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  1. Enforcer Zer0

    Custom Avengers Endgame Compound

    Would you mind providing a new link to the instructions as it seems both of the ones posted here don't work anymore, thanks!
  2. Enforcer Zer0

    Death Star 75159 Modifications

    Yup its on the first post in this thread
  3. Enforcer Zer0

    Death Star 75159 Modifications

    I think I'm done with modifying the set! I looked into the tie fighter and I'm not sure what you mean about the connections as it seems pretty solid to me. I Made 6 different files with different combinations to make it as easy as possible.
  4. Enforcer Zer0

    Death Star 75159 Modifications

    No problem! I'll have to add that back in, I was planning personally to ditch the holder and the tie fighter completely and put a mini millennium falcon in the hangar bay, but some people like the way the set is stock play features wise; just with recolors and the smooth walls so ill see what i can do. I'm currently busy building set 75093 since noone has made it in LDD, LDraw, or Stud.io (strangely) and retrofit it into the death star.
  5. Enforcer Zer0

    Death Star 75159 Modifications

    I am modding 75159. That's the one i have. What tells you different? 75159 added a lot of nonsense bright yellow and red parts that weren't in 10188. for example the bushings and the 4 length axle.
  6. Has anyone created set 75093 Death Star Final Duel? It's not listed in the official sets list.
  7. Enforcer Zer0

    Death Star 75159 Modifications

    Been meaning to get one for a long time and I guess not being able to load the Death Star without my old one overheating was the final nail in the coffin for me.
  8. Enforcer Zer0

    10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle Mod

    Never owned this set but wow your mods make me want to get it now love what you did to the part where the wings meet the body and it looks so clean now!
  9. Enforcer Zer0

    Death Star 75159 Modifications

    Been working hard on this project since i got new PC a few days ago.... rounded out the entire shape of the build and I'm going to start to recolor unnecessarily bright parts throughout the set. The purple, yellow, and lime will be changed once I'm done. ill have a just the modified parts file and an empty floor file.
  10. Enforcer Zer0

    [MOC / MOD] Imperial TIE Fighter

    I have not bought one yet and probably won't unless the price is right for me, bummer that your mod only uses about half the pieces but I might keep the original core of the set and do some of your mods to the wings.
  11. Enforcer Zer0

    [MOC / MOD] Imperial TIE Fighter

    That looks incredible! Is there a rough estimate on how many extra pieces you used? I would love to do something similar to 75211 when I get it!
  12. Enforcer Zer0

    Death Star 75159 Modifications

    It is possible.... here is the file if you want to work on making the structure stable because its only held on by 1 axle lol. I don`t want to work on it anymore since its really taking a toll on my MacBook Pro. you could also try closing that ugly gap running down the middle of the two plates with clips. https://studio.bricklink.com/v2/build/model.page?idModel=49803
  13. Enforcer Zer0

    Death Star 75159 Modifications

    yeah ill try but stud.io doesn't like hinges very much so I don't know if ill be able to do it
  14. Enforcer Zer0

    Death Star 75159 Modifications

    I put purple slopes over the light bluish gray plates and I think this is the best shape possible:
  15. Enforcer Zer0

    Attachments -- and how to delete them

    can you delete the attachment from this thread also? this was the original thread it was posted in and if you have to, delete the thread aswell: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/133063-please-delete-attachment-thread/&tab=comments#comment-2566168