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  1. Hello, I added LEGO VIDEO BUILDING INSTRUCTION on my youtube channel. This is FIRS PART. you can start building :-)
  2. WOW! I have never seen before, I think Lego is still going forward :-)). Thanks... I think it needs to be done for C model. I will give building instructions and someone can improve it. "soory for my english"
  3. Hello, I am going to make video building instruction. In 14 days on youtube, i hope :-)
  4. Hello, I build lego alternate creation from lego set 42009. This is a transformer model. TRUCK to ROBOT. You can rebuild it in few steps! See on youtube. It was a very difficult job, because you built two models in one time. Every change you made in A model affected in the B model. You also have limited parts of brick. main by PETER HURRY, on Flickr 01-00 by PETER HURRY, on Flickr 01-02 by PETER HURRY, on Flickr TRUCK: TRUCK has three axles whit the steering wheel. I also added the platform body and created a flatbed truck. But this is not part of the robot. 04-01 by PETER HURRY, on Flickr 04-04 by PETER HURRY, on Flickr bonus03 by PETER HURRY, on Flickr ROBOT: ROBOT has fully movable arms and legs in 3 AXIS. The body has stable equilibrium and you can set a leg posture by geer wheels on the side. 05-04 by PETER HURRY, on Flickr 05-06 by PETER HURRY, on Flickr TRANSFORMATION PROCES – STEP BY STEP see on youtube: or see www page: Next step for me - build powerfunction lego transformers. Bigger and stronger ;-) I hope you like this creation.