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    More exclusive set info

    For that you deserve Knighting!! D
  2. Dazmundo

    [MOC] Micro City

    I don't comment much on threads I just like to look and read, but I had to say how amazing this looks, it's fantastic how much detail you have got into such a small city. Fantastic! D
  3. Dazmundo

    Lego City 2012 Hospital ideas?

    Something like 6356 I may have to dig out the parts for this and build it up, it's in the shed somewhere I built this a couple of weeks ago, it's sitting on the side in the shed waiting for me to build my town, I always remember this hospital from growing up, it's a great set D
  4. Dazmundo

    Help me design a new train layout

    I'm planning on building a Lego layout table in my shed, and we are currently replacing our conservatory, so the plan is to use the floor and beams from my old conservatory for the table, hopefully that will be strong enough. D
  5. Dazmundo

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    My first time playing with Bluebrick today and I thought I'd try making an XML file for a set I own that didn't have one, so I've done Kings Castle. Thanks to frogstudio who did the GIF and here's my XML Hope I've done this right, it seems OK as far as I can tell D
  6. Dazmundo

    Decisions Decisions

    Hi, My plan is to start building a LEGO Town/City this summer. My initial plan is to start with official sets, I have quite a few from my childhood (I'm not 17 ) so I figured I'd get them built up and start to arrange my city and then start to MOD/MOC depending on my need but I figured that the official sets would at least get me started. D
  7. I'm just missing 3, Godzilla, Sherlock Holmes & Snowboarder D
  8. I am wondering if it designed to sit on top of the stud that is the lamps lid, so it comes out of the neck of the lamp and goes back over the lamp to sit on top. Does that make sense? D
  9. Dazmundo

    eBay items not as expected

    I bought a set recently listed as complete but when I came to build it there were 2 parts missing (easy to miss in the instructions). I messaged the seller asking for either the parts to be sent or a refund for the amount it would cost me on BL (not much). The seller was very appologetic and sent me the parts he had missed by first class post, infact he paid more in postage than I had asked him for as a refund. Sometimes it is a genuine mistake by the seller! D
  10. Found them in WHSmiths in Hertford. Bought 5, all different, I got Boxer Zoo Keeper Gangster Clown Royal Guard Not a bad haul D
  11. Dazmundo

    UK Sales

    It's cheaper if you are only buying Collectable Minifigures, they are £1.99 same as anywhere! D
  12. Dazmundo

    UK Sales

    Went into Hertford WHSmiths today and picked up 5 S5 minifigs. They had buy one get one half price on Lego, not including S5. Also when I paid I got a voucher for £5 off when you spend £15 valid from Monday for 2 weeks, so ill be back next week to buy 8 more and save my £5! D
  13. I went today and they still have S4 on the self but no S5! I asked and they said they were expecting them sometime in the next week, so I'll keep checking every few days. I'm not planning on buying all 16 in a few days though this time, seeing as S4 is still on the shelves I don't think that there is the need to rush out and buy them, they seem to be producing enough to keep us going! D
  14. Dazmundo

    Custom Built PC Lego Case

    Not as well built as that one, but Google started with a Lego (Duplo) computer too! Click pic for more info. I'm guess this has probably been posted before but I thought that it fit into this thread well. D
  15. Dazmundo

    What did you buy today?

    I got 4097 - Mini Robots in a charity shop for £2. It was advertised as having parts missing but having gone through the inventory it is only missing 7 small parts that I can probably pick up from Bricklink for a total of about 10p if I want to! D
  16. Dazmundo

    Unexpected Lego find

    They look cool, but where is the snake?? D
  17. Dazmundo

    MOC: Townhouse Trio - Butcher, Barber, and Laundromat

    These are great thanks for sharing. I wish I had your talent (and brick supply) I may have to give something like this a try but I just don't think I have the imagination. Can I ask why the wall splitting the barbers shop from the stairs is 2 studs wide? I guess that you must have a reason for it but I can't see why. Cheers D
  18. Dazmundo

    Neoclassical Bank - Modular Building

    After all the stairs comments I went back to look at the pics (because I hadn't missed the stairs) and I think you could easily fit some in, you even look to have left space for them in the middle of the floor with the vault. I think this is a great Moc though, I love the $ and the vault door, and the whole place really shouts Bank! Great job D
  19. Dazmundo

    Yellowing in MISB sets

    If the sets are MISB how would you ever know if it had yellowed? D
  20. Dazmundo

    Black Falcons castle

    I felt I had to post on this thread with my avatar. Black falcons have always been my favourite and I'd be proud for my army to reside in that castle D.
  21. I have just bought a load of second hand minifigs and I'm trying to work out what some of them are from. I have been through all 105 pages of Bricklink minifigs looking for the first one and couldn't see it so figured I'd ask here as I think that they are probably easily recognisable if you collect the correct themes These are the 7 I'm not sure about the one in the top right was the one I was looking for on Bricklink and couldn't see. Any help would be appreciated Cheers D
  22. Dazmundo

    What's your latest acquisition?

    I bought a mixed bag of 40 minfigures with accessories for £10, I've not been through it all yet but one of the main reasons for buying it was cos I could see 2 of these in the group There was also a couple of spare helmets so i'm happy, I'm now in the process of working out what all the other figures are. D
  23. Dazmundo

    Where are these minifigs from?

    That is fantastic thanks, now I know where they are from I can start sorting them out and matching up the correct parts, it was a bag of 40 minifigs and they are all muddled D
  24. My wife is a design engineer for Network Rail working on overhead lines, she has always said she wanted a model of a Road-Rail cherry picker to sit on her desk as this is what they use when out on track. Since getting back into buying Lego it occured to me that I could get her a Lego one, so I bought her this She took it into the office this week, and the rest of her team were very impressed, so much so that one of the guys has today ordered and another set that he is planning on converting to Road-Rail, and they are now planning on setting up a track in their office to display their rail maintenance equipment. I am hoping that they will create some MOCs of the overhead line structures that they design, if they do I will obviously be sharing them here. D
  25. Dazmundo

    girlfriend building....

    Good plan, did she take her own table?? D