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  1. Definitely unopened. One more month down the line and still no feedback from Cada.
  2. What a beauty So many of the details are absolute class. And the fact that you managed to cram all those motors and functions into such a small yet eye-delighting package is astounding.
  3. Has anyone else had issues ordering micromotors from Cada? The first time, back in August, I ordered 4 and only got one; luckily, customer service promptly replied to my e-mail notifying them of the missing motors, which were delivered separately a couple of weeks later. I placed a second order including 2 more micromotors in October; when the order was delivered, there were no motors. I immediately notified customer assistance but, this time, have not heard back from them in three weeks. It's really disappointing.
  4. Has anyone figured out how to use the 3rd-gen turntable with the smaller banana gears ( I'm building a mid-scale rough terrain crane and can't for the life of me figure out how to set up an assembly akin to the one used on 42082.
  5. This contest is brilliant! I hope I can find the time to take part.
  6. Missed quite a few updates. Top-notch pics as always, Clive, and your storytelling always makes my day I do hope your hand has healed nicely and that someone lucky enough to live in Scotland can help out with the minifigs.
  7. You were up against some phenomenal competition, yet you still held your own. Also, I think you're losing sight of what, I think, really counts - how much you've progressed as a builder in the last couple of years. So chin up
  8. The average skill level of this contest has been staggering. Hats off and cheers to every single participant Are you kidding? You took on a mighty tough model to shrink and did a capital job.
  9. An RC distribution gearbox using three motors and the orange wave selector can easily run up to eight RC functions in pairs. For 42146 you could have left track/right track; main boom/secondary boom; hook/slewing. I guess the two remaining spots could be used for something fancy like a tilting cabin and an RC ladder - not sure they'd be realistic but hey, why let authenticity get in the way of coolness?
  10. I've been following your progress since you started and been thoroughly impressed every step of the way. This latest update, though, is nothing short of jaw-dropping.
  11. Thanks, Igor! Yep, I hope it can at least lift a chilled brew from cooler to desk. Given the price, I also hope the counterweights turn out to be made of never-ending chocolate.
  12. Since I have crappiness of the eyes and silliness of the brain, can someone tell me whether the counterweights are more likely brick-built or just big lumps of (metal-filled?) ABS?
  13. Great to see the 5x11 tapered panels in DBG, as well as the increasing availability of 3x19 frames in a variety of useful colours.
  14. I've always loved your reviews but this one tops the lot - I actually watched it a second time 'cause it was like listening to a story
  15. What tyre size do you plan on using? That'll determine the scale of the car. You can use this useful tool by Sariel:
  16. This is such a cool little combo! I love both models - great looks and functions, with massive play value.
  17. Love this model! Is it 42008 green or 42039 green?
  18. Now that uni's drawing to a close I've got a li'l time to get some building done, so I've started working on another tow truck. This is what I've got so far. 6x6 with rear and central diff locks (the latter has yet to be implemented); drive powered by 4 XL motors geared up 3:1; servo mounted directly on the front axle, which includes Ackermann steering. It's designed for Claas tyres. Nothing fancy but it should be kid-proof.
  19. There'll probably be a bunch of functions, including a front winch. The offset must be some optical effect - I'm the world's worst camera wielder The model's not being designed for off-roading but just to overcome some basic indoor obstacles, so I don't expect a lot of jolting. Hopefully the weight of the chassis and bodywork'll be enough to keep the shock absorbers in place. If they start slipping out I'll rework the axles or be a lazy sod and resort to piano wire or elastic bands.
  20. Just a random RC crane truck. It's not based on any real-life vehicle; instead, it's a lazy rehash of my previous crane truck crossed with my dump truck. Looks dumb but works okay and my li'l nephew loves it.
  21. Thanks for the feedback, guys I shot a video but it looked like hell, so it'll have to wait. Instructions won't be made but I will take a photo shoot of an upcoming rebuild/recolour.
  22. I thought the point of these contests was to challenge builders to bring new ideas to the table that might benefit everyone.