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    Sharing your LEGO with your kids

    I have a daughter who is almost 2, she has stacks of Duplo which she likes building with. This week I have set up the Winter Village Toy Shop under the tree with The Emerald Night running round it and I have no problem with her crawling under the tree to play with it. It amused me the other day when she climbed up the stairs took my hand and said down, lead me back down the stairs and to our tree to shown me that she had crashed the train and broken up some of the track and she wanted me to fix it. I have a shed full of 80's sets and she will be allowed to play with those if she wants to, I played with them all through my childhood so I can't imagine she will do any more damage than I did. D
  2. I believe my other half has got me something as she has banned me from looking at my VIP account, I think possibly her parents have got me some too. I haven't got her any yet, but I may get her one or two small sets, she enjoys building (We spent 3 hours the other night building the Winter Village Toy Shop) but doesn't really have a Lego habbit like I do. D
  3. Dazmundo

    The Dark Ages are over! Martys back in Lego Town

    It's great looking at your collection as it is amazingly similar to my own, I guess we must be similar in age. I have started building all mine up too but I don't have the space to have it laid out like you do so mine is stuffed on shelves in the shed waiting for my daughter to get a couple of years older, or for me to get my display bench finished. CD
  4. Dazmundo

    It was a Dark and Stormy night.. (4)

    the bottom rung of a ladder that seemed to hang in mid air and disapeared into the clouds above him. So Billy reached up and started to climb...
  5. Dazmundo

    UK Sales

    That is very annoying, I was in Legoland last week and didn't buy anything as the sets we were looking at were 10*** sets and we 'knew' we didn't get a discount so we figured we'd get it from the Lego store and get our VIP points, annoyed now! D
  6. Dazmundo

    Can you go in the shop without paying?

    I was at Legoland earlier this week and as a bonus during these Christmas Shopping days if you spend over £120 you get a FREE annual pass into the park! Click on Image for link to Legoland website D
  7. I am sure they are in the post to us as we type, the SUN are very clever and will already have our addresses probably by hacking our phones D
  8. Dazmundo

    UK Sales

    Just been on the Legoland Windsor website and spotted that they are holding some Christmas shopping days after the end of the season. Christmas Shopping 11/12/13, 18/19/20, 25/26/27 November & 2/3/4 December The attractions will not be open just the shops near the entrance (It's free it get in) Also if you spend £120 you get a FREE annual pass so worth a look if you are local D
  9. Dazmundo

    MOC:Princess Assassination

    Please resize the pics, I have fairly quick broadband and they are taking ages to load! D
  10. Have you been tempted to put the 2 snowboarder vignettes together and just do one bigger double display? Or any of the other paired figures for that matter? D
  11. Dazmundo

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I use these for some of mine, didn't buy them though just washed them after eating the chinese takeaway D
  12. In Legoland Windsor it is with Fiat! D
  13. Dazmundo

    Amusing shopping site finds

    They were TWIN towers, why would you only want one?? D
  14. Dazmundo

    Starting to build my Lego town

    Today I have started sorting out my shed properly so that I have an area to build a town. It started like this Then I tidied up the far end to store and sort my Lego Well today I have started to build a surface on the left to build my town. We are having a new conservatory built and after the old one was taken down I was left with a load of wood so I decided a very good use would be a Lego display table. Today I have started to put a frame together The legs are not attached yet, it is just balance, and I'd like to put another set of legs in the middle for added strength but I ran out of wood so I'm going to have to buy a bit more, but It's a really good start. The new structure is 105cm by 230cm and 100cm tall. D
  15. Dazmundo

    Liverpool Lego Store?

    They wouldn't have made the Beatles would they??? D
  16. Dazmundo

    2012 Friends Discussion Thread

    OK so I wanted to sort this out so I downloaded the new figure picture from Google and using paint I drew a box around the front edge of the minifig stand and a box around the figure so it touched the outside edges of her hands, the top of her head and to bottoms of her feet. I then replaced the pic of her with a CMF and scaled the pic to match the boxes I'd drawn, this is the result. Obviously this is not perfectly accurate but they appear to be about the same size D
  17. Dazmundo

    Looking for Green Grocer

    You can pick up the instructions from Bricklink too, just did a search They are available from $20 D
  18. Dazmundo

    UK Sales

    They have also reduced the Cars sets 8484 Ultimate Building Lightning McQueen ... RRP £25.99 ... Asda Sale Price £12.48 ... that's an 52% discount! 5917 Agent Mater ... RRP £13.49 ... Asda Sale Price £4.99 ... that's an 64% discount! 8426 Escape at Sea ... RRP £18.99 ... Asda Sale Price £7.49 ... that's an 61% discount! 8200 Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen ... RRP £4.99 ... Asda Sale Price £4.00 ... that's an 20% discount! 8201 Radiator Springs Classic Mater ... RRP £4.99 ... Asda Sale Price £4.00 ... that's an 20% discount! D
  19. Dazmundo

    Need help with wedge pieces

    Cheers Ralph It was actually your comment about paying attention in Maths class that confused me because the description of the pieces doesn't give the correct angles Mathematically. You said "The 6x3 wedge plates have the same angle as the 3x2 bricks". So I was thinking about 6x3 & 3x2 triangles, which do not have the same angles, now that I have seen the pieces I see that they are not triangles but infact trapeziums and the triangle parts actually have dimensions 6x2 & 3x1 which do have the same angles. I feel better having figured that out, it was making my brain hurt, I don't like not understanding something said after a comment about not paying attention in Maths class, now that I know the part descriptions are not Mathematically helpful for calculating angles I feel much better and can now relax. Cheers D
  20. Just came across this auction on Ebay and thought people might be interested. At first I thought the price was crazy but having had a quick look on Bricklink it seems that it is not too bad. Vintage Castle Figures Not my auction!! D
  21. Dazmundo

    Starting to build my Lego town

    Basically what you can see in the pictures. The new frame is 230cm by 105cm but I will probably extend onto the existing surface at the farend which is roughly 50cm by 225cm so it will give me an 'L' shaped table D
  22. Dazmundo

    Need help with wedge pieces

    Hi I'm trying to follow what you are talking about but I'm struggling, any chance you could put up pictures of the parts you are referring too as at the moment what you are saying doesn't totally make sense to me. Cheers D
  23. Dazmundo

    MOC: Modular Record Store

    I really love this building. It is great to see someone do a modern looking 'modular' building rather than one with classic architecture. The whole package is so well thought out it is very impressive D
  24. Dazmundo

    Starting to build my Lego town

    Well yesterdays progress.. The legs are now attached (well 3 of the the back one is just balanced but it's not going anywhere) Still no top to the table, I need to go out and buy a piece big enough, but I wanted to start planning so I counted up what base plates and railway track I have. My conclusion was that I don't have very much although the display table isn't actually that big so I don't think it will be too much of an issue. I also washed all the base plates, which is a first, so some of them hadabout 30yrs worth of dust on them. They still have various marks and discolouring but they are at least now 'clean'. It is amazing how much water they hold on too in all the little dints in the bottom, will take a while to dry properly I think. D
  25. Dazmundo

    MOC: Lawyers and Snack Bar

    "Wolfbrick & Hart" Quality Really good work D