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  1. Agreed!! Something more "Drag and Drop" /user friendly like LDD, with ability to nicely 3D render and lets you make sensible instructions that don't print out 400 pages long! I have 4-5 programs right now to do all the things I need! :)
  2. Bluerender is amazing... I like how simple and fast it is! This may help to tell the differences with the SlowFlow MOD... I did a comparison image of a little house I designed in LDD. The MOD adds faint lines, LEGO logos on studs, clearer "glass" and brightens up transparent pieces (among lots of other things!) It adds a bit more detail to help with the realism of the rendering.
  3. shannanigan

    [LDD-MOC] Tile Valley, Bricktopia

    I really like the Detective's Office design... how it incorporates several buildings of various widths into one baseplate. It was definitely the inspiration! It really adds something nice aesthetically to LEGO's Modular lineup... I see LEGO did similar with the new Bank as well. :) Thanks! I'm an illustrator and a designer "by trade" and when I get into creative blocks for my other work I design LEGO stuff. I'm finally getting around to sharing it... so it might take me a while longer to monetize. But if I can make it happen I will let you know! :)
  4. shannanigan

    [LDD-MOC] Tile Valley, Bricktopia

    I went a little nuts on this one... lots of "custom" tile designs and minifigs! If only I owned a pad printer! Lots more pics on my Flickr account.
  5. Oh dang it... I totally misunderstood that. lol! Ok... well I'm hoping a future release will have a degree angle option then. Haha!
  6. None of those Parameter options (aside from resolution) work for me... I can't change the background color or set a rotation. In order to get it to rotate I have to "enable steps" which is a nightmare because 10 degrees makes for 10 images!! LOL! I just end up turning it in the LDD file and hoping for the best!
  7. shannanigan

    [LDD-MOC] Tile Valley, Bricktopia

    In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki room.... :D
  8. shannanigan

    MOC: Modern City Bank

    Poor Pete... slaving away all alone in a dark corner... lol! This is great...
  9. shannanigan

    Swing Ride

    This is so amazing!! My 2nd favorite carnival ride... right after the Tilt-o-Whirl! :D
  10. shannanigan

    MOC: Paradisa Cafe

    Its so Miami Beach... :D I love the way you did the signage / lettering. The roller skating guy in the speedo with the 'stach is cracking me up! :D
  11. shannanigan

    [LDD-MOC] Tile Valley, Bricktopia

    Next up.. one of my little "retro" houses. I have several of these in the works... I might also add "backyards" on separate 16x32 baseplates.
  12. shannanigan

    [LDD-MOC] Tile Valley, Bricktopia

    Thanks! All I could find prior to my post was size limitation info. I assumed that meant I had to shrink my files to post them... but linking is fine with me! :)
  13. shannanigan

    [LDD-MOC] Tile Valley, Bricktopia

    Thank you.. and Yes! But I can't post them... :/ I have them on my Flickr account if you want to check them out...
  14. shannanigan

    [LDD-MOC] Tile Valley, Bricktopia

    I got back into collecting LEGO when Monster Fighters came out... and now its a full blown obsession. But my bank account and home aren't big enough to sustain all my ideas so I've taken to creating in LEGO Digital Designer! I've started this post to share my designs once they are finished... my virtual LEGO town... Tile Valley, Bricktopia. Maybe someday I will win the lottery and be able to make them IRL. :) All designs rendered using "Bluerender" with "Sunflow MOD"... both found here on Eurobricks! EDIT AGAIN: Got this all figured out now, thanks everybody! Going to list them here for easy linking... :) - PIRATES COVE TAVERN - SLOPE ESTATES : The Cuboid - BRICK TIKI : A Plastic Polynesian Paradise - TRI-BUSINESS BLOCK : Comics, Coffee and Flowers
  15. I bought the Pirate Hat and Coat in black and brown... and a few lanterns. They are fantastic! I also got their "Plague Doctor" accessories. Love 'em!