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    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    I have to say I am shocked by this statement! I think you need to do some reading.. Paralympics 2012 D
  2. Dazmundo

    2012 Friends Discussion Thread

    I think especially at the beginning of the season their stock is a bit out of date as it's last years, and remember they are not a real Lego shop hence no VIP points. It is a real pain about the lack of discount on the 10*** sets though. Nearly bought 7597 Toy Story Train as it had a good discount on it in the Last Chance store (above Star Wars Miniland) it was about 30 or 40% off I can't remember exactly D
  3. Dazmundo

    2012 Friends Discussion Thread

    I was at Legoland Windsor today and thought I should share something that I heard from one of the members of staff about Friends. They said they they were stopping stocking it... Why? I hear you ask.... Because it is too popular, they just can't keep it on the shelves!! Now that sounds very wierd to me, maybe they meant in that particular shop, not on the site altogether, enabling them to concentrate all their stock in one shop so that people can find the sets they want. What they said about it not staying on the shelves was totally correct, by the end of the day the friends shelves were decimated, about the only sets left were 3315 Olivia's House and a couple of copies of 3933 Olivia's Invention Workshop D
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    Review: 1854 VELUX Promotional: House with Windows

    I emailed the UK site and got this reply
  5. Dazmundo

    Lucky LEGO finds

    I always read new posts on this thread thinking if only... When ever I see second hand Lego around here it always seems to be priced 'correctly' in that there are rarely bargins to be had. However last night on a Facebook selling page I came across this picture Advertised for sale for £25. The only info was that there was a Harry Potter set in amongst the bricks. I obviously bought it and picked up the bricks this afternoon. I am still in the process of sorting to see what is there/missing but this is what I think I have so far 4709 - Hogwarts Castle (version 1) 1374 - Green Goblin 6709 - Tribal Chief plus I seem to have Yoda, Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, from Episode 1, not sure what set would have that lot in. So not a bad haul at all, quite pleased D
  6. Dazmundo

    Squidward's music

    There are also only 4 horizontal lines and a musical stave should have 5 lines so you can't tell what notes they are supposed to be. D
  7. Just over a year ago when I first started talking about buying Lego again (After discovering the CMFs) and reclaiming my Lego from my parents house my wife was encouraging, in that she said if I wanted too I should, but it was still very much my thing. Then in the run up to Christmas I started buying the Winter Village sets and she liked those and decided that we should build one of them together. So we sat round the dining table and built it between us over a couple of evenings. We then did the same for the Pet Shop and Fire Station (I'd built the Grand Emporium with a friend over the summer) and we are now talking about what OUR next set will be. I am very much still at the set building stage and anything new we buy is left built up and doing this together is really enjoyable. I don't think she will ever get into MOCing (Saying that I'm not sure I will do much either) but she definatelly is warming to Lego (Even if she does keep saying I'm not allowed anymore shelf space in the house for it! D
  8. Dazmundo

    UK Sales

    Picked up 4 series7 minifigs from WHSmiths today and was given a voucher with my receipt for 50p off any purchase of series 1-5. I asked if theyhad any series 1 or 2 in stock but they only had 5, 6 & 7. D
  9. Dazmundo

    Dacta Control Lab Software

    Thanks for all the replies, Just to update I managed to get a copy of Robolab and a computer with a serial port and have now successfully managed to operate my motors through my Control Lab. I've now just got to train myself how to create programs, I have managed the basics of running the motors forwards and backwards and varying the power, just got to figure out how the sensors work. I may just try to get my students to figure it out for themselves. D
  10. Dazmundo

    Dacta Control Lab Software

    Thanks for the links guys, unfortunatelly once on the LEGO Engineer site the actuall download links don't appear to work :( With the Flowol, do I need to do anything to get it to run through the interface like convert the files or anything or with the Interface understand the flowol commands? Does that make sense I'm not sure Cheers D
  11. Dazmundo

    What does Lego mean by "Hard to find"?

    Modular buildings are available at Legoland, I bought Grand Emporium in Windsor, which would make them 'Hard to Find' D
  12. Dazmundo


    Try looking here Minifig Customisation Workshop
  13. I'd use a UK version too D
  14. Dazmundo

    Which set should I buy?

    I'm heading to the Lego shop in Bluewater tomorrow with the plan to buy a set that my wife and I can build together. She isn't an AFOL but has enjoyed building a couple of big sets with me so we have decided to get some projects to build together. We already have, Grand Emporium, Fire Brigade, MMV, Emerald Night, All Winter Village Sets. What are your suggestions? D
  15. Dazmundo

    Parts for Microscale Space

    If you are a Lego VIP, the exclusive mini modulars set is all tiny pieces D
  16. Dazmundo

    Fork lift truck

    That's the one I was thinking of, I'm fairly sure I still have the working fork lift part! D
  17. Dazmundo

    UK Sales

    Amazon have LEGO City 7684 Pig Farm & Tractor for £18.09
  18. Dazmundo

    Minifigures Series 6 findings..

    Our WHSmiths keeps them behind the counter too but they are more than happy to pass me the box so that I can have a feel. D
  19. Dazmundo

    Building B-Models

    Print them? D
  20. Dazmundo

    My Little Winter Village

    I know a lot of other people have probably done similar but I wanted to share a pic of the base of my tree. It only contains the Toy Shop & Bakery at the moment but we have just ordered the Post Office from S@H as it's on sale. You should be able to see the Hogwarts Express (original version) in the background. I did have my Emerald Night there but my 2 year old daughter likes to play with my village and I decided that the Hogwarts Express would be easier to repair every day. Sorry not the best pic I know but the best I could manage. D
  21. Dazmundo

    My Little Winter Village

    Thanks Rufus, I realised after I posted that it should have been in town. Have now bought the post office from S@H in the sale so my little village is steadily growing. D
  22. Dazmundo

    Bag building

    I keep reading this thread and have been determined to try it at some point so when my wife got me a 'stocking' stocking filler I thought I'd give it a go This is the set RESULT!! It was a bit fiddly getting the inner bag open but not actually as difficult as I thought it would be. D
  23. Dazmundo

    My Christmas Village

    This is great, I am trying to achieve something similar, but I currently only own the toy shop (I love your extra toys they are great) and I have the Emerald Night going around my tree. I now have something to aim for with mine! D
  24. I'm thinking more a small set for her to build, we spent 3 hours building the Winter Village Toy Shop the other night and she really enjoyed it, so far she has the log cabin, Mater (from cars), Hogwarts Express, and a Road/Rail service Truck (She is an engineer for Network Rail) so she doesn't have a theme or anything she is into, I just want to get her something small that she will enjoy. D
  25. I am planning on getting my wife a stocking filler or two but I'm not sure what, they have to just be small sets, any suggestions?? D