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  1. LEGODrongo01

    REVIEW: Death Star 75159

    Okay then. Its just another thing that isn't secured to the build
  2. LEGODrongo01

    [MOC] Plus-Size Millennium Falcon?

    Hey! Im back with a few small tweaks I've made to the build. The mandibles are a temporary update while I gather the pieces to completely rebuild them Marshal Banana style! Falcon Mandibles Tweaks by Sucram H, on Flickr Falcon Turret Tweaks 2 by Sucram H, on Flickr In other news, I just downloaded and will be attempting to build this MOC on that program. I've never used it before so it will be a while, but we will see. I will also be able to make improvements to the build that I would'nt have been able to IRL without taking it apart.
  3. LEGODrongo01

    REVIEW: Death Star 75159

    I will definitely keep this is mind for future endeavours.
  4. LEGODrongo01

    REVIEW: Death Star 75159

    Thanks a lot. You are definitely right about the lighting. I dont really have access to a lightbox at home, and I was mostly focused on just building the set for myself. I will definitely make more reviews, and will try to improve lighting in the future. Maybe next I wont do such a big set.
  5. LEGODrongo01

    REVIEW: Death Star 75159

    Well its your lucky day, because I have a whole topic about it!
  6. LEGODrongo01

    REVIEW: Death Star 75159

    Yeah someone on fbtb years ago managed to do it, and it looks great, but it would just take sooo many pieces. Plus, it makes it really hard to get inside it. Some kind of shell that can be removed entirely would be be the best. But I feel if I wanted a death stat with closed panels, I would have just saved the extra money to get 10143
  7. LEGODrongo01

    REVIEW: Death Star 75159

    Yeah its a very wholesome build. Lots of traditional bricks on top of bricks construction, which I enjoy much more than building technic frames. Unlike with other UCS sets, pretty much everything you build can be seen on the final product, unlike with the other sets where you spend half the time building a frame you will never see. I have my doubts about minifig scale as well. The UCS Falcon also seems wayyyy too big to be minifig scale.
  8. LEGODrongo01

