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  1. Some help for lifted track design

    thanks peter! that deff gets me going! jim
  2. Some help for lifted track design

    i saw this video. they do look impressive. how smooth is the transition of the last incline track to level surface again on the raised section? any ideas of where i can get some instructions for some new cars for him? thanks a lot, jim
  3. thanks for that video. i just found TrixBrix today while searching for raised track ideas. They appear to be made pretty good and the price is fair for the set. Great video. I like how you showed the curved raised section also. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I don't have a lot of train experience so I'm looking to you all for some help and direction. My son has been watching you tube videos of trains and he wants to do some lifted/ up and down train track. I noticed some are built out of technic, but right now all of his technic stuff is together cause he plays with them. Can anyone point me to dome design with traditional bricks to make some lifted sections with ramp for track up and down also so we can get a 2 tiered layout going. Also, I have my train from the early 80's which is back together and he has the 2 current construction trains. I bought parts for more wheels nd bases from the 2 main designs of the current cars, but is there anywhere I can get instructions (big thing. i really don't have the knowledge yet for looking at a pic and recreating it) for some new cars. maybe ones with sliding side doors. Simple stuff that I don't have to go crazy for pieces. things i can get off lego's cite easy to buy. EDIT: I just saw TrixBrix set you can buy. They seem pretty nice cause you can pivot the middle section to sit the track properly during the incline but didn't know how stable the transition from incline to flat raised section would be. The price appears fair. Didn't know what others think. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. jim
  5. The Disney Castle 71040 with LED Lights

    This Is really awesome. Would also love to see some light detail!
  6. Diesel 7720 train questions

    hey dan. totally fits! yes i have to put the IR and the battery pack in the rear. I'm going to make a tender for them. I just have to find something easy online. :) my mother, out of nowhere, found 6 of the 8 magnets for my couplers! how wacky is that. they were in a sewing box of hers. no idea. so i found a set of old one s on eBay. oh and my old motor actually works, but i think i would rather have it remote controlled for him so i'm going that route. so now all i need, and maybe you can help me out, is what the namer part number for the old base with the couplers or even the version without couplers so i can build him 2 other engines from old parts. i'm going to build the other black one that was in the instruction manual for the set. here is a pic of the part. oh and of the train together. i wish i could put together 1 or 2 more of the passenger cars, but finding the doors would prob be really hard. Untitled by Jim, on Flickr Untitled by Jim, on Flickr was fun bringing the set back to life. its in great shape. grey bricks are kinda worn, but not bad at all! thanks for all the help! jim
  7. Diesel 7720 train questions

    Thanks guys. So I can take the couplers from the new trains and just use them on the old train. We didn't start the train yet. He is "earning it" but doing work each day with my mom after pre school. If so that would make the most sense for me then cause I can get those easily and I can use my old cars on a new engine. Regarding the motor. SO lets say I don't want to use the c battery train tender. Can I build the engine out and ad in a new motor that is from today. The IR one. Is there anywhere on the net I can look to pretty much make a new base with wheels and build the engine onto that? That way I can just loose the old motor and wheels and start fresh with updated pieces. Ya it would be nice to have the whole set intact but if I can remote control it that would be even better Thanks again, jim I just look at the pieces and manual for the blue train we bought. It has the rear 4 wheel motor. can i build that along with the ir emitter into the red diesel train I have. seems to be similar size. Then maybe build the battery pack into the tender or make a new tender for it? would this newer motor size up well with the old motor? jim
  8. I pulled out my old train the other day so my son and I can add it to his small setup. I have a few issues. 1. The rubber around the wheels which are attached to the motor are all dry rotted. So I have no grab. Is it possible to add a new motor or base setup so I can build the engine that it came with still? I will buy whatever I need. 2. The other problem is I have zero magnets that Acted as the couplers for each piece I still have the actual black pieces they attach to though. So can I replace this whole piece with new ones if so can I buy these easily. sorry if these r pretty rookie questions I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of this. thanks a lot, jim
  9. Ultimate 42009 RC-Mobile Crane

