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  1. Thanks for your Feedback. Yes the sensor (or deflector?) is a little bit to high and not perpendicular. Maybe I can change it. It's not so easy in this scale. Also thanks for your Feedback. The answer from krisandkris 12 is correct. These engines in light gray costs 12$/10EUR per piece on bricklink. Maybe I change them from to dark gray. Your suggestion with a brick built version is also a good idea. More pics will follow!
  2. MAG85

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    The old technic figures fit perfect in the cabine. Btw this crane is a fantastic model
  3. Hello everybody! This is my version of the 75055 Lego Star Destroyer. SD_1, on Flickr I know there are many fantastic models from the Imperial Star Destroyers in this forum, such as Raskolnikov's ISD Aggressor. Unfortunately I do not have the space (and money) for such a big model. My goal was to make this ship a little bigger and keep the playability of the set. So I enlarge the original version of the size of the Lego Imperial Star Destroyer 6211 from 2006. The construction is similar to the original construction of 75055. You can just put it on the table and open the panel easily. I mainly used parts from the set 75190. Due to the weight I had to stiffen the underbody with long technic bricks and wedge plates. SD_2, on Flickr SD_3, on Flickr SD_4, on Flickr SD_5, on Flickr SD_6, on Flickr My model will also feature an interior. More pics will follow soon. What do you think about that? MAG85
  4. Hello! I found two pictures for the size comparison of 42009 crane and 42043 Arocs next to 42082: 42082_Two_Cranes by David Wardle, on Flickr source:
  5. MAG85

    [MOC] Hammerhead Corvette - Rouge One

    Thanks for the note.
  6. MAG85

    [MOC] Hammerhead Corvette - Rouge One

    Really nice Hammerhead Corvette. I think I will do the same in the future but with different colors - red and white/grey could also look good.
  7. MAG85

    [MOD] Milano (76021+76081)

    Hi D-Train, sorry for my late replay. I have no instructions for my build. I took the part list an from the frist Milano (76021) and orded some parts that where missing in the second Milano (76081). Most of the build is the frist version with some color changes, only the wings are brick build mods (picture 'Milano_3') because of the missing technic panals in silver grey. Its very simple. For the new cockpit disc I also changed same parts in the cockpit area. If your question is current than I can make some more pictures. Greetings MAG85
  8. MAG85

    RC Trabant 601

    This is a really nice Trabant - good job! A view years ago, I had the chance to drive a Trabant. With only 26 HP it was a fun ride.
  9. Hallo Eurobricks! Because of my dark ages I missed the great Milano 76021 set. So I bought the second Milano 76081 and rebuild it like the first Milano. I also did some modifications like the color theme, used the new canopy and the small wings are in brick build because of the missing panels. I hope you like it and comments are welcome. MAG85 Milano_1 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_2 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_5 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_3 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_4 by MAG85, on Flickr