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    [MOC] Tatooine diorama

    I like those glider wings as the stand tops.
  2. RjShylocke

    Lego Dome

    So I was wondering if anyone had ever built a Lego Dome. Because I am working on a HP ravenklaw room and that requires a dome. I could use those Prince of persia pieces from the Temple to have a golden dome on the outside but having the effect on the inside would be awesome!
  3. RjShylocke

    Lego dome?

    Thanks for the help.
  4. RjShylocke

    Lego dome?

    I was wondering if someone has ever made a Lego dome I could use some golden PoP pieces from the palace but the effect on the inside would be cool.
  5. RjShylocke


    Awesome work! It looks around the right size of the real great hall. Did you only use 2 great halls ? Also is the base a normal large grey plate ?
  6. RjShylocke

    Mr. Lestranges Hogwarts

    Fantastic job there. Some of the ideas you used (like that dong) are brilliant. Though do you think you could fit all of it on 1 picture? That would be very cool.
  7. RjShylocke

    Review: 7931 Jedi T-6 Shuttle

    Turning function looks cool and the figs look great but Im tired of getting Anakin in every set at least we didnt get Ahsoka.
  8. RjShylocke

    MOC: The Persian Emperor

    Nice , I like how you did the stained glass or mosaics on the walls
  9. RjShylocke

    Modding Hogwarts Castle

    Buying 3 castles is a great idea. And Voldemort dementors and professors go for at least 15$ each on eBay but do you think they would really do a 2 for 3 deal when they have such popular sets?
  10. RjShylocke

    Modding Hogwarts Castle

    Yeah I could maybe take apart 1 building combine it with my pieces and come up with something new. Hmm. So I wikied it and Slytherin is in the dungeons (ha lego!), Ravenclaw is in a tower on the west side ,gryffindor is correct, and Huffle Puff is accessed from the kitchens so I will build my own kitchen (that will be fun! No sarcasm). This will take me a couple weeks(with school) but It will be fun to do. I will post pictures when I'm done.
  11. RjShylocke

    Modding Hogwarts Castle

    I'm new here sso first I want to thank god that this place exists. I tried the Lego.com messages boards but that place was a nightmare. So Im happy to be here.So here is my topic The hogwarts castle looks great! I saw a review of it and it even though it is the biggest Hogwarts built it still seems small. Which brings us to my question today. Has anyone modified it? If so how did you do it? What has bothered me the most are the common rooms they are awfully small I was thinking of making the tower higher and create an extra room or 2 and add some 2x10 planks.For if I tried to make it wider I would have to change the entire building. Also in the books did Hufflepuff and ravenclaw also have towers or did they live somewhere else? Read the books 4 years ago (Im getting old =( ) so I can't remember much. Ideas critisism and poining out flaws would be appreciated. -Rj