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  1. Hi there, Today I made the happy discovery that deep in a cupboard in the tech department of the school i teach in is a whole load of Dacta control labs, 9751. However there is no software, does anyone know where I can download it from? Or is there a way to use it without the software? Cheers D
  2. Although these are not standard GBC balls, quite a lot of GBC modules will work with them so I'd imagine for this competition if it's all you have, you should go for it :)
  3. I'm really pleased that a post I made 8 years ago is still going strong and hopefully helping some people out. I don't work at the same school anymore as I did back then so don't have access to all the gear, I so should have taken it with me, I bet it's either sitting in a cupboard gathering dust or has been thrown out!
  4. I've just borrowed a Minstorms set with the intention of running a very basic backwards and forwards train. The idea was that it would run to one end of the line, stop for a 20secs then run to the opposite end of the line where it would dump its load (by running a different motor) and run back. I have the converter cable to enable me to plug my train motor into the EV3, I was planning on using IR sensor at the front and back of the train to know when I'd reached the wall. Unfortunately my inexperience with this programming is meaning that this is no as easy to get to work as I expected can anyone please give any guidance as to how to program this to work. Thanks
  5. I don't think I ever found instructions I just made it up as I went along, unfortunately I've moved schools since then so don't have access to any of it anymore :( I'd hate to think that they may have binned it all now, we had great fun playing very basic Lego Robot Wars with it all :)
  6. Hi I hope this is the right place to post but wanted to let people know about a new event that we are holding in Ware Hertfordshire UK, on the 14th April Details can be found on our facebook page www.facebook.com/WaresTheBricks/ and on our website www.brickcentral.org/events/wares-the-bricks/ we haven't finalised our displayers line up yet so if you would like to come along please fill in the form that you will find on the website.
  7. Dazmundo

    Minifig Silhouette?

    I have been searching the internet to try to find a silhouette of a minifig, something like this But I am sure you will agree, that is just not quite right My idea is to produce something like this Any ideas where I could find one? Many Thanks D
  8. Dazmundo

    How Many Have Completed CMF Series?

    I have every figure from series 1-13 (I'll be getting 14 when available locally, maybe this weekend as we'll be in Legoland) I also have Team GB (3sets) both Simpsons series & TLM. I have the Toy Soldier so I guess the only one I'm missing really is Mr Gold, although I do have a custom so that I can pretend I'm complete :) D
  9. Dazmundo

    10220 - Volkswagon T1 Camper Van mod

    Noooo! Bay window campers have wheels on the front, but you can't spoil the lines of a splitty with a spare wheel, its just wrong! :-) Nicely done job though ;-) D
  10. Dazmundo

    MOD Modular Winter City

    That looks great, and i have to say I love the sound of your village tradition to do these display windows, such a fantastic idea for bringing a community together :-) Happy New Year :-)
  11. Dazmundo

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Picked up 7594 today for £4.50 (Missing Jessie) 7595 for £2.50 7590 for £2.50 (Missing Buzz)
  12. Dazmundo

    My first minifigure: post your story

    I think that this was my first minifigure I still love these classic knights and keep my eyes open to pick them up second hand, I've got a nice little unit now :)
  13. Dazmundo

    Decal Wish List

    Hi a bit of a request, I was wondering if anyone had got an image of the logos for the two CMFs Baseball teams, I wanted to do a display and print off the team Logos but I can't find them online anywhere and don't have the skills myself to do them. Many Thanks D Thanks for the advice Luxor V
  14. Hi a bit of a request, I was wondering if anyone had got an image of the logos for the two CMFs Baseball teams, I wanted to do a display and print off the team Logos but I can't find them online anywhere and don't have the skills myself to do them. Many Thanks D
  15. Dazmundo

    Stolen figs

    Did you ask in the store about the figures? Some stores take them out and put the away safely to stop people stealing them, so they may all have been in a draw behind the cash desk. D
  16. Dazmundo

    LEGO bricks sizes chart

    http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=30072 12 x 24 probably the biggest
  17. I feel like I should write LEGO but often just Lego very rarely lego that just looks wrong. And never never never NEVER LEGOs! That hurts my ears! D
  18. Dazmundo

    A ___ of LEGO minfigures.

    My first thought was clutch, but you have ruled that one out ( Im fairly sure there are others that apply to more than one animal)
  19. Dazmundo

    UK AFOLs Facebook Group

    Joined :-)
  20. Dazmundo

    UK Sales

    The Tesco deal is great because currently if you spend your clubcard points on days out vouchers £2 of points is worth £10 in days out vouchers, so 1000 points is worth £50 of vouchers, which equates to free Lego :-) D
  21. Dazmundo

    BAM kiosk alternatives?

    So you want to replace children finding the parts they want by digging around in tubs of Lego to create their chosen figures, with ticking boxes and being handed completed figures packaged in a box. I think not!
  22. Dazmundo

    MOC: Snack Bar - an updated #675

    This was always one of my favourite sets growing up, and i still have it built in my 'Lego Shed' I love this modern version great work. D Rather than put a 16x32 behind the snack bar couldn't you put one in front so it is set back from the road a bit allowing tables etc in front. I also see a phone box and post box in the little paved area, that seems quite typical in town centers D
  23. Dazmundo

    MOD - Grand Emporium billboard

    Great idea, this last one is perfect for the day :-)
  24. Dazmundo

    Favorite childhood theme?

    Castle all the way. The Black Falcons were my good guys often teaming up with the Forestmen. I had every castle set at one point and still own them all now. D
  25. Dazmundo

    LEGOLAND Windsor Discussion & Photos

    The pick a brick wall is in the same building as Scarab Bouncers and the exit of Laser Raiders but when we were there over Easter it only had very basic pieces in it. There is a discount shop above the Star Wars mainland which is usually worth a visit to see if they have any bargains. We are annual pass holders so make the 90min journey fairly regularly with our 4yr old and 2yr olds there is plenty to keep them happy and if you choose your rides carefully you don't usually have to queue too long.