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  1. According to the usual suspects, both those listed below and brickset, TLG are somewhat behind with dispatching sets for review - but they are "on there way" (hopefully not in the style of "the cheques in the post") Also I note the Mack is on back order already on UK S@H !! Difficult to tell if this is higher sales than anticipated or just TLG using just in time method of fulfilment (and slightly missing the mark) - as it's saying shipping on 9th Jan - I notice the downtown diner did similar for a few days but it's back now!
  2. I was just typing that!! Oh yeah... Happy New Year Everyone :-)
  3. @efferman fantastic work as ever..... can't wait to get one here in the UK!!
  4. tgrbailey

    UK Sales

    Yes thanks - I got one from Cardiff before Christmas
  5. For interest - went over to S@H UK to spend Christmas money and get free PAB box, you can now order the H1 sets (Mack still not listed :-( ) but the are on Back order for shipping 8th Jan, so have they sold stock already or didn't really have it, what was the point in listing it!? Be interesting to see if any Lego stores have stock or anything shows up elsewhere this week.
  6. tgrbailey

    Technic Pub

    Merry Christmas one and all we've put out the mince pies, sherry and carrots here and now waiting for the little people to actually go sleep! Then a load of rattely boxes to put under the tree, I wonder what's inside? have a great day everyone - whatever you're doing - hopefully mine will be spent between finishing winter village display and breaking out the mindstorms - I've even bought batteries!
  7. I've gotta say it does look like that panel is blue, but I'm with the light/reflection/ crappy image thing - it's just going to look odd with a blue panel there.... Ahh the image I've seen is not in any way to see any more than a blur of that
  8. tgrbailey

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    That's a fantastic video so jealous you have this already
  9. So to those who saw, PFv2 or not??
  10. These all sound pretty cool, I'm really going to knuckle down and do some building over Christmas, I've only just built the claas, still have the Arcos to do and have only done the roadwork crew from this year - I did a audit the other day abd I've got 14 technic sets to build plus modular and other creator expert sets to do and 2018 is looking pretty good (sorry bank balance)
  11. @Jim @Sariel I presume nothing has arrived to review??
  12. Ah! I did wonder as I looked through the list of S@H countries which one you would be using!!
  13. Where is the Mack available for you.. S@H? Which country shop do you use
  14. tgrbailey

    UK Sales

    Sorry if not the right place to ask, but I thought this thread most suitable! Does anyone know the availability and how to get a Calendar for 2018 with the offers/vouchers on for 2018?
  15. Not your fault if it is! It's just the way the tweet is written makes it seem like they are joking!