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  1. Just threw together a tracked dumper. It's not based on any particular model - I just tried to make it work properly and not look too blocky. The dumper is driven by two independent PU L motors; the bed is raised by a PU L motor; the superstructure is rotated (360°) by a PU M motor. Threw in a very fake engine for bad measure. Video coming eventually.
  2. Thanks for the kind words, guys A friend and I shot a quick video between beers in the outskirts of Milan. I cut the audio where our language got a bit colourful.
  3. Is anyone else stuck with BuWizz 1.0 having trouble getting it to connect to the BuWizz app? I can connect to the unit with BrickController2, so it appears to work fine, but I really need the BuWizz interface for my models.
  4. This is a crane truck of suck(itude). I finished the carrier around a year ago, ran out of ideas and eventually got sick of having it sitting there like a dejected turd, so I threw a half-baked crane on it and took some pics before kicking it to the curb. It's got RC drive (1 XL motor), steering (1 M motor) and flimsy outriggers (1 M motor) that couldn't lift a fly. The crane is powered by 1 L motor through a selector gearbox (arm lift, arm extension, hook, rotation). An inline-4 engine has been snuck into the cabin to make the driver and any passengers really miserable. Unfortunately all the functions work really well, which kinda takes away from the model's otherwise extreme suckitude.
  5. Thank you so much for the encouragement and the constructive feedback, lads Really appreciate it With all the tips you've given me, I'll probably rework the model giving it locking outriggers and a more streamlined crane (the latter being the section I'm really disappointed with - but my heart wasn't in it anymore). It's 7:5 - the XL connects straight to a z16 that drives another z16 connected to the two z20 gears driving the two differentials. In the belly shot you can also (barely) see a z24 - this drives a z20 connected to the fake engine. I'll try to shoot one as soon as I get the BuWizz app to work - at the moment I'm stuck with BrickController 2, which runs horribly on my dumbphone.
  6. "But we'za savin' teh plannit!"
  7. Ha, true I guess I was thinking more along the lines of "hey, my tow truck's got a built-in turd slinger", which wouldn't really count as a sensible function - unless the voter's got a sick sense of humour
  8. It's Technic. Why not keep the size limit (e.g. 40x30x20 or whatever) and have one of the decisive voting parameters be the number of sensible functions crammed in, regardless of the type of machine?
  9. This is so cool! Great job - keep 'em coming.
  10. Love it! I've always been fascinated by scissor lifts ever since I first saw them as B models for 853 and 8860.
  11. Looks great! As for the flex in the undercarriage, I think a 42100-based design would be tougher. I used a modified version for my two cranes and found it can easily hold 4 kg without the slightest bend. See the last three pics here. Worm-gear drivetrains are best left for really light models, otherwise you gain more friction than torque. I used four motors here but two would be plenty, as is the 6.7:1 reduction. See wip pics here.
  12. This is a plum picker. It's somehow similar to a cherry picker but it's designed specifically for plucking pesky plums from perilous purple peaks. The model has been built with no pretence of realism or proportion, only to be fun to play with for hands-on toddlers as well as RC-loving teens. It has eight functions: - drive - steering - rear outriggers - front outriggers - platform elevation - platform rotation - platform extension - front winch (plum pickers need a winch because of reasons). All eight functions can be activated either manually or remotely thanks to two L motors, one M motor and a simple distribution gearbox. The model also has working headlights as well as opening doors, tilting seats, a spare wheel and a couple of tools. Props to Anto, Didumus69 and BrickbyBrickTechnic for coming up with great ideas I shamelessly pilfered.
  13. Looks really good and I love the 42055-ish colour scheme The only - very minor - tweak I'd suggest would be to extend the tracks by half a dozen studs or so.
  14. What a masterpiece Not to mention the timeless charm of the old-school tyres.
  15. Wow! The details are so spot-on that I almost took the first pic for a die-cast.
  16. I remember that very well - more than five years later I'm still in awe at your design.
  17. Love how it's coming along! Really well done on seamlessly blending the studded and studless parts.
  18. Really well done You've made the set look like a natural fit for the studless era.
  19. I'd be delighted to have 12- & 20-tooth sliding gears. Just wondering why TLG would use them for the drivetrain, though - wouldn't they be more fragile than their standard counterparts, just like red 8 vs grey 8?
  20. What a gorgeous and ingenious build
  21. Brilliantly crafted Love the looks and the functions.