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  1. Pavel

    The NEW Pirate Forum Skin

    Awesome! Really great job, congratulations to everyone involved on the works.
  2. Pavel

    Port Royal • Modular version

    I really like this, nice job! I wish the Lego company would come up with sets like this.
  3. Pavel

    WIP: Eldorado 2013 XXL

    I'm absolutely loving it! There is nothing better than the old classic style of Lego Pirates. Are you going to further develop / enlarge your island?
  4. Pavel

    REVIEW: 6249 - Pirates Ambush

    Thank you for this review! I am pretty sure I haven't seen this set during my childhood, despite the fact my dark ages started the year after this. First look at the picture tells me: hmmm, this looks like some spare Western blocks mixed with something piratey, almost a mess. But at second look, I start to like it. And it took me only little longer before I went to check ebay and bricklink, how much it'd cost :D It's overpriced nowadays, but easily to be built ordering some missing bricks, so I am considering doing that.
  5. Pavel

    Carribean Clipper vs the Imperial Flagship

    I can sign this, I voted the Imperial Flagship, however the other one would be easy to improve with some slight changes/additions.
  6. Pavel

    Captain's Ultimo Refuge

    Thank you guys and lady for nice words and thanks for blogging! I'm very happy you like it, I had really great time building it, I still remember my childhood spent watching the catalogues sceneries, they were like a bible for me. And I always wanted to build something big, in the classic theme style. Now I'm planning to get the Forbidden Island, enlarge this island slightly and include it inside. Soon I would also like to take a bird's-eye photo and post here, hopefully it'll come out nice. Thank you very much! For now I'm quite stuck, as I used about 95% of the bricks I have to build this island, however one day - soon - I would like to build also soldiers' fortress, always in the style of the magical 1990s. And in rather further future, I would like to try and start using all those wonderful techniques you guys use in your MOCs. Edit: I forgot, I would like to have a pirate ship or two aswell, for now, the only ship of this whole theme is the Spaniard's one, but really what are pirates without ship, huh? I'm quite undecided, whether to try and buy one of old ones, other than the BSB, I always had a soft spot for the Renegade Runner, I always imagined having it. It would need some modding - at least when it comes to color scheme - though. Or the other option would be to build one myself, we will see. Yeah, it's meant to be coconuts! I'm sure I've seen it somewhere already, eventhough I don't remember where.
  7. Pavel

    Captain's Ultimo Refuge

    [pid][/pid]199B My first serious building as an AFOL, I tried my best putting together an island, that would feature my two most favourite Lego Pirates official sets, the Rock Island Refuge and the Skull Island, modifying them slightly. The scenery is, an old Imperial Soldiers fort, that was left alone for several years, until captain Ultimo and his men shipwrecked near and put the place in some order, to use it as their refuge.
  8. Indeed, it's very nicely done and very helpful! Thank you!
  9. Pavel

    The hermit (first try)

    I like it a lot! Seems just like the classic Islanders theme
  10. Pavel

    LEGO Ideas Books

    I was wondering, has anyone ever tried to build the fort (also pirates one) that is on the pictures of this Idea book? During my childhood those have been my dream and I would have liked to see them from different angels.
  11. Pavel

    I'd like to request a tutorial...

    Fort tutorial would be indeed nice idea!
  12. Pavel

    What would you have me do?

    C it is for me
  13. Pavel

    Desolation Island

    Nice to see the story having a happy ending! Thanks for sharing & storytelling, I'm looking forward to your next MOC!
  14. Pavel

    Desolation Island

    Oh no, just one more time! I was really enjoying this, thank you!
  15. Pavel

    Bjornu's Pirate Town

    Very nice MOC indeed!