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  1. Oh that's nice. Now as long as she's not in a very expensive & half-built castle, that's an auto-buy
  2. 2017 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Standard ice skates work for both minifigs & minidolls. They've been in the Friends advent calendar multiple times.
  3. Is it based on Maori or Hawaiian mythology?
  4. Suzette's set translates as 'Riding Facility/Encampment'. Not that it will induce me to get any Palace Pet sets
  5. 2016 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm going with treacle tart given the lattice top. Surely a pie should have a full-cover top
  6. Disney Princess 2016 Rumors and Discussion

    I'd be happy if the price over here gets down to a $50 equivalent. UK price is $71 equivalent. $50 is roughly £35 which is about where it should be priced given the license & piece count
  7. Currently 8 (& 1 coming) plus 3 (& 1 coming) princes already available as minidolls. I think that aspect of it is already covered.
  8. 2016 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Been looking for pics- where did you find this?
  9. Pale blue markings on the box along with question marks
  10. Disney Princess 2016 Rumors and Discussion

    I don't get this set. Why does it exist? We already have 41054 which does what this set does & a lot more. If it was a Juniors set, I could possibly slightly understand but as a main line item I can only guess they need to make a minimum number of sets each year or lose the license.