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  1. Altair1

    [MOC] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    What do you think of the new upcoming one?
  2. Altair1

    Problem adding pictures

    That really sucks... why to impose such a limit? And on top of that the 100K limit is by topic, so you cannot even reply to add more pictures :-(
  3. Got my VIP card yesterday too :-)
  4. Altair1

    [REVIEW] 75192 - Millennium Falcon

    Great review, well done! I was lucky enough to get one but haven't built it yet, I am waiting for my two sons to get a bit older so I can do it with them :-)
  5. I haven't. But they said it takes 6 weeks from purchase (which occurred on 14 September), so I am not worried yet...
  6. My MF also arrived today ! (in France)
  7. I just received confirmation from Lego that my set ordered yesterday at 8.08 am French time has been dispatched. I still feel that it's a shame Lego authorized buyers to order up to 3 sets, which is obviously one of the reasons so many fans could not get any this time and are rightfully frustrated.
  8. It should be fine as long as you have an order number
  9. My order went through at 8.08 am French time :-) Can't wait to receive it...
  10. Yeeeesssssssss!!!! At laaaaaassssssssttttttt!!! I am buying it without any question as soon as it's available!! It will be the Masterpiece of my Lego SW collection... For those who think it is too expensive, remember that a new iPhone costs more these days!
  11. Altair1

    LEGO Ideas: 21310 Old Fishing Store (Fall 2017)

    I ordered it yesterday afternoon, can't wait!
  12. Altair1

    Review: 9473 The Mines of Moria

    Excellent review! I have bought all the LOTR sets but they are still patiently waiting in their sealed boxes as I am waiting for my son to be old enough to build them with me...
  13. Altair1

    LEGO Ideas: 21310 Old Fishing Store (Fall 2017)

    I think this set is more expensive than the Saturn V because of all the minifigs and animals included (while the Saturn V that I just received only includes a few identical astronaut microfigs). I agree that a boat (even a small one) needs to be added to perfect it. In any case it will be a day one purchase for me, especially as my son's name is... Anton :-)
  14. Altair1

    REVIEW: 75104 Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle

    I don't think the two main issues of the set (color and wings shape) came from rushing the design (which is overall quite good), but rather because they couldn't get all the right details from Disney before the movie was released...