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  1. A couple of weeks back. I did manage to get them to honour the terms of the promo by buying one as a Star Wars item & getting a second one free
  2. I'm not a fan of the bedroom set. I don't think it adds anything that hasn't already been done, both as a Rapunzel set & also done to death overall across the line. The cart on the other hand, despite seeing why people aren't fans, I think has potential. It's top heavy & too tall as is but should be easy to tweak. I don't understand those calling it 'garish' though- brown, pale yellow & purple. That's not many colours & none of them bright
  3. OT but I believe this to be a reference to the 'Miracle of the Sun' or 'Miracle of Fatima' as it is otherwise known. There were a large number of illiterate Portuguese peasants present....and a fair few literate ones And there are those that would consider 'Durkadurkastan' a bit off, simply because it's a 'stan'
  4. According to the review on Brickset, they do
  5. Didn't get anything last May 4th as the freebie didn't excite at all. If it is the BB-8, it'll be even less interesting as I went to the TRU build day for it & the appearance of printing won't make it any more enticing.
  6. Toc13

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    I'd be more surprised if it were cancelled given Brain Drain & another LEGO DCSHG film in May. One film being released, maybe but two films suggest it's still alive
  7. The helmet for Tiree looks to be the same one used by Habeer Zignean at Endor Hoth
  8. Toc13

    LEGO Elves 2018

    ^Super Hero High is probably the most played with set by my daughters- they are far from disappointed with it. As for the theme as a whole, there are more doll ranges coming out, the animation is moving from webisodes to a Cartoon Network series with a decent writing team, the comics are still going.... The problem with the Lego sets so far has been that they haven't really explored the theme much & wave 2 didn't really add anything new beyond a couple of minidolls. Perhaps is they tied it in with the animation a bit more, they'd sell better
  9. Anton Merrick (Blue Squadron Leader in Rogue One) is also rumoured. That makes it worthwhile for me
  10. Toc13

    The laboratory of Maria Sklodowska-Curie

    I really like the use of the brown crates for building the tables & cabinets
  11. DS-181-3 & DS-181-4 are. They're mentioned as wearing black Imperial Navy Crewman outfits The old Decipher ccg has them as part of the 181st (although given the treatment of EU stuff...) ....and now I want an Imperial pilot with a moustache.
  12. They are pilots- Tie pilots rather than shuttle though
  13. On the box, he's just listed as Imperial Officer