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  1. @Kristof Thanks for the fast feedback and the studio-file. You are right, with your optimazation the end caps looks much better. The second version looks nice, but I also think its to big for this scale of model. The two studs in red looks to massiv for the cockpit. I will see how I can improve the 'neck' in the future. Thanks! Go out and buy it. Beside the cockpit it's a great model. An update version from LEGO of this ship will come in ten years
  2. Yes, you are right. the centerline of the neck with the red line is one stud to low. This section is nearly antouched from the original Lego model. It's not easy to change it. The problem with the grey 'round' endcaps is the odd number of bricks. So the shape is not round. Until now I have no idea for a better look. Here is the studio file of the cockpit:
  3. Here we go with my cockpit 2.0: - moved up the cockpit two plates - the shape is now more like a cone - two rebel pilotes can sit in the cockpit Tantive_IV-12, on Flickr Tantive_IV-13, on Flickr Tantive_IV-11, on Flickr I am currently working on a studio file from the cockpit. I will publish it soon. What do you think?
  4. MAG85

    [MOC] D-0, the new droid from IX

    Thanks for sharing the building instruction! LEGO has also released a D-O (75278) set. It's 27 cm (10.5 inches) high which is the life-size of D-O. Your model is in correct size with R2D2 und BB8. For me it's the better model for presentation of the three droids.
  5. Yes, you are right. My plan for future is to rebuild the cockpit section. The feedback of you helps me a lot. I will post new pics in near future.
  6. Thats sounds good. I had the same idea and I will do this for the Solo version too. I'm looking forward to updates.
  7. MAG85

    [MOD] Imperial Landing Craft 75221

    I moved and the shuttle is stored in boxes. I will keep it in mind and take pictures when I put it back on shelf.
  8. I like your idea with the thicker and direction inversion (plates) of the fins. Mybe we have to add more little fins between the rescue capsule and the engine section.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Its difficult to build a cone shape with bricks in this little dimensions. Maybe I can rise the plates with bows in the middle of the cockpit higher? Yes, printed cones would be so cool. Stickers are a no go for me for these big and important parts. In a view years the stickers peel off and than the over all look from the cockpit is bad. Yes, a cockpit like the UCS version is possible, but I wanted to take off the roof and place some minifigures in the cockpit. I hope I will see more Tantive IV from other forum-users with modifications in this thread.
  10. Since I started LEGO Star Wars in 2015, I wanted to own a Tantive IV. The sets from 2001 and 2009 were far too expensive on the secondary market. That's why I was really happy when a new version was announced. There was a lot of discussion about the set. Everyone had a different expectation. I am glad that it has become an improved version of the 10198. Nevertheless, there were a few things that bother me. The biggest criticism for me is the cockpit. I do not like stickers. In a few years they will take off and then the model looks bad. That's why I built it with bricks. The role model was the @Kit Bricksto UCS Tantive - CR-90 Corvette. More improvements: - Removed the stud shooters!!! - Removed the handle - Colour matching - Facing the bottom with inverted bows - Extension gun turrent on the botton - Radar turett mirrored down - Brickbuilt upper wings between conference section und radar tower My next goal is to change the inside of the cockpit, because at the moment, Captain Antilles can’t sit inside. Maybe you have more ideas for improvements. Then like to post here. Here are the pictures. Tantive_IV-01, on Flickr Tantive_IV-02, on Flickr Tantive_IV-03, on Flickr Tantive_IV-04, on Flickr Tantive_IV-05, on Flickr Tantive_IV-06, on Flickr Tantive_IV-07, on Flickr Tantive_IV-08, on Flickr Tantive_IV-09, on Flickr
  11. Thanks @efferman for the LXF-file. I used it for my Porsche too. But I did another MOD on the front bumper. I changed the position of the 1/4 circle gear rack 11x11 one stud back. Now it looks much better for me. Porsche_Mod_4, on Flickr Porsche_Mod_2, on Flickr The second MOD is the HOG. I transfer the simple steering concept from 42077 and now I can controll my Porsche from the roof. Porsche_Mod_3, on Flickr Porsche_Mod_1, on Flickr
  12. MAG85

    [MOD] Imperial Landing Craft 75221

    Thanks Daddy_Stardust for your good template. I used some of your MODs for my version of the Imperial Landing Craft. The biggest change I did, is the extension of the middle section by four studs. I simply ad another wall element. The second big change is the tail. I lowered it by one stud. Landingcraft_1, on Flickr Landingcraft_2, on Flickr Landingcraft_4, on Flickr With four more studs in the middle section, you can put a lot of sandtroopers in the Landing Craft. I think I have to buy some more troopers... Landingcraft_5, on Flickr Landingcraft_6, on Flickr
  13. MAG85

    AT-hauler 75219 mod

    So this is my version of the AT Hauler. It is still WIP - I would like to change some details. 75219 AT Hauler MOD (front view), on Flickr I widened the section under the cockpit by four studs. The support arms are also extended by four studs. I removed the steering wheel and installed the round plates/disc and add a bigger technic panel. Now for me it looks better in the porportions.
  14. Thanks for your Feedback. Yes the sensor (or deflector?) is a little bit to high and not perpendicular. Maybe I can change it. It's not so easy in this scale. Also thanks for your Feedback. The answer from krisandkris 12 is correct. These engines in light gray costs 12$/10EUR per piece on bricklink. Maybe I change them from to dark gray. Your suggestion with a brick built version is also a good idea. More pics will follow!
  15. MAG85

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    The old technic figures fit perfect in the cabine. Btw this crane is a fantastic model