy boxes that are open hand the time cause fed ex is a mess in my area. i didn't start it yet cause my daughter is hounding me about it so so will prob do it. i'll get to sit to the side again and watch like i have with my last few sets. lol she blows through them. i keep telling her you have to take your time and enjoy the journey. its not about the destination. she doesn't get it. what does a 10 year old know anyway. lol i am so happy she likes doing them though with me. we can't wait to start though.
  9. jimim

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The original design for this was sick. The roof detail was awesome. The chimney amazing. The final product is still pretty cool but no where near as awesome as the winning piece. Is it me or does it look Kinda tiny also?
  10. jimim

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Not to detail but my police station shipped but the car says back ordered. So does that mean I won’t get it then or are they going to hold 1 for me when they get stock in again cause my police station shipped? I would think those who actually got shipped police stations would. I know the disclaimer on the site but it’s backordered not sold out.
  11. jimim

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    I really can't wait to get mine! I'm doing the NES right now with my daughter cause I have been holding off building it till we have some time to take it all in and enjoy, but I'm finding myself telling her "ya do another bag tonight"! lol These 3 sets are prop my favorite overall sets ever done. They are just awesome. Even friends when they are over our house and they see all the legos and can't really figure it out they still comment on how awesome the ninjago sets are cause of the colors.
  12. jimim

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Mine says waiting for new stock so I’m deff not getting it anytime soon but my vintage car says backordered now.
  13. I think I’m going back and buying corner garage now cause of your alt build. I passed on it cause I don’t like this modular. Only one I have never liked. But your build is awesome!
  14. jimim

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I just ordered causeI forgot this morning. Backordered here. no email but I see the order in my account. I highly doubt I will end up getting the vintage car if this thing doesn't ship for 60 days like it says now. oh well. I'm more excited about jan 14th anyway for the ninjago set! Happy new year everyone!
  15. jimim

    [MOC] Santa's Cabin

    Another I would buy in a heartbeat. Awesome A frame!