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    Lucky LEGO finds

    Just waiting for the delivery, should arrive tomorrow but I won't be there to check it till Saturday, of a Green Grocer (incomplete but looks mostly there in the pics) cost £140!
  2. I really like what melbs has done but I don't think I want Lego to do it. I think it is best left for us to create our own 'modular' versions of sets to fit into our town. I wouldn't object to Lego putting pictures of adapted sets in the instructions for ideas and inspiration but I prefer to create these myself. Most of my collection (other than modular) is made up of classic town sets from my childhood and once I start getting a layout together my plan is to adapt these to fit. Darren
  3. Dazmundo

    Lego Stores in London

    If you include Bluewater there are 3 stores. Not certain how easy it is to get too though from central London, we live outside London so drive into Bluewater. D
  4. Dazmundo

    lego pirates tumbler cup

    They had non pirate versions in Legoland when i was there last week. They may have had pirate ones too but i wasn't looking for one so i don't know
  5. Dazmundo

    UK Sales

    Asda have got some £7 sets on 2 for £10, and some £12 sets on 2 for £20. They also have the minifigs encyclopedia for £6. The offers are online and in store. Sainsburys have a third off a few sets, sorry didn't get specifics was rushing past. D
  6. My initial thought was that would be very expensive with just 8 figs in each so 2 cases per series, but then I saw their pic with 2 entire series in one case, makes it much more reasonable, but still not cheap. This sounds very do-able, I like having all my figs on a shelf but it does nothing to keep them dust free. D
  7. Dazmundo

    What did you buy today?

    Went to Legoland Windsor yesterday so would have been rude not to pick up a box or to. In the sale shop got Friends Advent calendar and a box of bricks for my daughter and a Lego lanyard for me to put my work id badge on. Then in the big shop picked up a couple of drinks bottles for my twin boys and then couldn't resist the delorian for me :-)
  8. Dazmundo

    Winter Village 10235 Winter Village Market

    I can see what people are saying about it not being an impressive looking set, but I really like the carousel (although it seemed quite noisy on the video) and I think this will give some focus for all the smaller bits we have got with all the other WV sets like the tree seller and ice rink, On it's own it might not be stand out but I think as part of a wider display with all the other WV sets it will look great! I have already decided that out Christmas tree this year is going on my daughters Brio Train table so that I can remove the Brio Train and assemble my Winter Village around the base of the tree. D
  9. Dazmundo

    Building the "impossible"

    Most of the Escher stuff has been done already.. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=escher+in+lego&safe=off&client=firefox-a&hs=UAj&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=Toq_UaT3K8HH0QWRh4D4CQ&ved=0CC4QsAQ&biw=1366&bih=664
  10. Dazmundo

    Here he is!

    Spotted one on ebay but not totally convinced it was legit. Sold for $1201 D
  11. Dazmundo

    6383 Public Works Instructions

    There are 4 sets of instructions for sale on Bricklink http://www.bricklink.com/search.asp?itemID=13786 D
  12. Dazmundo

    How Many Minifigs do you own?

    Wow 2 years later and according to Brickset I have 615, plus a few odds and ends D
  13. Dazmundo

    Your kids and YOUR Lego

    I hadn't thought about getting my old Fabuland figures out, my 3 yr old would love them! Currently on her play ledge is #6380 - Emergency Treatment Center (1987) which she really likes playing with but I think she would love Fabuland! D
  14. Dazmundo

    UK Sales

    My local Tescos had #9494 'Anakin's Jedi Interceptor' reduced to £17 today D
  15. Dazmundo

    What's your oldest set?

    I think the oldest set I have is 171-1: Train Set without Motor from 1972 http://www.brickset.com/detail/?Set=171-1 Which was actually my older brothers but I have claimed it now, the oldest set that has always been mine would be 316-1: Fire Fighting Launch from 1978 http://www.brickset.com/detail/?Set=316-1 D
  16. Dazmundo

    Free Lego Minifigs!

    Which stores have these been seen in? D
  17. Dazmundo

    Minifig Silhouette?

    OK so I have made some progress with this today, what do people think? The minifigs are all in the correct proportion to our actual heights (well I measured one of my boys and I'm pretending the other is the same height) I want to print it in a colour other than black but I'm not sure what yet. D
  18. Dazmundo

    Minifig Silhouette?

    Thankyou for the smoother version legolijntje. I want to make like a family lineup picture, inspired by this http://www.notontheh...duct/the-family D
  19. Dazmundo

    New UK Lego store Watford

    Well I went this morning to Watford to claim my free gift so am now able to answer my own question, which might be of use to other people. When we arrived at about 9:50am the queue was right through the shop to the door, so my wife joined the queue while I shopped. I didn't really know what I wanted (well I did but I knew the modulars were abit out of our current budget) So I looked around for a bit untill my wife suggested I get a modular :) winner! So I am now the proud owner of the Town Hall, I already have GE, FB & PS. As freebees we also got 330003 & 30222. Oh and my daughter got to build a free minifig. We paid at 10.04am and at that point the staff were discussing that they had about 40 of the 3300003 sets left. So I imagine in another half hour they would be all gone. The queue was much shorter when we were leaving. I imagine it will be even busier tomorrow as it's a Saturday but I can't see them serving the customers much quicker so assuming you can get served in the first 60mins you should be OK for being in the first 300! D
  20. Dazmundo

    Minifig Silhouette?

    Thank you TanTile that is just what I was looking for. You are a true Brick! D
  21. Dazmundo

    Minifig Silhouette?

    Thanks Lordofdragonss but I was hoping for something with smoother lines D
  22. Dazmundo

    Ever met an AFOL by chance?

    I was chatting to one of my friends in the pub, he had seen that my wife had posted a pic of me sat in our living room sorting through my old childhood Lego that I had just reclaimed from my parents house so we got talking about Lego and I mentioned that I really fancied getting GE. He knew the set I was talking about and made me promise to invite him round to build it when I get it. So when I finally bought it I sent him a message telling him, he rearranged plans for the next weekend so that he could travel up to help me build it and we spent the whole saturday building and even started a MOC of a castle in Scotland that we both know well. The castle is still in it's unfinished state as I ran out of grey bricks, but he has since passed me one of his old castle sets (The only one I didn't have from that era, 6074 - Black Falcon's Fortress) and one day we may get together to finish our MOC. So not really an active AFOL but more a dormant AFOL D
  23. Dazmundo

    Best modular to buy

    I'd go for GE. I have GE FB & PS and GE is definatelly my favourite, could be because it was my first modular who knows, it is also one of the oldest though so probably worth getting it while you can. D
  24. Dazmundo

    New UK Lego store Watford

    Free gifts for the first 300 customers spending over £25 on Thursday Friday & Saturday. T-shirt on Thursday mini store on Friday and 3 minifigs on Saturday. Does anyone have any idea how fast the 300 free gifts generally go, can't see me getting 3 under 3's ready and out of the house in time to get to the store by 9am D
  25. Dazmundo

    Another 7498 Mod.... Modular sized police station

    I really like this, so many modular buildings are just big cuboid buildings but I love the levels in this, makes it a really interesting design. D