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  1. Hi ! It's been a while since I've started to revamp some of my favorites creator robots. I've started with the 2003's 4097 Mini Robots, then the 31034 Future Flyer (I'll probably make a post here about it btw). During a short stay at my parents, I've found my old 4917 Mini Robots and felt suddenly very nostalgic about him. So I brought the set at my current flat, and few Bricklink orders later, made a 2018-ish version. For this "revamp", I really wanted to keep the original aspect of the robot, which were (on my opinion) his heavily-armored-riot-cop style and his general compact and angular shape. When I first show the 3D prototype to my friends, their firsts reactions were something like "ok cool", a thumb up and "he can't even raise his leg lol", so I asked for their advice. To simply switch the mixel-joints direction was a huge step (stupid me, that was obvious... ) To add a small articulation and details, I've replaced the dual-sided towball plate with a simple one, and added a 1x1 towball plate (gosh, I paid almost 1€ each) at the end to simulate the robot calf. The back of the bot has been upgraded a bit, I've managed to create some sort of "backpack" to replace the old 2x1 plate with handles. The nexo bot shoulder technique was a pure luck find, but I think it sticks pretty well and adds a cool curve to close the assembly. I also really wanted to keep the phone pieces as they were very emblematic of the robot design, but they didn't fit very well on the feet, so I moved them to the main body part, and used them to attach the shoulder pads to the torso. I do not have much else to say about this "revamp", if I may change something, that may be the feet. As my friend Leewan said, I should have used the new centered bracket, but theses pieces were not available at the time. Anyway, thanks for reading and passing-by, I hope to see you soon in another post !
  2. Thy

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2019 Pictures and Rumors

    This is not related to pics or rumors, but I did not manage to find a "general" space themed topic. (I have no ideas of how to insert a tweet, so here is a link)
  3. Thy

    race spaceships Original LEGO creation

    Looks pretty cool ! Are all the pieces available in blue ?
  4. Thy

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2019 Pictures and Rumors

    Lego has already sold out the Benny squad, I guess it will be the same for this little ship. Hope they'll notice the enthusiasm behind the old-school space theme and will produce more like theses.
  5. Thy

    LEGO stores in Lisbon?

    I went once in Lisboa and I've visited a small LEGO branded shop (but not an official store). The lady I saw was very nice, and there was many choices despite the shop size. Maps location of the store.
  6. Thy

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    I'm not sure if anyone has already posted it, but the website is already online :
  7. Thy

    [MOC] Qwak Qwak

    Hello ! Few month ago, I decided to try to use the Brick Separator to create a Moc. After an overview of my spare bricks and few minutes of weirdly and randomly assembly tries, this duck comes out. Enjoy ! The Qwaker by Thibaut Piruk, sur Flickr
  8. I didn't know about that Reddit topic ! Very interesting.
  9. Hi everyone ! It's not new that Lego likes to make easter-eggs between many themes, letting us guess that they belong to the same universe. (I think of Vladek being an ancestor of Ogel and Solomon Blaze being an Ultra Agent and part of the Galaxy Squad) But a friend of mine just had the Ninjago Salvage Mech for christmas and has noticed that the symbol on the left thigh is the exact same as the Exo-Force Stealth Hunter. What do you think ? Simple logo re-use or the themes are in the same universe ? Makes a Triangle symbol with his hands, the eye in the middle.
  10. Thy

    Help me identify my Bionicles

    That's not a BIONICLE, but a Hero Factory, this is Von Nebula (7145) :)
  11. I've never encounter such an issue with any of my technic or system bricks. Most of the time I'm building my sets to display on my shelves, and I've never seen any cracks on any cheeses/slopes... Only clip pieces my broke after many clip/unclip. I feel really sad about your sets :( I've heard that TLG is producing most of the recent Minifigures (CMF and battle packs ones) in china, isn't it possible that the bricks follow this tendency ?
  12. Thy

    [MOC] Classic Space Tregatis VI

    Your Eagle Solar Fighter is very cool ! I love the display too. Great work ! +1 Flickr Sub btw.
  13. Hello everyone ! I've recently acquired a 10kg bulk of 80s Lego sets that someone was throwing out. After few days of reconstruction (cosmic fleet voyager, invader, scorpion detector, nebula outpost...), I've decided to use the spare parts to make some sort of spaceship. I'm rather glad of it, so I've decided to show it to you. Let me introduce the Stellar Recon Interceptor (M-Tron) Stellar Recon Interceptor by Thibaut Piruk, sur Flickr Stellar Recon Interceptor by Thibaut Piruk, sur Flickr Stellar Recon Interceptor by Thibaut Piruk, sur Flickr Thanks :)
  14. As a SWTOR player, I've immediatly recognised the ship ! Good luck in constest, may the force be with you !
  15. Thy

    Non-Anime TCW eyes

    Very nice ! Looks better than originals imo.