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  1. SFS TIE/x1 Advanced

    your best one yet. and this is my fav of the TIE variants
  2. this is awesome, i tried to make one but gave up, now will try again later after seeing this
  3. First Order TIE Fighters

    holy moly these are amazing, and the red stripe design using that hinge piece is genius. well done.
  4. MOC: Imperial Shuttle

    that looks awesome, i suggest you build the wings SNOT, like on the UCS. it will look 10x better. also isnt the cockpit meant to taper in? fabulous either way.
  5. Rey says after they escape Jakku this exact line: "ive flown ships before, but ive never left the planet!" And thats in the movie, not deleted, so its canon. so theres that. and while her caracter sucks in TLJ for the most part, she does have an arc in TFA, to accept that her parents arent coming back and to move on and embrace her force powers. also, Kylo Ren was shot by Chewbacca and bleeding to death during their fight. and with your point about her lifting the boulders: remember when Yoda says size matters not? plus, what indicated that it took Yoda a lot of effort to move the x wing? he seems to do it pretty easily. there are far better things you couldve pointed out about TLJ, like Rose's character, the weird editing at times, Poe prank calling Hux, Laura Dern not telling Poe her plan, etc.
  6. [MOC] Plus-Size Millennium Falcon?

    yes that was the main reason i made this. the cockpit is so big and in the wrong position and the mandibles look weird on the 7965/75105
  7. [MOC] T-65 X-wing starfighter

    i like
  8. cut the tomfoolery, we all know the next ucs is jar jar binks bust made from 10000 pieces.
  9. The Journey back to Echo Base

    that hoth moc is good as
  10. The Journey back to Echo Base

    Richboyjaes is all LEGO im pretty sure. he also recently modded his to add on the UCS cockpit piece and it looks much better now, so I suggest you do the same if you use TechniqueFMs instructions. imo the other cockpit looks too small on marshalls falcon.
  11. The Journey back to Echo Base

    This guy on flickr remade marshalls Falcon, it looks identical from what i can tell, and he has 100s of pics showing the build process for the WHOLE THING. it might be of use to you... And you don't have to pay unlike richboyjaes falcon.
  12. x-wing S-foils

    cos its too thick and a lot of people including me arent big fans of the SNOT look for everything.
  13. The Journey back to Echo Base

    gee this is going to be a huge project. am looking forward to seeing it grow.
  14. [MOC] Plus-Size Millennium Falcon?

    yeah i am eventually gonna add detail to the engine lights but for now its good enough.
  15. [MOC] Plus-Size Millennium Falcon?

    its mostly empty but there stuff for the lights at the back so i will add interior at the front. i have pics on my flickr