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    Winter Village: Holiday Banquet Hall

    Thank you! My goal was to use big fluffy roof pieces for snow drifts, I really like how they came out. There's so many good entries and techniques.
  2. Savol


    Thanks everyone! I've been a long time lurker here (and on flickr) I have really enjoyed all the MOCs i've seen and I'm excited to recognize and mingle a lot of members here :)
  3. The Winter Village Banquet Hall Perfect for Christmas Parties & New Years Events! Chef and Waitstaff Included! Walk the frozen red carpet to the gala event! Banquet owner works to make sure everything is perfect. The Chef prepares world class cookie-cuisine! A photographer will capture your evening on the balcony! Dance and mingle in the great hall, or admire our festive Tree! Thank you for visiting! Savol Stormshadow Savol, on Flickr
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    Hi Everyone, I'm Savol, I'm from the U.S. and have been a long time AFOL. I'm itching to get started with a MOC for the Winter Village, it's one of my favorite themes. I love the Collectible Minifigures, Castle, and Superheroes lines. One day I hope we'll see a triumphant return of Forestmen. :)