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  1. Hello, As a AFOL who has watched this form for years, thank you for it. I am now getting ready to build the 42054 tractor with all the rc bells and whistles that have been 'mod' into the the tractor. Has anyone assembled al the changes into one set of instructions? It seems like all mod's where made on existing tractors, instruction made as part of original instruction Which is where I am getting lost, trying to follow step by step. I did a search, but I had no luck, I'm sure it is there with just the right search words. Also a question: I have the Lego rechargeable rectangular battery box, that is no longer made..Is there any 3 party/refit of Lego batteries? I liked them and hate replacing batteries all the time. If I said something the wrong way, or asked it wrong, give a 70 + old man a break, He just learning to play with Lego's Goldwinger3