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  1. Hi , this is another Option This Firma ship to EU 7 Colours : white , black ,green , yellow , red , blue , grey Format : 3,2 mm x 1,6 mm and 760 mm Long for 2,- Euro per pieces
  2. Hi , I rebuild the Ballsorter to this GBC Module Ballthrower ? Michael
  3. @9v system Yes , but not all . I have my favorites Stores on Bricklink Have you a new Instruction for the Basketshooter without Baseplate ?
  4. This Version use maximum of Speed = 100%
  5. Hi ....... i build the BallSorter , thanks to Goggel for help. Not final , at the moment i build the input , but the program works. (not fast , only a testprogram)
  6. I have finished the Strain Wave Gearing . It´s works very well and fine . Thanks to Courbet for the Instructions , only one Error found at Page 100 Step 23 .Not use 32270 Gear 12 Tooth Double Bevel Black , replaced with 10928 Gear 8 Tooth Type 2 DBG . Okay , the 36 red Balls and the Snake Slide missed
  7. @Blakbird you write : interfering with the trigger. I tried putting a 1/2 bush on the end of the axle but then it was even worse. I think to all the Modules (unloader/loader/crane loader/switch) Detail with the shock absorber add a plate on the groundfloor to make it higher. to all the bricks ,not only the yellow wedge.i can not try this , at the moment on assembly and home only on weekend . I hope you understand what i mean
  8. Whow,that`s fine ... Courbet the next Akiyuki ?
  9. Great thanks to this instructions , the videos of rebricker is fine too , but with pdf is number one
  10. Uff , i have build the Basket Shooter and nice work . Only a little problem with this module . My M-Motor(s) work 2-3 Min. correct and slower,slower,stop . Temp of the motor is a little warm , not hot. wait 1-2 Min. and start again , work correct and slower,slower,stop. I replace the M-Motor with the L-Motor and no problem´s . i think the L-Motor have more Power (torque) ?
  11. Mhm , i have problem with the small step between the ramp and balls roll down . i think is a problem how many balls are there ? i use only 50 balls and many stay at the small step and at the ramp . more balls evtl. ignore this ? but this is individual for the builder :-) with my steps i have no Problems :-) why stress to the part ? only 1 stud correction down :-)
  12. Hi , i build the fork and i think this steps are better for working Page 19 Step 11 = add 1x 32184 (Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular 3L with Center Pin Hole) (missing in this Step) Page 27 Step 16 = not 4x Plate 1x2 , use 2x Brick 1x2 Page 46 Step 23 = not 2x 13 Liftarm , use 2x 11 Liftarm (the balls roll better down) at the top of the liftarm use only 1x Pin with Frictions at the Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular 3L with 2 Pin Holes)
  13. @Kumbbl: The Catch & Release module is fine to start there is no problem to config the outputramp with normal technicbeams and roll back to the input
  14. ZigZag Module with indexer and outputramp (yellow) by Akiyuki min. 01:13 - 01:29
  15. 42009 Retired

    Hi , There are many of them here in Poland , visit