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  1. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Thanks. The imperial flag ship was 29.5 inches (75cm) long and 23.6 inches (60cm) tall. Definitely much smaller (although the height is probably mostly the mast)
  2. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Based on the building videos, the destiny's bounty seems to be much smaller (40x12) than the imperial flag ship (60x16) despite having more pieces and only slightly lower prices. Could somebody confirm that please?
  3. Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Hi, does anybody know whether the large curved pieces (quarter cylinder?) with hinge in 30166 (creator space shuttle) is new? What's the designer id for it? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. Yeah, that's the exact problem. The worm gear is ever so slightly shorter than 2L so it slides around. I think I will try to change the pins above and below to make it tighter.
  5. I just built this set and it's fantastic. However, I have one issue. The back section (with the digger) wobbles around for some reason. It has a worm gear for the rotation. However, since the space is slightly bigger than the worm gear, the gear can move without being turned, which means the back section has a lot of play. Am I doing something wrong or is there a way to fix this? Thanks.
  6. What can I do if a seller cancelled an order?

    Thanks for the answer. The seller sent me a pretty good apology and said this is his first sale and he is quitting bricklink. I guess I should have known the deal was too good to be true. Thanks anyway. Good to know my options in such situation.
  7. Got my first bad experience on bricklink. The seller cancelled my order because he got a higher offer. Is there anything a seller can do in that situation? Looks like a seller can cancel an order at any time.
  8. Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, the picture was from a drawing. I am just wondering whether Lego has that particular part since it looks really useful.
  9. Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I am wondering whether this is a lego part or a custom part. Can't seem to be able to find it in LDD. There is also a 1x2 version. Thanks.
  10. Which set should I buy?

    Any opinion on 42060 (Technic Roadwork Crew) and 42061 (Technic Telehandler)? 42061 is $10 more expensive than 42060 despite having fewer pieces. However, I do like the function of 42061 better. The B model for 42060 (snowplow) is quite interesting though.
  11. Your best prices from a major retailer?

    Are those price error or something? I have never seen Walmart doing that kind of discount before. Last time they had a 50% off sale and my town went crazy. :) I wouldn't bother. You can get them from Lego with the double VIP event. That's 10% right there plus a free gift. 20% is the minimum unless it's a retired set.
  12. Your best prices from a major retailer?

    I got 42055 from Costco for 40% off Lego official price. Not the best percentage wise, but it was well priced at regular price (4000 pieces with some power function for $329.99CAD), so I felt I got the most bang for my buck in this case. Of course, nothing beats 10697. 1500 pieces for $40 CAD. It's not on sale, but a ridiculous value with some fun built as well. Just shows you how much Lego makes off us normally.
  13. Which set should I buy?

    Is Lego Crazy Action Contraptions from Klutz a good set to play with my kid (3)? Is it worth it to get two sets? Right now, my local store have a special buy one get one free sale. I was thinking about the simple machine set, but two of this set seem to have similar pieces, but much cheaper.
  14. Which set should I buy?

    Any thoughts on 60130 Prison Island? I kind of like it being different from a normal police station (as well as the balloon), but it seems to be smaller than the other station sets with a single 16x16 plate.