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  1. My wallet is are ally hurting this year after the summer Lego buying spree I'm goin on. Sariel, thank you for the review. Too bad we couldn't see the hamsters have more fun with it even though TLG said it wasn't hamster approved.......
  2. Incredible review. Truly a must have set. More than one likely as it's an excellent parts pack for future builds. Once again, Sariel, you knock it out of the park.
  3. Amazing MOC. Simple compact and efficient. Very impressive. Can't wait to see your next design
  4. Jim, thank you for the superb review. I personally loved the nod to former Top Gear presenter and legend Jeremy Clarkson. I'm waiting for my set to arrive and thanks to you, my model will shift correctly sequentially.
  5. My wife said I could order 2 on day 1 release!!! I'm so excited and lucky to be able to do this. Overall I'm very pleased and have a great amount of enthusiasm about this set. The price is a bit steep, but being the first in a series of a new line, some compromises have been made. Yes, it could have PF, working brakes, and proper suspension and steering geometry. Even though it may be lacking all of these, and we are disappointed, it is what it is. Overall I'm very impressed by the model. It will probably be the centerpiece of my display until August 1. Then the BWE will have that honour. All in all, I give it 1.75 of 2 thumbs up. Happy building and modding everyone.
  6. Shut up and take my money
  7. Ah, yes 8/1/2016 the day the Lego S@H site crashes from all the incoming orders.
  8. I think I'm going to build the ghost rider 2 version of this maybe make the wheel spin crazy fast in relation to everything else
  9. Jub

    [MOC] BMW 328 Hommage

    Very beautiful model. It's great to see a BMW rather than just another Italian exotic. Excellent work and keep the MOC's flowing
  10. This statement is false. In 2008 & 2009 the flagships were non R/C
  11. Jim your review compelled me to purchase a set, and I am not disappointed my friend. The scale is huge! You have to see it in front of you to appreciate it. But, your review lacked your inner child being released in the fact that you forgot to show yourself being wolverine with the rotor blades like we all have done. Sariel did it in his review iirc. Not that your review wasn't spot on, because it was. Thanks for the great review and keep churning them out.
  12. The real question is how will this monstrosity look on the shelf next to my other flagship sets? I have 8258 8110 42009 and a few others. Will this completely dwarf the others or will it feel at home?
  13. And we all know that if you don't do any of that, then you have no reason to purchase it. Then you can do something "responsible" with your surplus income like lose it all in the stock market lol. We all know that will never happen.
  14. Jub

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    Would have been nice to see the return of the Lego air tank on this set