    REVIEW: Death Star 75159

    When I was a wee lad, the LEGO Star Wars Death Star 10188 was easily the set I wanted more than any other. Every time we were in Kmart or Toyworld I would gaze up at it on the shelf. I mean, it was every child's dream. A giant Lego set with a million minifigures and more play features than you can count. Even now, all these years later, I still had a distant longing for the set, despite it's play oriented design and seeming lack of displayability. So when I saw that someone on Bricklink was selling the newer and better version of the set brand new for 200 dollars off the retail price, it was on offer I couldn't turn down. Informationz Set Name: Death Star Serial Number? 75159 (I miss the days where set numbers didn't start with 75...) Piece count: Over 4000, but not that far over Release date: 2016, but the original came out in 2008. The Box Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Upon receving the set in the mail, I found that LEGO had gone for a very minimalistic design with the box art. It makes the experience that much more exciting, I'd say. Literally anything could be in this box! Maybe some Lepin! Death Star Box by Sucram H, on Flickr Opening the minimalistic box reveals that there is another box inside that box! This one has more traditional Lego style box art, with a nice gold Star Wars logo. The UCS logo atg the bottom right confirms that this set is UCS, but I would hardly consider it as one. The set doesn't even come with a UCS plaque. Well at least I can say I own 1 more UCS set than I did a week ago. One thing I hate about LEGO boxes outside of America is the lack of a piece count. Why do they even omit it? You would think a set with over 4000 pieces would want to gloat about it. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Opening the box reveals even more boxes! And some plastic bags. 2 of the boxes contain more bags, while the other houses the massive instruction booklet. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Sorry for the awful picture quality, but as you can see this thing is a beast. It has almost 300 pages, and is one those rare spiral bound booklets. I always wanted to own one of these books, so glad I do now. Good for some reading before bed. Like with all the recent UCS sets, the first few pages are all about the 'real life' version of the thing you're about to build, as well as some info about the design process. This one is particularly amusing, as the designer had all the work done for him already, thanks to the previous version of this set. So the onyl things he can really talk about are the new spring loaded gun (yawn) and the slightly redesigned mini-but-not-mini TIE Advanced. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr This is what you get when you dump all the bags on the floor. Pink lunch box not included, sadly. Enough niceties, lets get into the build!!??? The Build Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Before we crack open bag 1 and pieces go flying in every direction, we have these pieces from an no-number bag. A bunch of big plates, a long thing, and another long thing. I like the long things, and the jokes practically write themselves. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Bag 1 (or to be more specific, the 3 or 4 bags that all have the number 1 on them) introduces us to out first lot of minigures. In the older Lego sets you would get all your figures in the first bag, but in recent years Lego has started scattering them throughout the bags. Gives you more of an incentive to keep building, I suppose. Our first batch gives us Lord Vader, some random officer, a weird black C3PO wannabe, and a blue R2D2 knockoff. Darth has that fancy new helmet piece, which is cool but as everyone has pointed out, he looks like he's looking up at the twin suns. I will be switching this helmet with the classic one for sure. The highlight here is definitely the Not R2D2, which has a see through dome. Cool stuff. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The first thing we build is... this thing. I guess it's a shopping cart? Its bright blue, so doesnt really fit in with the rest of the set, and I dont recall seeing it in the movie. It does give us some pretty unique pieces used to attach the wheels, so there's that. I think this set is worth the 800 AUD price tag for this alone. Mini? TIE Advanced by Sucram H, on Flickr Next we build the TIE Fighter. Yes, I know it's askshually called the TIE Advanced X1, but that's not important. This thing looks good and bad at the same time. The wings or radiators or solar panels or whatever they are dont have any detail at all on them, and it loks really chunky from any angle other than the front. But it can fit the 7 foot tall Darth Vader in it, so there's that. I will definitely be making some modifications to this. Or destroying it. Death Star Floor 1 by Sucram H, on Flickr Finally, we get started on the Death Star itself. This is the ground floor. Not very exciting. This pretty much only exists because it has to. Once you've finished building the set you may never look at this part of it again, unless you like barrels. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Bag 2 brings us more minigures. Han Solo, the first of three different Lukes, and 2 stormtroopers. Luke and the troopers look good, but damn. That Han Solo figure is speaking to me. The hair piece was new for this set, and is just perfect. Really detailed printing on the front and back of his jacket. This is easily my favourite fig of the set. It doesn't get better than Harrison Ford. Look at that winning grin. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr We use the pieces from bag 2 to build the iconic chasm that Luke and Leia swing over in the original film. This looks good enoug, but I'm not a big fan of the dinky railing thing that connect the 2 sections. I guess it works well enough. The use of stickers on the walls works pretty well. I also like the use of clip pieces to add detail. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr This is the other side. The conspicuous black part is where the trash compactor will be. more barrels! Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Bag 3 gives us another Luke fig and Princess Leia. Leia's torso is really well printed, and Luke can be used as another Stormtrooper since they include a helmet for him. Leia's face looks nothing like our dear Carrie Fisher. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Trash compactor. A pretty great scene, and this Lego version of it looks good to me. the door slides open. The dianoga that pulls Luke underwater is in a little hole. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr New bag new figures. Obi Wan and 2 gunner fellas. I dont like how Obi Wan is done at all, the brown printing on his legs isn't convincing at all. In the recent Death Star cannopn set we get a way better version of him. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The mechanism for the trash compactor is finished and works well, except fopr the fact that they close on hinges so they will never fully compact whatever is inside. The fabled spring loaded gun makes an appearance! I really like how it looks, and the firing mechanism is hidden well. I have a soft spot for big Lego guns. You can also store spare laser bolts on the wall. Not sure how that works, but OK. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Here's the first of several builds that just seem like filler. A crane and an elevator. Both dont really add much other than more notes on the LEGO Shop description. I dont understand Lego's obsession with shoving cranes into every single set they make, and they're always bright yellow. Whatever, as far as cranes go this one isn't the worst. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The next bag doesn't give us any new figures, but we do build the base for the halfway point. Not much to say here.. wait. More barrels!!! Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Here's some more minifigs. Jedi Luke, the Senate, and 2 red guys. Jedi Luke looks great, except his hair changed colour from tan to dark tan. Don't know what they's about but whatever. Finally I have Palpatine figure!. I like the ucs of tan for his skin, and the lightning pieces are coool. Royal guards are fine. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The Emperor's throne room looks great and is probably the best part of this set. The platform near Vader can fall down to drop you down the hole. The window behind Palpatine looks really good. MORE BARRELS. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr More figs. Chewbaca looks dead inside, but his bowcaster is rad as. Another HAN SOLO, a crew member and the dynamic duo. I really do not like that Chewbacca figure. SOme kind of cross between the original and this one would be ideal for me. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The jail cell area is pretty cramped, but works well. I'm not really a fan of how it's just a big box sitting there. Kind of clashes with the roundness of the death star. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr A sticker is used to create some forced perspective, and actually works extremely well. This is probably what impressed me most while building. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The next bag once again doesn't have any figures, but does give us the all important planet destroying superlaser. Building the thing is a chorse but its worth it in the end. Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Unfortunately the lasers that connect to make the big laser don't connect that well. It's nothing too bad though. This thing is just begging to be lit up... Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr The last bag gives us the last figures. Grand Moff Tarkin, and some guiys. The guys look really good, with their big helmets. Tarkin looks more convincing here than he does in Rogue One. The Completed Build Death Star Review by Sucram H, on Flickr Here is the finished product. You either love this thing, or you hate it. I am leanign more toward love, but the lack of panels to close it up is constantly lingering in my mind. Howver, doing this would easily add another 3 or 4 hundred dollars to the price, so it's obviously not viable. I think the set still looks good on display. The superlaser feels a bit too small, but it's nothing that major. Death Star Comparison 1 by Sucram H, on Flickr Here's a size comparison to my custom Millennium Falcon. The Falcon is not quite to scale. Death Star Comparison 2 by Sucram H, on Flickr And here it is with the glorious UCS Slave 1. The Slave 1 is once again not quite to scale. The End I think this set is one that both kids and AFOLs can get a kick out of it. Despite what people say, I think it does look good on display, and is less dull than the 10143 Death Star 2. There are some glaring issues, mainly the blockiness of the 'sphere' shape. I will definitely be making modifications to this set, and you here at Eurobricks will the the first to see it. This was my first pictorial review, I would love some feedback. I hope you got something out of this review. That is all, bye.
  9. LEGODrongo01

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    I reckon the curvy ships could be made at this point
  10. LEGODrongo01

    [MOC] Stranger Things Season 3 - The Sauna Test

    Definitely one of the best scenes of the series thus farm nice job with the sand blue and nougat coloured walls
  11. LEGODrongo01

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    I doubt it, they are most certainly going to be in Russia at some point. It would be silly if the show about a small town became a globe trotting adventure.
  12. Nice job making the blob monster. Definitely something that is nigh impossible to properly approximate in Lego. We need more minifigs!!!
  13. LEGODrongo01

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    Lego cannot and would not be allowed to stop making Star Wars sets. Im fine with the remakes, but they should at least remake sets from 5 years ago at the latest. Surely at this point theres no more new ships to make sets from, so they cant really do that.
  14. Niccceeee I really need to get an A-Wing
  15. LEGODrongo01

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    @bricksmarlin that is one impressive Lego room!