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  1. Nice that you like it. I have no instructions but you can use the studio-file from @Kristof: I hope this helps. Have fun building the Tantive.
  2. MAG85

    [MOC] Spec Ops U-wing

    Nice customized U-Wing and well presented. I also like your MOD of the classic Lego U-Wing.
  3. @mcphatty Thanks for sharing the instruction und the studio model. This was a lot of work. Two things I noticed: You can't open the side panels any more and I think the runners do not hold the weight from the razor crest.
  4. Yes, it's difficult to see your engine MOD. Maybe you can upload the pics in and than share with a resolution by max. 800x600.
  5. I tried this a while ago. It looks okay, but in relation to the ship, the engines looks smaller. That's why I left it original. Maybe you can swap the element (4211637) in the middle for a smaller one.
  6. Here it is... TRC_11, on Flickr
  7. I had the same idea. The parts arrived this weekend. I will post a picture soon...
  8. I add some simply interieur to the cargo hold - tow archway and a removable carbonite freezer. In total there is not much space. I look forward to more ideas from you. TRC_10], on Flickr TRC_11, on Flickr
  9. +1 I would also be interested in detailed pictures of the canopy. The idea with a detailed landing gear was also in my mind. I try to make it removable. I also updated my cargo hold. A pic will follow.
  10. Sad, that you can't post pictures here. Your MODs sounds interesting. I have update my front end too. I can only recommend this MOD. The ship look now much better. TRC_8, on Flickr With the back off the engines i'm happy too. TRC_9, on Flickr @Hold0511 I tried to implement the light brick in the narrow down nose. It is not possible because the two brick 1X3X2 W / Ins And Outs.Bow (92903) are in the way.
  11. Yes, that's my fault - sorry. On the second look i see it. Cool, that you post your updates her. This is a good idea with the narrow nose. I have a update with the interieur. Mando has now a toilet and a sink. Behind a wall there is some technic from the razor crest. I use this drawing as a guide: TCR_6, on Flickr TCR_7, on Flickr I don't now if it's possible, but it would be cool to insert this light brick as a backlight for the two lights in the nose. TCR_8, on Flickr
  12. I think the front of the engine is the same like the Lego version?! But the back of the engine looks very good! Nice details in the cockpit. I have to update it too. The 2x2 round tile ist a very good idea. Thats cool, all the heros find their place in the cockpit.
  13. @all: Thanks for your feedback! Until now, I have no idea. There are MOCs with good looking engines. But mostly on the wrong scale for the Lego version. Thanks. I look forward to the pictures! The classic train guys did a realy good job.
  14. I think it’s time for a new thread were we can show und discuss Mods for the Razor Crest. Lego has done a good job. But there are some areas that could be done better with a few more parts. - Removed the spring loaded shooters - Shortened the big canons - Changed the color of a lot of plates and tiles (no red or white bricks anymore) - Closed the roof under the escape pod - Closed the section under the tail with a 8x4 Plate in LBG - Changed the middle section of the nose with a Flat Tile 4x1, a Flat Tile 1X1, 1/2 Circle and four Plate 1X2 W. 1 Knob - Of course the two lights are now in red - many more small changes The next step is the interior. I think the seats should be in dark red. Maybe we can add more details here. On reddit I found the idea with the gun locker. Here is my Razor Crest. I would like to see more Mods from the community. TRC_1, on Flickr TRC_2, on Flickr TRC_3, on Flickr TRC_4, on Flickr TRC_5, on Flickr
  15. MAG85

    UCS A-wing Upgrade / Modifications

    Your MOD look very good. Thanks for sharing the instructions. When I have the A-Wing I will do your modifications to.