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  1. richiejwalker

    Parts difference between UCS MFs 10179 & 75192

    I’ve finally made a firm start on this. I’ve paid €48 (including postage) for all of the parts that have stickers applied to come printed from . Having received these parts I can say the quality of the prints onto genuine Lego is superb. I’ve also bought all of the unique cockpit glass parts, the LBG cockpit lower cone and the ‘chessboard’ from ‘AW’s Brick Collection’ on BrickLink shipped from Germany to the uk for €94. With my custom 10179 and my own stock I’m confident I can build a 75192 for not much than an additional £150. I’ll keep you informed.
  2. richiejwalker

    Parts difference between UCS MFs 10179 & 75192

    Thanks Theo, hadn't realised that was there. I was kind of hoping there was more in common. Though I'm not bothered about the internal structure colours so I can probably make changes/saves there.
  3. Has anyone done a parts list comparison between the old and new UCS Millenium Falcon? I've previously Bricklinked a 10179 and wonder if I can use it as a basis for 75192. The cockpit, gun turret glass and 'chess' table have all appeared on Bricklink. As have the grey mast riggings at an affordable cost. Though I think I'd go with Scottish Dave's engine mod. No need to buy a radar dish because I'll do the square TFA version. Currently got a DBG one. I'd appreciate your thoughts.
  4. richiejwalker

    UCS B-Wing 10227

    Thanks guys I'm going to bricklink one. I have a large proportion of the parts already and will use my older/secondhand parts where they can't be seen. I think i already have half the parts or there about. Just wondered if there were any major stumbling blocks.
  5. richiejwalker

    UCS B-Wing 10227

    Has anyone Bricklinked the parts for the UCS B-Wing? I'm planning on doing it soon and wondered if there were any hard to find parts or obvious part swaps to make.
  6. richiejwalker

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    Yes, I shortened the 'trims' on the front and rear edges of the legs above the knee joints by one stud. I never thought of keeping the trailing legs straight....Doh! And I absolutely love it!
  7. richiejwalker

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    This is mine guys, I absolutely love it and loved building it!
  8. richiejwalker

    8ft Long Death Star Trench Run.

    You've just won Star Wars Lego.... In fact I think its fair to say you've won Lego.
  9. richiejwalker

    [MOC] Echo Base

    Epic fella!!!
  10. richiejwalker

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    That looks great! I'm due a couple of deliveries tomorrow from bricklink. One of which I ordered from Cavegod 10 days ago.... I don't think I should have told him what they were for, either that or he's a very busy guy!! lol
  11. richiejwalker

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    I have told 'Cavegod' what I'm buying the bricks for.... I'm not sure he's impressed
  12. richiejwalker

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    So, I've checked through my stock and have 581 parts. I've just placed two orders on Bricklink for 688 parts from 'I love 2 build' and another 416 parts from a fellow called 'Cavegod'. About 800 parts to go, I'm hoping to have them all before Christmas. Total spend £70. I can't wait to start building!!
  13. richiejwalker

    [BL] 10134 UCS Y-wing

    Just go with flat silver, they look fine. 10134
  14. richiejwalker

    Bricklinking the Y-Wing (10134)

    This is my attempt: 10134 I used tan and dark red elements in place of dark orange. I went with flat silver for the engine struts and the wheels at the rear.
  15. richiejwalker

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    Guys, this is beyond awesome. Not only the skills involved but also the generosity. This is my next project and I love a project!! Again thank you!