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    [MOC] Post Apocalypse Tanker Truck

    I haven't yet. I sometimes make scenes with a little story for kids. My oldest wants me to do a story for this build so I'd need more for that.
  2. Our LUG did a challenge to use an obscure piece. I don't have a lot of old weird pieces but I did have this old C battery pack. Initially I tried to a pillar with a walkway spirally around it but it didn't work well. I noticed that it looked kinda like the trailer of a tanker truck. So I started designing a post apocalypse tanker truck. (It didn't even occur to me to make a regular Lego City tanker truck.)
  3. Brick Monsters is a project I started working on to make a Monster Manual for Dungeons and Dragons using Lego builds for the artwork. I don't have a particular plan on monsters to do. The first release I did was the Brick Monsters: Otyugh. I've been trying to do two builds for each monster. The first otyugh build was colored similar to the bendable toy released a long time ago. The second has a coloring more consistent with the monster description. It also has a movable mouth unlike the first. Brick Monsters: Aboleth became my second release. I tried several builds which I didn't like. Eventually I noticed the Guardian from a Lego Minecraft set and built something similar to it's core. The tentacles on the second build aren't are good but I didn't have the tail pieces which would have been better. But aboleths aren't red you say. Maybe it lived around a hydrothermal vent which gave it the unusual color. I prefer the veritcal eyes of the first. I gave the second version a three fin tail to make it feel more alien.
  4. dulsi

    Computer Generated Castles

    Very nice program.
  5. Brick Monsters: Eye of the Deep is complete. The first version I posted to a different thread a while ago. I had created a beholder but it was big compared to minifigures so I decided to try to make a smaller one. Rather than just build another beholder I made an eye of the deep. Unfortunately that decision killed my goal of making it smaller. Sure the body is smaller but the arms sticking out make it about the same width. The plant piece on the bottom was the inspiration for this build because I thought it would work great for the tendrils under the eye of the deep. For the second version I was thinking about the fiddler crab and how it has one big claw. I've never seen eye of the deep artwork like that but I thought it would be interesting.
  6. If I wanted to demo my Jet Dragon attaching to a battle suit, I had to borrow one from my son. Since I bought the Lego Batman Movie Mr Freeze set, I had some of the new pieces used for the battle suits. I decided to make a suit for Lavaria and wanted it to have four legs like he ultimate set. (Wings can be an attachment.) Obviously the larger body may make some attachments not work. --- Macy smashed another stone monster with her battle suit. "Is it just me or is it getting too easy with these battle suits?" "Don't be too confident," declared Merlock 2.0 over the communication system. "We still don't know the purpose of the cloud of monsters attack this village." Macy heard something behind her but before she could turn around something covered her head. The mech started moving on it's own. "What is happening?" yelled the princess. Aaron jumped out of the way of the giant mace. "Hey! You nearly hit me." "It's not me," said Macy. "I can't controlled my battle suit." A laugh floated over the heroes. "Don't you like my new creation. You see I noticed your ability to combine the mechs with other attachments. I created my own accessory. It takes control over your mech," explained the Cloud of Monstrox. Axl blocked the giant mace from flattening Aaron. "What do we do? We can't hurt Macy." Ava piped in. "According to my scans they are sending commands to the large receiver on her back. If you could smash it, it might free Macy." Axl tried to maneuver around with Aaron but there were too many stone monsters. Macy's suit managed a direct blow on the right arm of Axl's mech. The arm no longer responded to commands. Reluctantly Aaron called out to the controlled mech. "Macy, we're taking too much damage. We need to retreat. We'll find a away to free you." "No worries guys," replied Macy smashing at the controls. "I'll figure out a way to break free and meet you at the Fortrex." Aaron smiled at her determination. But it was short lived. At the Fortrex he pressed Ava, Robin an Merlock 2.0 for a solution. Spinning around in her chair, Ava repeated the same thing she had been saying the whole time. "We need to smash the receiver on the back of the device." Axl gnawed on a chicken leg. He spat food as he spoke. "Impossible with the number of monster." Inspiration hit Aaron. "What we need is an expert at stealth," suggested the current leader. Everyone stared blankly at him. "Lavaria." "You can't be serious," responded Axl. "She worked for the Book of Monsters." Ava didn't think it would work for practical reasons. "Even if she agreed to help, it's doubtful that she could do enough damage to the dish before being discovered and caught." Robin suggested, "We could build her a special stealth battle suit." "This is sounding worse than the original suggestion," groaned Axl. --- Lavaria pondered the request of the Nexo Knights. She walked around Axl's battle suit. "You'll need to build it to my specification," she said. "This thing is far to clunky." Aaron turned to the little mechanic. "Robin can build whatever you need." Lavaria looked at Aaron. "Alright. I'll help." It took the rest of the day for Robin to build the new suit with Lavaria's requests. The mech had four spider like legs and wielded a thin blade. It was time to get Macy back.
  7. I saw the Ultimate Mech contest and immediately thought of this build. However, I felt it was missing something. Ultimate Lavaria has bat wings. I thought it would be cool to add a bat attachment for the mech.
  8. Brick 101 did an excellent Minecraft Iron Golem. My son originally wanted it for the mini build for his birthday party. It was too expensive and he changed his mind to a Nexo Knights theme. I thought this was great. Since Monstrox has gone digital, I figured you could have the knights looking for old magic to defeat him. They run across an old golem guardian a site and convince him to join them. My son requested moving legs. The part count is reduced. A spot for a Nexo Power is added to the chest. (I included a blank blue piece and a random Nexo Power in the party favors.) Instructions are provided here.
  9. My LUG did a BrickHeadz challenge for a meeting. I had thought about doing Ultimate Lavaria but decided on Mer-Man instead. About an hour before the meeting I quickly created Ultimate Lavaria as a BrickHeadz. I feel like I cheated a little on the wings, weapon, and legs by using the pieces from Ultimate Lavaria set.
  10. dulsi

