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  1. Crossbones

    MOC - Hazmat Unit - Brick Built

    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you should be very flattered! :) These are my fire service and SWAT police versions of this truck. Thank you for the inspiration - now I just need to build them in real bricks.
  2. Crossbones

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    FYI - Amazon has some really good prices on a couple of sets right now. LEGO City Ferry 60119 is $15.99, 47% off: LEGO City Airport 60102 Airport VIP Service Building Kit is $31.99, 36% off:
  3. Crossbones

    MOC - 60051 Club Car and Extended Car

    Nicely done. I just got another 60051 set and was starting to play to see what I could do with it. I will be borrowing your club car idea for my own train. Thanks!
  4. Crossbones


    Thanks, I agree it will look better with additional details. Time to start work on Phase 2. :) Good idea, thanks.
  5. Crossbones


    I was inspired this week to design my first MOC locomotive, and I chose the EMD BL2. I have always loved the quirky look of this engine, and wanted to see if I could bring it to life in Lego. Here's the result of my work, I hope you like it. (Now to save up the $$$ to build it in real life!) :) Any suggestions, ideas, critiques and comments are welcome.
  6. Thanks to JDL1967 I have my Winter Soldier. Thanks! So, in the spirit of paying it forward, I some Jack Stone parts to offer up. I can put up a photo if there is interest. Let me know!
  7. Crossbones

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    Amazon has the LEGO Creator 31038 Changing Seasons Building Kit on sale, marked down from $49.99 to $38.49, and the LEGO Creator 31035 Beach Hut marked down from $29.99 to $22.50. I got one of each and am thinking about getting a second of each of them.
  8. Crossbones

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    Amazon has baseplate sets (two 32x32 green, one 32x32 blue, and one 48x48 grey) for $28.68 ($39 retail price for the four baseplates - 26% savings): link I've ordered one set and am thinking about a second.
  9. Crossbones

    MOC: Nick's Next hotdog place

    Not fair, now you've made me extremely hungry! Great job, looks like a faithful reproduction of the original.
  10. Crossbones

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    Hey all, I just picked up some Lego Dimensions packs at Amazon on pre-order - great prices! The Doctor Who/Cyberman set was only $7.49, the DC Heroes set with Joker and Harlequin was $18.74, and they have deals on some of the Level Packs as well. They are all different prices, so you have to pick and choose the bargains. Crossbones
  11. Crossbones

    Baroque Palace [MOC]

    Looks very good so far - I'm very eager to see your progress on this. Beautiful!
  12. Crossbones

    Fun Train

    That IS fun! Nicely done. I really like the small motorized switch machines. Can you share details on how you made those? Thanks!
  13. Crossbones

    MOC: Small Red Shunter Train

    Well done - that's a beautiful little train!
  14. That's good advice. I'm used to narrower (N-scale) layouts, so that's something to think about. The space I have is in a corner, so I am playing on BlueBrick with various shapes for the layout - "L", an island with center hole, "U," and so forth. I'll try to get screen grabs and share what I have so far in terms of possibilities. One thing I wanted, but I think will not be feasible unless I use the island layout, is a double-tracked mainline. But we'll see... I have just begun to play with ideas.