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  1. Hi. Probably everyone is annoyed of me,but i will still ask a question about buying. So i can pay up to 58 euro. Which set(sets) i can get for this money?
  2. Reidnex

    [Investigation] Who is the Captain Ironhook?

    Wow. Now i now that Redbeard began with commanding a raft.
  3. Reidnex

    [Investigation] Who is the Captain Ironhook?

    We all know that we have Ironhook on RBR. He wears a tricone hat. Probably he is a first mate. He tried too kill Roger,but didn't succed. Than Ironhook was left on the island. There he met islanders,who tried to kill him,but he somehow escaped. He captured a small merchant ship and renamed her into ,,Renegade Runner". Than ironhook tried to steal islanders gold,but met Roger. SES had a battle with RR. RR was sunk,and ironhook lost his leg. Roger ended up with one of the most powerful,beatiful and well built ships of the Carribean(BSB) Ironhook ended up being a captain of a small raft with no firepower at all.
  4. Historical themes forever!

  5. Reidnex

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Well i guess The Black Pearl will be rereleased. I agree. But i think they should make an,,Interceptor"
  6. Reidnex

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Well,now we now summer 2016 sets,and there is no Imperial Flagship. So,probably we will get Imperial Ships from POTC in 2018?
  7. Well,there would be no shipping. It is in my local toy shop Well,by the way,do you think Bounty Boat is a good set to start with?
  8. Hi everyone. I recently got into Lego Pirate collecting. I live in Belarus,so shipping costs are really high. When i wanted to bricklink BSB,i was very unpleasently surprised. Shipping with all the fees would cost me around 80$! Yesterday i found a chinese bootleg,that looks nearly exactly as BSB. The company is named Enlighten and quality is good. I have a copy of an Armada Flagship from the same company and everything is pretty good. Back to bootleg BSB. It costs around 40$ and has around 850 pieces. Enlighten makes high quality sails from material similiar to old lego ones. In this set sails have an ugly,childish skull on them,but i guess finding original BSB sails is pretty easy. So what do you thinks? Should i buy it?
  9. Reidnex

    Early 90's Pirate Collection

    Nice collection. I only have Pirate's Plunder. And i am missing redcoat officers hands and a pistol(
  10. Reidnex

    Your First Pirate Set!

    Well my first and only one is Pirate's Plunder. Got it from my cousin as a smaller set for my birthday. The bigger one was Pizza to Go.
  11. Reidnex

    Which Set is this Part From?

    I want to buy this set because of my childhood memories. I really liked Orient Expedition sets,but somehow i missed this one. I guess i got the boat from my cousin. I found this set MISB for 20$. Should i buy it?
  12. Reidnex

    Which Set is this Part From?

    Thanks. Probably i am going to buy this set on Bricklink.
  13. Reidnex

    Which Set is this Part From?

    Hi.Not so long ago i found a gray rowing boat. I didn't find any among the pirates sets. As i know,there are no row boats in castle or town. From which set can it be?