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I've been building with Lego on and off since the early 70s when I was a child. In that time, I've gone from Lego fanatic, to interested fan, and back to full fledged maniac several times, based on my supply of free time and money. I've also been involved in model railroading (N scale) as well as military miniatures wargaming.

My Lego train collecting began in the 9V era with 4560 Railway Express. After that I picked up the 4535 Lego Express Deluxe and an additional blue passenger car. Then Lego came out with what I thought was a must-have: the 10020 Santa Fe Super Chief. Since I've always been a fan of multiple locomotive consists, I picked up two of those. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, I was not able to get any of the passenger cars.

My enthusiasm for Lego trains waned, as I took up other hobbies and raised a family (busy, busy, busy). In the past several years, the kids and I have been collecting the Winter Village sets, and this year we combined it with a small train set up. I picked up the 60051 High Speed Passenger Train (though we're calling it the Candy Cane Express) to run around the ourside of the village. We pretend that connects it with the "real world." Meanwhile the Lego steamer runs as the local around the center of the village. We're combining the 9V and plastic track, and it works as long as we remember to throw the switch so the steamer does not get sent to the unpowered track!

This has rekindled my passion for trains, and Lego trains in particular. I am hoping to build a modest layout in the basement. I do not feel the need to have a massive collection of trains, just a few that I really enjoy. I was lucky enough to pick up a lot from ebay that has another Super Chief and three of the cars that should be arriving any day now. I'd love to be able to complete a five-car train. And I'd love to have some of my favorite real-world railroads represented, so I am going to focus on MOCs that are top-notch, and dedicate myself to that.