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  1. @Jim @Sariel I presume nothing has arrived to review??
  2. Ah! I did wonder as I looked through the list of S@H countries which one you would be using!!
  3. Where is the Mack available for you.. S@H? Which country shop do you use
  4. UK Sales

    Sorry if not the right place to ask, but I thought this thread most suitable! Does anyone know the availability and how to get a Calendar for 2018 with the offers/vouchers on for 2018?
  5. Not your fault if it is! It's just the way the tweet is written makes it seem like they are joking!
  6. Thanks guys.... I think it's a p*ss take I'm afraid....
  7. @I_Igor can you post the twitter handle of who teeeted that, I can't find it. while I agree about it being suitable for the Porsche parts usage is it not a bit similar?? i've got to say nice as though it would be I'm with @Saberwing40k and the photoshop theory ATM... happy to be proven otherwise.....
  8. What themes did the merge/drop then? I was in my dark ages and can't figure it out!
  9. I notice some of the 1H sets are now saying retiring soon on S@H, which is understandable given the usual 2yr cycle - but I notice today the acclaimed 42054 Class Xerion is also marked as such - seems a bit premature given it was a 2H set and it's popularity?
  10. This is true! Do you usually know they are coming or do they just land on your doorstep?
  11. Good stuff, it will be good to have something to keep our interest :-) and hopefully will sort out some of the doubts!
  12. So @Jim and @Sariel are you expecting an delivery soon to do some reviews???
  13. They'll be on backorder before Christmas!!! Slightly off topic but do we have any idea how many of each set TLG make historically? Or if there is a set run on new sets etc etc?
  14. I see these are now "coming soon" on U.K. S@H no sign of the good stuff though
  15. I see that S@H USA has got 42071, 42072, 42073, 42074 and 42084 in stock and ready to order - guess it makes a change for you guys to be first No sign of 42075-8 though hoping they'll make an appearance for week before Christmas delivery like the H1 sets did last year in the U.K. - really looking forward to building the car and truck (and an excuse to be in the roof out the way )