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    80104 Lion Dance

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  1. Koori

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    This theme of these summer sets is really interesting, while I have mixed feelings of switching from 'your in a video game' to a board game. Still the sets have that castle/Indiana Jones feel and I love castle and adventure themes.
  2. Koori

    Final Fantasy VII Midgar

    That is awesome and looks just like the one from the original game.
  3. Koori

    The Best and Worst of 2019

    Best Theme: Hidden Side Best Set: 10267 Gingerbread House Best Minifigure: huey dewey and louie Worst Theme: Lego Friends Worst Set: I really don't like Friends lego... Worst Minifigure: CMF Rainbow Bear Most Anticipated for 2020: 10270 Bookshop
  4. Koori

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Theres also been a trend in recent years of reviving past 'non city themes under City. I noticed in 60203 Ski Resort and the new 60254 Race Boat Transporter that the 'xtreme' name is quite prominent in them. Also the theme appears quite a lot in the sports orientated sets in Lego city as of the last few years. Then theres the Safari off roader that feels very much of a remake of 6672 from 1990. It might just be me but it feels like they're playing the nostalgia angle a bit lately, not that its a bad thing.
  5. Koori

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    The new sets are available at various discount from 10-20% off in New Zealand but we're coming up to a public holiday this weekend so its good timing I guess.
  6. Koori

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    I've got that book and saw that too, its also shows Ginny weasly doing the expecto patronus spell.
  7. Koori

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    Yeah they sold out within 3 three hours. Apparently some of the Toy world stores will be getting them and toyco already has a new list of people wanting them.
  8. Koori

    The Best and Worst of 2018

    Best Theme: Wizarding world of Harry Potter Best Minifigure/Figure:Dragon suit guy (he looked just like my favourite dragon from the last castle theme) Best Set: Hogwarts Great Hall 75954 Worst Theme: uni kitty Worst Minifigure/Figure: Steve (minecraft) Worst Set: Unikittys cloud car Most Anticipated for 2019: Ninjago Monastery of Spinjitsu 70670
  9. Koori

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    For those in New Zealand toyco has the new year sets in store and on their website . Got mine today but they're very popular.
  10. Koori

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    Keenly waiting for them to appear on the Lego site. Apparently they (except the dragon boats) are going to be on the NZ and Australia Lego shop @home.
  11. Koori

    A quick comment on spam

    Unfortunately it comes with being a forum online. I had experience with these types years ago on another site. The extra information is fine, if it keeps spammers out.
  12. Koori

    How did you come out of your Dark Ages?

    I collected a few sets when I was between 5-11, then I found video games! (although I never could seem to put it away completely) I briefly came back to it when I was fifteen when I got a large Lego soccer set but once more I was more into playstation. Then when I was turning 21 I saw the 2011 police station advertised in a catalogue and asked for it for my birthday as it'd always been the set I had most wanted as a kid. That started me on the slippery slope and have not stopped since.
  13. Koori

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Well at least we in NZ know they're in the Country. Looking forward to August the 1st now.
  14. Koori

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I seriously was not expecting that from the suitcase. I was secretly hoping not to like it but looks like I'll be going after the fantastic beast as well as harry potter now. My poor wallet... But wow that Thunderbird looks beautiful!
  15. I used to keep it a secret but generally everyone at my work knows about my hobby. It makes life easier as being part of a lug I take part in exhibitions. So having a supportive boss who asks me about my builds is good, makes getting time to set up much easier.