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  1. The helmet for Tiree looks to be the same one used by Habeer Zignean at Endor Hoth
  2. LEGO Elves 2018

    ^Super Hero High is probably the most played with set by my daughters- they are far from disappointed with it. As for the theme as a whole, there are more doll ranges coming out, the animation is moving from webisodes to a Cartoon Network series with a decent writing team, the comics are still going.... The problem with the Lego sets so far has been that they haven't really explored the theme much & wave 2 didn't really add anything new beyond a couple of minidolls. Perhaps is they tied it in with the animation a bit more, they'd sell better
  3. Anton Merrick (Blue Squadron Leader in Rogue One) is also rumoured. That makes it worthwhile for me
  4. The laboratory of Maria Sklodowska-Curie

    I really like the use of the brown crates for building the tables & cabinets
  5. DS-181-3 & DS-181-4 are. They're mentioned as wearing black Imperial Navy Crewman outfits The old Decipher ccg has them as part of the 181st (although given the treatment of EU stuff...) ....and now I want an Imperial pilot with a moustache.
  6. They are pilots- Tie pilots rather than shuttle though
  7. On the box, he's just listed as Imperial Officer
  8. The crown piece on the sceptre & throne looks interesting
  9. What is Town Forum to you?

    For me, it's something I have to sift through a page or two of just to see if there's been any Friends updates. The sooner Minidolls get their own section, the better (I think people on both sides of the Minidoll debate will agree on that)
  10. ^The front one on the right hand peg- That looks like it's designed to be worn at the waist. If so, it's taken this set from no interest to might get it on sale
  11. I'm pleasantly surprised with the price of the Sleeping Beauty set. That's just made it an auto-buy alongside Mulan
  12. I disturb myself that I didn't need to look up the Ubrikkian to know what it looked liked. Not sure that Sagittarian is a correct translation. Interestingly Homokostag translates as 'Sand Squad'
  13. Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    I'm sorry!? Rather more on topic - Given the darker themes mentioned & Green Lantern hints- what about some Black Lantern Corps?