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  1. MAG85

    RC Trabant 601

    This is a really nice Trabant - good job! A view years ago, I had the chance to drive a Trabant. With only 26 HP it was a fun ride.
  2. Hallo Eurobricks! Because of my dark ages I missed the great Milano 76021 set. So I bought the second Milano 76081 and rebuild it like the first Milano. I also did some modifications like the color theme, used the new canopy and the small wings are in brick build because of the missing panels. I hope you like it and comments are welcome. MAG85 Milano_1 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_2 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_5 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_3 by MAG85, on Flickr Milano_4 by MAG85, on Flickr