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  1. SH3V1974

    [WIP] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Hi Jeroen, i got that, bought that version on ebay from him. Unfortunately i never got it to work properly, despite the rebuilding it a few times. Problem i had was the driving forward and backwards. Can really explain it but think an axle was too loose. Hope to some this one finished one day and yes with instructions
  2. SH3V1974

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    8052, 6753 and 8258 for 120€, complete but without instructions and boxes
  3. SH3V1974

    MOC: Ferris Wheel

    Nice work!!!!!! Where can i find the .lxf-file to create this? Nothing to be found on the sit of Kristel. Someone who can help me?
  4. SH3V1974

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Bought a 1x Unimog 400 1x 8068 1x 9394 2x 42002 1x 42022 for a special price of 100euro!!! reckon that is a decent bargain
  5. Hi all, Bought the 42009 a few weeks ago but found a design on ebay for a 9-axle crane. So was wondering if people around here already built that crane. Already have the needed 6000+ parts, Can not really find any thoughts of this build.
  6. SH3V1974

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    130€ for a used 42009 with instructions and box.
  7. Done and turning left and right now
  8. Remember that before i already switched it on and the whole model went already to the right. Going to test this before building it up again.
  9. Think that's going to be it, at least i found this in the manual. But figured that would not be important Hmmm now the fun begins again, take it apart. No one with a shortcut Thanks for pointing this out @dr_spock
  10. finished this today Unfortunately when i switch the battery on, the Volvo immediately turns to the right. When turning the black wheel for left it only stays centered and when not holding the volvo turns immediately back right. Any ideas what the problem could be, before i start to take it apart again
  11. Thanks for the response. Will finish this first as it is my first build after 30 years Will have to sort out the wiring first, already working tough. Keep up that work my friend, AWESOME
  12. Almost there at the finish , some 30 pages to go. Any change of modification with Sbrick? You never know...............
  13. I also did it like that using a black rigid hose from incomplete builds i bought. Cut them into pieces of 1cm As for the steering wheels i hope not. And again thank you for M. Martin car.
  14. Hi all, Around p140 of this AWESOME build. @Hohag I also had problems with the 3rd receiver to get in place. But managed to do it. Had to look at it and tried different things. At picture 79, p123, part 3023 is used 2x but in my build i left it out. I have on the receiver 2x 3024, then the end of the servo motor and 3004 on the battery box and this with on top 1x2431. Dunno if this makes any sense. @brunojj1 picture 88, p137, the 6 black pieces. What are they. Did you use 6x4697b and cut of a piece of the t-piece? As for the steering of the 2 front wheels, looks like the 32278 will be in the way for turning. Not there yet, so cant tell for sure. Here is a little video of the work so far.