    hi guys. sorry to dig this up again. i'm building the 42009 for my son cause he loved the volvo so i figured this was the next step in a larger build for him. last night i stumbled on this mod. i have never done a mod before. I'm coming out of the dark ages from back in the 80's technics. i downloaded the extra pieces i need. i have a bunch of questions. 1. the instructions i downloaded are awesome, but do i have to do anything different then what the instructions say. i read a few guys had some issues here and there, but didn't know if those changes are reflected in the manual. 2. the yellow pieces i'm having trouble finding. namely the longer technic pieces the 15 length ones. can i sub for a different color? also no luck on the yellow side triangular pieces. sorry don't know what they are called. can i sub those out for a different color that might work? 3. motors. i have to buy everything. i don't want to strip the volvo down cause i still need more so figured i would start to build a supply. what length extension wire do i buy? it doesn't say and lego sells 2 different lengths. also version 2 is only available from lego so i assume it's ok since i'm buying everything fresh and not mixing and matching new and old? thanks so much. sorry if these are noob questions, but i don't want to sink well over 200 dollars most likely and then be stuck. jim
  10. Lego Friends Town Help

    Sorry Rick my bad I didn't read your post correct. I didn't realize it was above. My bad! I'm gonna go back now and read
  11. Lego Friends Town Help

    I think my 2 threads got combined. I should have posted in this one but I didn't think about it. But I think your post got deleted? thanks, jim
  12. Lego Friends Town Help

    Ok I know you guys that build these amazing huge city displays really don't want to be talking about friends city setups but I have a 6 year old girl and that's where we are at right now in our lego journey. I am doing a city square setup. No roads. I'm facing the buildings towards each other. They are separated by large flower planters that have a tree built in the center of each planter. There are 5. I'm thinking of doing the planters in the sand color 2x2's wit the brick profile and then cap them in a different color. They are each separated by a 14 block wide opening which will have 2 benches and a lamp post . I have really nice balance going right now. My daughter decided she wants the sidewalks 6 wide. We are using 1x4 flat tiles for the edges and the center of the sidewalk will be 2 2x2 flats. so 6 wide total. light grey edge and dark grey middle. I was going to do the edge in a friend's color but I'm trying to push her towards the regular city colors cause as she gets older i'm assuming she will look more towards the creator buildings. She is already begging for the new one. Ok here are my 2 problems. . . 1. How do I bump the friends buildings to the sidewalk. They are not square. Friends loves to use curved windows and a lot of in and out wit the foundation. Luckily all the buildings we have are the same depth. 16 brick. If I bump them I will have curves with sections I can't fill in nicely with flat tiles. So my thought was a lot of outdoor seating and a lot of flowers to hide the areas I can't cover with tiles cause of the curves. I would love some ideas on how to make the transition seamless as possible. should i use the low profile fences to touch up against my sidewalks and the fill to the building with flowers? 2. Also I can't really bump the buildings against each other cause they are open on the side to play and have windows and such. I have 6 brick spaces between them now. I have zero ideas for what to be to tie the buildings together. some I was just going to tile as sidewalks to the back of the stores. i thought about dumpster/ trash areas for some. flowers for others. didn't know how wide i should make them or if you all had some different ideas. i fell like when i don't know what to do with something i just say "fill it with flowers. :) I'm so new to this and just want to try and make our first setup cool but also easy for her to play with. having separation between buildings will make it nice for her to play. i also don't want waste a bunch of money. i know i'm going to have a lot sunk into our first purchase just to do the trees/ planters/sidewalks and such. thanks so much! jim
  13. Design Element number wanted

    thanks so much! I appreciate it.
  14. Design Element number wanted

    you know what. now that I'm looking at the pic . . . Modular buildings building guide by 1982redhead, on Flickr ( i found this while looking at pics on flickr ) it's a solid circle? not 4 pieces to form a circle. but flat pieces stacked on top of each other? **sorry if i shouldn't have posted a link like that. i didn't know how else to do it. if i did this wrong for the forum please let me know. i don't want to do anything wrong.**
  15. City Square

    this is just so awesome. really great. there is so much going on but it all ties in wonderful. my daughter loves looking at all these pics. do you have any more pictures of the news stand? i would love to build something similar with her. she really liked this one along with the flower stand. the palm trees are nuts too! so cool! jim