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  1. richiejwalker

    Parts difference between UCS MFs 10179 & 75192

    Thanks Theo, hadn't realised that was there. I was kind of hoping there was more in common. Though I'm not bothered about the internal structure colours so I can probably make changes/saves there.
  2. Has anyone done a parts list comparison between the old and new UCS Millenium Falcon? I've previously Bricklinked a 10179 and wonder if I can use it as a basis for 75192. The cockpit, gun turret glass and 'chess' table have all appeared on Bricklink. As have the grey mast riggings at an affordable cost. Though I think I'd go with Scottish Dave's engine mod. No need to buy a radar dish because I'll do the square TFA version. Currently got a DBG one. I'd appreciate your thoughts.
  3. richiejwalker

    UCS B-Wing 10227

    Thanks guys I'm going to bricklink one. I have a large proportion of the parts already and will use my older/secondhand parts where they can't be seen. I think i already have half the parts or there about. Just wondered if there were any major stumbling blocks.
  4. richiejwalker

    UCS B-Wing 10227

    Has anyone Bricklinked the parts for the UCS B-Wing? I'm planning on doing it soon and wondered if there were any hard to find parts or obvious part swaps to make.
  5. richiejwalker

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    Yes, I shortened the 'trims' on the front and rear edges of the legs above the knee joints by one stud. I never thought of keeping the trailing legs straight....Doh! And I absolutely love it!
  6. richiejwalker

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    This is mine guys, I absolutely love it and loved building it!
  7. richiejwalker

    8ft Long Death Star Trench Run.

    You've just won Star Wars Lego.... In fact I think its fair to say you've won Lego.
  8. richiejwalker

    [MOC] Echo Base

    Epic fella!!!
  9. richiejwalker

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    That looks great! I'm due a couple of deliveries tomorrow from bricklink. One of which I ordered from Cavegod 10 days ago.... I don't think I should have told him what they were for, either that or he's a very busy guy!! lol
  10. richiejwalker

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    I have told 'Cavegod' what I'm buying the bricks for.... I'm not sure he's impressed
  11. richiejwalker

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    So, I've checked through my stock and have 581 parts. I've just placed two orders on Bricklink for 688 parts from 'I love 2 build' and another 416 parts from a fellow called 'Cavegod'. About 800 parts to go, I'm hoping to have them all before Christmas. Total spend £70. I can't wait to start building!!
  12. richiejwalker

    [BL] 10134 UCS Y-wing

    Just go with flat silver, they look fine. 10134
  13. richiejwalker

    Bricklinking the Y-Wing (10134)

    This is my attempt: 10134 I used tan and dark red elements in place of dark orange. I went with flat silver for the engine struts and the wheels at the rear.
  14. richiejwalker

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    Guys, this is beyond awesome. Not only the skills involved but also the generosity. This is my next project and I love a project!! Again thank you!
  15. richiejwalker

    [MOC] The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Rebel Fleet

    No words, just beyond awesome!