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  1. BarBee

    MOC Duck Season

    Like I've already told you - it was really way too hidden at the exhibition to fully enjoy all the little details. My favorite is definetly the Duplo duck, but the rest is just as well. Love the prize stand with all the "soft" toys and the back walls for both games! Wll done, like usually.
  2. BarBee

    MOC Bakery & Florist's Shop

    Thanks everyone for very encouraging comments! my main goal was to finally finish something and contribute to our local LUG's exhibitions, so I just focused on the exterior. It's the second modular building I made from bricks, however, I've spent a lot of time in LDD in the last decade, so I guess I can say I practiced a lot! I saw too much yellow, too, when trying to make decent photos! I should have used tan, but most of my tan bricks are still packed up in Grand Emporium ...
  3. BarBee

    [MOC] Modular Pharmacy

    Congratulations for the number 10 (how does that feel?). The exterior looks just nice, as it's a bit to colorful for my taste (althouh I love the farmacy's sign!). But the interior ... wow, that's a whole new story! I just love everything you did! The yellow sofa/couch, the curtains hanger, the floors tiling, the fridge, the TV/media center ... everything's impressive!
  4. BarBee

    [MOD] Eggsplore the Friendship House

    Well, it's very Friendish, but it has to be, right? It's definitely inspiring for youngsters, and a great activity for all looking for the eggs (it took me a while to notice them as I was expecting smaller ones). Overall, nicely done!
  5. BarBee


    Well, I'm not really sure I want to see a Police Station among official modulars (there are just too many in the City line), but this one is impressive. The exterior might be too American for my taste, but the detailed interior makes up for that: the typewriter, the interview room, the cells - it looks like a real thing! Still, my favorite part of this MOC is the Donut shop!
  6. BarBee

    [MOC] IKEA microscale

    I'm always impressed how much can be done in microscale. Love the trees, the cars (obviously, the store is not yet opened) and the letter "A"! I enjoyed your large scale MOC as well (all those years ago ...).
  7. BarBee

    [MOC] CC house

    Same happened to me, too! Why is there bread on the roof? As weird as it sounds, it turns out quite ok. However, I never even thought of making one on any of my builds - I doesn't rain in my Lego world. Otherwise, I love the blue roof and the plant on the balcony. And I miss a photo or two of the interior where you managed to pack up some pearls, like that golden spiral stairs - amazing (just like the E.T.).
  8. BarBee

    [MOC] Cheese Shop

    Just recently I've been thinking about what colors to combine with the sand blue windows, and now I know (I just need a new idea to develop)! All in all, I like how the builds turned out. The Dutch/Belgian style fits Lego a lot (or is it vice versa?), and with all special bricks Lego gave us in the last years it seems quite easy to make something like that. But the more one looks at both houses, the more one is impressed with all the innovative uses and details. The bay window on the Cheese Shop is just amazing, and so are the flowers next door. I also love the indoor fire place, and the balconies in the back. But the "floating" icecream on the last picture got me wondering: is this a real model or just an amazing render? Can't really figure it out - in either case I envy you the quality of the pics!
  9. BarBee

    [MOD] Old Fishing Store into Modular

    As much as this house doesn't fit between the all-new town houses, it's really adorable standing on it's own (or among same worn-done style houses somewhere near the bay). Also, the interior is so well packed, it makes me wanna go buy some bait and grab a fishing rod to try my luck!
  10. BarBee

    MOC : Church

    Wow! I think you did a great job with this challenge. I love how the roof turned out - both the design and the color - with the small bell tower and other little details. It's definitely my favorite part of the exterior which looks a bit too modern for my taste. However, the interior packed with all the large and small details takes it to another level. The organ, all the candles, and those massive wooden doors - truly, a job well done.
  11. BarBee

    MOC Bakery & Florist's Shop

    Hi! I finally plucked up the courage to present you my second attempt at modular buildings (the first one is not really worth presenting): modular Bakery and Florist's Shop. The build was finalized in Autumn 2016, just in time for display at local exhibitions. The build began with the real bricks - foundations were laid down with this container, trying to give some extra detail to the building (inspired by the sides of Redhead's Dk Medium Flash Townhouse, and a large trans-clear panel as a shop's window. When deciding which color scheme will work better, I came to an idea to make 2 buildings (Why not, right?), and the chosen colors later defined also the business inside. After these foundations, I finished the whole building in LDD, and only then continued with the actual model. Its specific is that it's made of three 16-studs wide baseplates, giving each individual house a "non-standard" 24 -studs width. Personally, I think it's a great addition to the existing townhouses, mostly being 16- or 32-studs wide. Plus, it gives both houses a bit more dynamic facade. Front street is rather "lively", while the back is left empty with only back doors of both houses. The middle baseplate presents entrance to both houses, but it's mainly just a facade with a middle wall separating both residential areas and assuring the build is sturdy enough despite the missing side walls. Also, there's no interior in this section. The left building hasn't changed much from the LDD sketch - the main difference being the rooftop design, which confirmed what a more experienced fellow builder told me: making a perfect roof for a modular building is best to do with real bricks (and not in LDD) to really see it's shape. House owners - grandma and grandpa - have recently renovated the rooftop, thus it's "screaming" red color and there's also a painter in the empty attic. In the first floor, there's a busy bakery offering different kinds of freshly baked bread, and city cops' favorite croissants. The upper floors are not as detailed. Since I didn't want them to be empty for the exhibition, there's a bit of action there, too. Grandma is making lunch (grandpa's favorite Shephard's pie), while grandpa is reading his Sunday paper on the small terrace (and supervising the painter). The second building is a Florist's shop. The first floor houses a small shop where the young florist takes care of all her flowers. The exterior of the upper floors has changed many times from the initial design (to better, in my opinion), while the interior is again very moderate and mainly there not to have a completely empty house. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the end results, and even more so to finally complete a modular building worth presenting at our local LUG's exhibitions (where there's some really good competition). Plus, it also fits with the official modulars well. For more photos go to my Flickr). BarBee
  12. BarBee

    Tips for MOCing a Modular?

    First of all, congrats to start MOCing a modular! Starting with a 16-studs wide is (in my opinion, of course) a perfect start. If you want to use your spare parts, first thoroughly check what you have available all from door frames and windows, main bricks and slopes to all the tiny pieces making the facade stand out - pay attention to both color and count of pieces. Then, think about the architectural style that fits your layout the most. My prefered tools for scatching facades are LDD and/or hand-drawing on paper (I use a notebook with a small squared paper). Now, it's time you let your imagination go wild! Also, if you merely want to fill up an empty space in the layout, you can build the front and back facades (connecting them with 16x16 baseplate) only to save some bucks and bricks. BR, BarBee
  13. BarBee

    [MOC] Cafe Havana (modular)

    Wow! The color scheme of this MOC is really lively, yet still pleasant to the eye. Together with numerous details on the house and around it, it really makes you feel the rhythm of Cuba! I love the palm tree, the graffiti on the wall, the pink car (which looks much better here than next to the Diner Modular), the Friends bows (that I just don't know what to do with), the hanging clothes, and the really cool chair design (tennis racket – what an innovative idea!). Thanks for sharing!
  14. BarBee

    MOC: Modular Bookstore

    Wow! My favorite part of the building is the bookstore. All black facade with the colored glass looks very stylish, while the interior is just so lively! Adding the guitar player is a great idea! I also like how mixing different colors in the upper part turned out, especially on the roof. That's one technique I haven't got the courage to try just yet, but it really adds up te character combined with all the small details. Another plus is finished upper floors with a sleeping baby, though it makes me wonder where the parents are. All-together, it's a really nice build, Eliza!
  15. BarBee

    REVIEW: 31050 Corner Deli

    I rated this set rather average. The idea as a deli shop or a sandwich/snack bar is very promissing and I was eagerly waiting to see what Lego came up with. I can't say I was dissapointed, but I wasn't very impressed either. The best thng about the set (in my opinion) is the color scheme. I really like the dark orange (It is dark orange, right?) with black windows and doors! That can be very usefull when MOCing buildings. But every thing else about the set is so-so. I'm definetely saving my € for something else. My favorite featue is entance to the deli with that window to the street, but that's it. Same goes for B and C models. As a whole, they are rather bellow average, although the second one (the low one) has a nice entrance with white windows and doors, that could just as well work very well for a modular deli shop. Compared to other similar Creator models, I think the Bike and Coffee Shop as well as Toy and Grocery offeed much more and better details. Thanks fo the review! BarBee