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  1. Nice to see you are so pleased with the customer service, but since 99% of members on this forum have had good experience with the customer service, I think by now everyone just takes it for granted and aren't really impressed when this department is working as it should. You probably appreciate it more when you have to deal with an different company's customer service, that is when you see what a great job they do at Lego. I once complained about the sticker sheet having creases and got a new sticker sheet in the mail one week later, which is very fast since I live in a country that is not even on the list in the Lego online store.
  2. The simultaneous turning of the winch used by the 8421 is also a good system.
  3. Tadej

    Weird A model to B model

    8045: A model is a Telehandler and B model is a Motorcycle with side car.
  4. Not the limit of the system, but the price limit. When they launched the Unimog for 190eur, they were worried that it was too expensive and nobody would buy it, but since it was so successful, next year they introduced the mobile crane for 200eur and the Volvo loader for 220eur last year. The price is going up fast and the sales are still going up. It is only a matter of time before they reach the 400-500eur range. And I would like to add that when I was little flagship sets cost 50eur in todays money, so things have really progressed over the years.
  5. Tadej

    Cheap 42009

    £112 is really a great price, I would buy them at that price if I hadn't gotten them for 102€ last december.
  6. Tadej

    Egg Separator

    I guess washing this would be the same as with any other lego model - just put it in the dishwasher :)
  7. He probably inverted the shock just because he can and because it adds to the vehicle's crazy look.
  8. Well they have stores all over Austria but none in Vienna and you need to have their card to enter since it is a "Cash and Carry" store.
  9. That is the same price I bought it for in Metro Austria in december, so I think they can go even lower and still make profit.
  10. Tadej

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Since everybody is talking about old sets I would mention my latest purchase: 42009 Mobile Crane MK2 for 120€ on the christmas sales.
  11. People who bought more than one and are not ashamed to admit it have no conscience. I certainly wouldn't brag about robbing someone else of this set
  12. Tadej

    Odd/weird sound from a PF L Motor

    I know a few people that have the same problem. It is not uncommon for electric motors to squeak, maybe you noticed a simmilar sound when using an electric drill or other machines with electric motors. Anyway I think there are a lot of these motors that came from the lego factory that make these noises, after all it is a new part and they might experience a minor redesign like the LAs did with the 8043 excavator.
  13. New prices, 90€ for the first one and 100€ for the second.
  14. I have two 9748 - Droid Developer Kit sets for sale: First one is built once and in excellent condition from an adult collector. The box is in very good condition including inner trays, building instruction, CD, brochures, everything is there. Second one is new still sealed in bags the only thing missing is the original CD, but I can provide a copy, although it is not really needed for the operation of the set. Box has shelfware and is taped on one side. Price for first one is 100€ and second one is 120€. Shipping to EU is 17€.
  15. Tadej

    Erix Builds

    Yeah that cabin is too much to the back, it sould be in front of the rear wheels.