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  1. GhostDog

    The Horned King

    Seeing Prydain-inspired Lego makes me so happy. Those were my favorite fantasy series as a kid. Thanks for the memories.
  2. GhostDog

    MOC: Microscale Blues Brothers

    They're on a mission from God.
  3. GhostDog

    [MOC] The Ring of the Nibelung

    I applaud your source of inspiration for this. I feel like I rarely see the Nibelungenleid referenced in contemporary art, so this is pretty cool. Well done.
  4. GhostDog

    [MOC] Microscale landmarks of Serbia

    I really like these! The National Assembly and the Library are particularly fun.
  5. GhostDog

    [MOC] ZELDA - Link's House

    Very nice! You should do a series of these for Link's other houses in other Zelda games.
  6. GhostDog

    [MOC] 2001 A Space Odyssey

    Great little MOC, thanks for sharing! I recently was able to see the original movie on a big screen in 70mm. What an experience.
  7. GhostDog

    [MOC] Cozy Cottage

    I echo the previous comments admiring the colors. They're great! Nicely done.
  8. GhostDog

    Xmas Wing Fighter

    This is fantastic and hilarious!
  9. Due to a lack of space, I am clearing out a bunch of Lego. I am anxious to get these to people who might enjoy them. I generally ship with USPS and always provide a tracking number. In the past, I’ve traded and bought minifigs from other members and am a straight shooter. Now's the time to get some Christmas shopping done! ONLY THE MIXELS ARE LEFT! Mixels: $100 for the whole shebang! That's 36 sets total, with instruction booklets. Footi (41521) (Series 3 Spikels) Scorpi (41522) (Series 3 Spikels) Hoogi (41523) (Series 3 Spikels) Glomp (41518) (Series 3 Glorp Corp) Glurt (41519) (Series 3 Glorp Corp) Torts (41520) (Series 3 Glorp Corp) Mesmo (41524) (Series 3 Wiztastics) Magnifo (41525) (Series 3 Wiztastics) Wizwuz (41526) (Series 3 Wiztastics) Meltus (41530) (Series 4 Infernites) Flamzer (41531) (Series 4 Infernites) Burnard (41532) (Series 4 Infernites) Globert (41533) (Series 4 Glowkies) Vampos (41534) (Series 4 Glowkies) Boogly (41535) (Series 4 Glowkies) Gox (41536) (Series 5 Klinkers) Jinky (41537) (Series 5 Klinkers) Kamzo (41538) (Series 5 Klinkers) Krog (41539) (Series 5 Frosticons) Chilbo (41540) (Series 5 Frosticons) Snoof (41541) (Series 5 Frosticons) Spugg (41542) (Series 5 Lixers) Turg (41543) (Series 5 Lixers) Tungster (41544) (Series 5 Lixers) Kramm (41545) (Series 6 Weldos) Forx (41546) (Series 6 Weldos) Wuzzo (41547) (Series 6 Weldos) Dribbal (41548) (Series 6 Glorp Corp cousins) Gurggle (41549) (Series 6 Glorp Corp cousins) Slusho (41550) (Series 6 Glorp Corp cousins) Snax (41551) (Series 6 Munchos) Berp (41552) (Series 6 Munchos) Vaka-Waka (41553) (Series 6 Munchos) Camillot (41557) (Series 7 Medivals) Mixadel (41558) (Series 7 Medivals) Paladum (41559) (Series 7 Medivals) Bike Shop and Cafe (31026) $70 SOLD Bricktober Mini Modulars: ALL SOLD Hotel (40141) $12 Bakery (40143) $10 Theater (40180) $10 Town Hall (40183) $10 Pizza Place (40181) $10 Fire Station (40182) $10 Train Station (40142) $10
  10. GhostDog

    [MOC] Kaneda's bike from Akira

    The crab and other creatures in the arm are hilarious!
  11. GhostDog

    [MOC] Night in the Attic Apartment

    Just echoing the love. This is such a high-quality build!
  12. GhostDog

    Grand Lodge

    That is one imposing and austere looking building, especially the roof!
  13. GhostDog

    Simian Space Ship LL 918

    Oh this is excellent! I can tell this is from a planet-of-the-apes-type future because the red and green navigation lights are reversed
  14. GhostDog

    On The LookOut

    I love the design of the top of the tower!