    Benny's x-wing X-Wing X-WING

    Great build. Looks like the R2 unit is just the head piece. I'd try to make it removable but instead of using an R2 use more of a classic space robot. (Maybe not an exact classic space robot but something that fuses it and the design of the R2 together.)
  11. dulsi

    Lego BAT-AT

    I've built a few Batman vehicles for my kids. I find red easier to work with. Yellow sometimes makes the vehicle look more bee like that Batman. Great build. My oldest has a Robot Command Center redone in Batman colors because he liked mine but wanted it for Batman. Wayne Technology piece seem a little odd. (Although not entirely so for the Lego Batman Movie.)
  12. Alternate builds are hard to do. This one is very nice. You mention that the body is very heavy when talking about the legs. Does this mean you can really pose it because the weight of the body will force the legs down?
  13. dulsi

    Lester's Big Adventure Voting

    6 - 1 point 9 - 1 point 12 - 1 point
  14. I took a look at the builds. They are very nice. I was hoping to enter but didn't find the time. I was planning on doing a walker of some kind. Looks like no one went that route.
  15. dulsi

    Cavegod UCS AT-AT Instructions

    The first post in this thread has how to purchase the instructions.
  16. We have a rather large house. My wife wishes they weren't strewn about as much as they are. She has all her castle sets setup on her dresser. She envisions having shelves to put completed sets on so they are more contained. Not sure how well that will work with two boys who complain about picking up. Some LUG members were surprised that my wife encouraged purchasing more sets to do the BrickHeadz challenge of our group but I refused and wanted to use what I had. I would recommend setting up a personal budget. Basically I look at it as each spouse should have a set amount of money they can do with as they please per month. If you want to use it on Lego sets (even if you have to save up for a big set), she can't complain. You still will have to discuss how everything is stored at home but I don't think there is a simple answer to that. (I'm sorry if that is not very helpful as you have already mentioned money isn't a big issue.)
  17. dulsi


    I would never reply to a survey like this without knowing who is conducting the research and why.
  18. dulsi

    [MOC] Mer-Man BrickHeadz

    As a fan of the Masters of the Universe, I decided to try to make Mer-Man as a BrickHeadz for the local LUG challenge. The BrickHeadz design has grown on me after building one.
  19. dulsi

    Show your Go Brick Me creations!

    Mer-Man from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe as a BrickHeadz. I ended up quickly putting together a BrickHeadz for the ultimate version of Lavaria from Nexo Knights. I don't have a picture of that one yet.
  20. dulsi

    Air Elemental Boat

    Very nice. I especially like the air elemental.
  21. dulsi

    [MOC] Carl Barks - Duckburg Motorist

    Not what I expected. I thought it was going to be a resident of Duckberg. While the build is nice, it wouldn't stand up. I think it would be better if you had someway for it to stand up when built.
  22. dulsi

    Show your Go Brick Me creations!

    Very nice build. Much more active than most BrickHeadz. I didn't like the BrickHeadz either. My local LUG decided to do BrickHeadz for the building challenge this month. Unlike you I haven't bought any of them. My wife said I should get the Go Brick Me set. When I mentioned how Aquaman's prints would be good for my idea she said I should buy that. I decided to stick to not buying anything. I will admit the designs have grown on me after building one. When I get a chance I'll post my build up.
  23. A LUG member challenged people to build a micro lego set like the brickset competition. As a fan of the Robot Command Center, I felt I had to do that. I don't have flicker or instagram. I haven't decided if I will join to enter the contest. All the vehicles except the flyer dock into the robot command center.
  24. dulsi

    [MOC] Second Ravager Ship

    My Ravager Attack set included the stickers twice. It made me wonder if I could build a second Ravager ship. I didn't try to alter the scale or anything. It is merely an attempt to reproduce the lego version without the needed pieces. The design has two big flaws, the green cockpit and the black/red/dark gray circles on the wings. Despite having the extra stickers I haven't applied them. This is because I don't like stickers and the piece for the ravager symbol has a hole which is not ideal to apply a sticker to. Lego and my version together: