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    Special VIP Minifig Keychain?

    Thanks I did search but couldn't find a thread, I didn't look in the embassy D
  2. Dazmundo

    Special VIP Minifig Keychain?

    I arrived home this evening to find this envelope on the door mat. I was expecting it to be an advertising mailing, so was quite suprised when I picked it up and felt something inside... Unsuprisingly I jumped straight in and opened it up and this is what I found inside For a totally unexpected freebee, this is pretty cool, a chrome red minifigure keyring (shame the hands are not chrome red ) The card lists offers that are coming up, 14th - 28th Feb - Palace Cinema available to purchase only to VIP members 27th Feb - 13th March - Free Delivery 1st - 31st March - Free Republic Frigate with purchases over £50 25th March - 8th April - Double VIP points Anyone else had one of these?? D
  3. Dazmundo

    Your kids and YOUR Lego

    Slight development in our 'sharing' over the Christmas period I had my Winter Village set out on a ledge between the dinning room and kitchen which my daughter can comfortably reach by standing on a dinning chair, she really enjoyed playing with 'Daddys Lego' so we have decided to keep this ledge as a display/play area. We had Hogwarts #5378 ( http://www.bricklink...em.asp?S=5378-1 ) set up for a week before we sold it so then decided I should set up a couple of sets for her. So we now have my wifes Log Cabin #5766 ( http://www.bricklink...em.asp?S=5766-1 ) and this hospital set #6380 ( http://www.bricklink...em.asp?S=6380-1 ) I've had since I was 11! She is loving putting people in the back of the ambulance and driving them to the hospital. Seeing her play with 'my' Lego is great D
  4. Dazmundo

    Childhood Collection Unboxing

    I reclaimed my childhood collection from my parents when I came out of my dark age a couple of years ago, I spent a very enjoyable few evenings sat on the livingroom floor surrounded by boxes sorting it all out ... D
  5. Dazmundo

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Just received Hogwarts 5378 which I bought from a selling group online for £50 currently selling on bricklink for over £200. Not sure why it goes for so much but lucky me :-)
  6. Dazmundo

    Your kids and YOUR Lego

    My 3yr old daughter has her own box of Lego that she can play with whenever she likes. My sets i have on display are out of her reach but she is allowed to play with them when i am there to lift them down for her then once she has finished i can do any repairs and put them back. She isn't really into building MOCs yet but she is quite good at following Lego instructions to build sets. D
  7. Dazmundo

    Preventing LEGO sunlight damage

    I don't have many sets on display mainly as I only got back into Lego a couple of years ago. The sets I do have out, MMV, emerald night, the modular buildings are all on display on a high window ledge in our conservatory. In direct sunlight for about three quarters of the day. I know i have a high chance that some of the pieces will discolour but i don't see the point in spending all this money to have the sets hidden away in cupboards. With regard to playing with them... My 3 year old daughter loves playing with daddys Lego :-)
  8. A friend of mine texted a pic of her first series 9 purchase. Which I believe was from the Tescos at Brookfield Farm, Cheshunt, UK. She likes to show off when she gets them first :) D
  9. Dazmundo

    MOC: Merry Christmas to you all :)

    Very cute Santa Merry Christmas D
  10. Dazmundo

    Lego Nappys

    There are 2 things that take up alot of time and money in our house, one is Lego and the other is Nappys for our 8month old twins, we use reusable nappys so when I spotted these custom nappys we had to have them, what do you think? Xander is wearing red and Dixon is wearing blue And with their first Minifigs D
  11. Dazmundo

    Lego Nappys

    Glad people like them these nappys are custom designs by a small company called yummy bummies. Not a company we have bought nappys from before but you can't say no to Lego nappys :-)
  12. Dazmundo


    I have consulted with an Overhead Line engineer from Network Rail (My wife sitting on the sofa opposite me) and she informs me that looking at the type of structures you have built that they would be about 35m apart. There are obviously lots of things that effect it depending on the type of structure and type of wires you are running. So to me sounds like put them where ever you like. D
  13. Dazmundo

    Lest We Forget.

    We will remember them!
  14. Dazmundo

    Eurobricks' Super Hero Comic Cover Contest!

    The rules state "The cover must have been published by a comic book publisher such as DC or Marvel" am I right in thinking that this means is can be ANY comic book publisher not just DC or Marvel? Cheers D
  15. resolution = 1366 x 768 ? Firefox 16.0.1
  16. Dazmundo

    REVIEW: 10229 Winter Village Cottage

    Thanks for the review, I picked this set up last weekend (Double VIP points) but I am resisting opening it until the Christmas tree goes up and I build the whole set, I've got a brand new Post office to do too, so that'll be 2 new builds this Christmas :)
  17. Dazmundo

    Friendsify Your Avatar - Raffle Winners!

    Woo Hoo I have sent you a PM, really excited to recieve my prize D
  18. Dazmundo

    REVIEW: 30165 Hawkeye with equipment

    Great review, but my big question is why didn't TLG use that bow for the Olympic Team GB Archer Minifig instead of the traditional one? D
  19. Dazmundo

    MOC: Fifty Shades of Bricks

    Really nicely done, and I have to say 1000 times better than the book it is based on! D
  20. Dazmundo

    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    I don't think that any fig is particularly rarer than any other, I bought a full box of 60 and got 6 complete sets and 6 other figs so got 6 or 7 of each fig (6 archers). I know someone else posted a box breakdown earlier in this thread and they found similar although the 6 other figs were a different assortment as he got 7 archers. D
  21. I'd be interested in the sheet from series 1 if you have any of those, I have one from all the other series but threw my last series 1 sheet away thinking I had another filed away D
  22. Dazmundo

    Custom Sticker Sizes

    Quick look on Bricklink found LINK so yes it was! D
  23. Dazmundo

    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    Are these listed in the bricklink catalogue yet? I've been searching but I can't find a listing. D
  24. Dazmundo

    Friendsify Your Avatar!

    The Friends of the Falcons
  25. Dazmundo

    PAB exclusive instructions

    If you go to the news/events page for the UK Bluewater store you can download the current months instructions there http://stores.lego.com/en-us/Bluewater/events.aspx Stragely you don't seem to be able to do this if you go to the US stores pages D