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  1. Dopplercb

    Claw Coast

    That's awesome!
  2. Dopplercb


    That is so cool! Looks just like a classroom I would have been in!
  3. Dopplercb it just me?

    I just bought four shelves and brackets on Friday and we're going to mount them hopefully in the morning. I have no place to put any Lego without those shelves going up. I'm out of room again. Three bookshelves full.
  4. Dopplercb

    how do I embed images?

    I have an imigur or whatever it is called account and I don't know how to post imbedded images. Every time I try to use IMG tags it says I can't use that extension. Someone please tell me wtf I am doing wrong here before I lose my mind.
  5. Dopplercb

    Using baseplates as background vertically, as a sky

    Aren't there also 1x1 pieces that have "receiver" holes on there sides that you could attach them to vertically?
  6. Dopplercb

    Room With A View

    That's so fascinating. Really, you can build anything with Lego.
  7. Dopplercb

    Lego Room Build

    Wow. I love your room! My stuff is in bins and on shelves and the floor. Haha.
  8. Dopplercb

    I got my first official Lego set!

    The birds set is on my buy list. I really want it!!
  9. Dopplercb

    I got my first official Lego set!

    Awe, she's a cutie! What set number?
  10. Dopplercb

    My daughters Lego friends city

    Very nice!
  11. Dopplercb

    What did you buy today?

    I bought a Lego spider that was on sale because it was retiring and I also bought a neat three in one called Lakeside Cottage because I loved the moose and general outdoorsy feel of it. Love that it comes with an axe. I can't wait to build it.
  12. Have any of you ever put together a Eurasian brand Bionicle knock off? I ask because I'm putting together my first official Lego Bionicle model and I want to know if any of the knockoffs have the normal Bionicle pieces in them. I'm having a lot of trouble with the Bionicle model that I'm putting together right now. I wanted to know if I could get some practice in on a knock off or clone brand if they use similar pieces.
  13. Dopplercb it just me?

    I was building things and leaving them all over the garage. Then I cleared one shelf and filled it. Now I have more space to fill. When that is gone, there will be a problem.
  14. Dopplercb

    Hi new member who wants to talk lego?

    Hi and welcome. I'm new too. Everyone in my life pretty much thinks I'm nuts for spending so much time and money on bricks.