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  1. Yes, I do understand reasoning on why it is being done. It is a business and they are trying to minimize costs as much as possible and in turn increase the profit margin. But whether it is the new ‘norm’ or not, I really don’t feel that is applicable. It’s almost like saying “You should just accept it is lesser quality and not say anything, because everything is not as good anymore.” I feel it is our right, and responsibility, to point out when we are not happy with product, or the lessening quality of it. If we (the consumer) don’t bring it up, no one else will. That said, if LEGO is going to lessen anything on their sets, it is better making the box slightly thinner, instead of using cheaper plastic for the pieces. As long as the thinning doesn’t affect the product ‘inside’ the box. But I will say I would rather pay a little bit more to keep a good, durable (and thicker) box.
  2. Possibly. But my point still stands in it isn't something we should be happy with or be quiet about it when we are given lesser quality. If we never say anything, then nothing will definitely ever be done. And the manual for my GBHQ did come with the cardboard backing, btw.
  3. Well, of course it does. Thinner or less quality product will always mean lower costs. But it doesn't mean it is something that should be done.
  4. Just got home from the LEGO Store with mine. They gave away a Nexo Knight figure (meh...). The box is thinner than expected. I don't mean depth, but the thinness of the cardboard. For how heavy and big it is, the cardboard should have been more heavy duty. The bottom is a bit crushed in a few corners. Not REAL bad, more of pushed in and well creased. I doubt anything is damage at all. However, it wouldn't have happened if the box was thicker like it should have been.
  5. Hobbun

    Review: 21302 - The Big Bang Theory

    Oh, looks like the photos are gone.
  6. What is the giveaway polybag of the month?
  7. Hobbun

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think I worded my reply a bit incorrectly. I do agree that TLG does look at the collectibility of their product, as with exclusives like you mentioned. However, I don't believe, if they felt they would make good money for a re-release of Cafe Corner, that it would prevent them from re-releasing it because it would lower the price of the current prices of third party sellers. TLG doesn't make money from those inflated prices on retired sets, but they would make money from a re-release. But like Pedilego made reference to, I could see TLG making updates to the re-release where it would possibly keep the price for the original set at a somewhat higher price. I'll be honest, though. The prices on these older sets get to ridiculous levels just because they are no longer made. Does someone really need to inflate the price of selling their set to $1000+ that they only paid $150? Heck, these sets aren't even new anymore, and I'm paying 8x the price? Sure, I understand the concept of supply and demand, but they are only increasing the price because they can, and I've always hated that. It's not like these items are being auctioned. And it's not like they are losing money if they sell it for $400. And this applies to anything older and ridiculously overpriced, not just LEGO. But this a discussion for another time and place.
  8. Hobbun

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I really doubt most LEGO fans/collectors purchase sets just so they can hold onto them sealed (or at least in NM condition) and sell them later at a higher price. I I know there are some that do this, but I don't consider those that buy extra sets, just so they can scalp them years later, as ALOF (stressing 'fan'). Some may disagree with me on this, and that's fine, but it's just my opinion on the matter. As for TLG themselves, I don't see them 'not' re-releasing a set later on just to avoid it from lowering the value of the older sets. TLG will look at it new profit for themselves if they feel there is a large enough userbase to purchase the re-released set. I doubt they would even think about how it would affect the price of the original sets. Myself, I would like to see a re-release of the older sets as I wouldn't mind being able to collect all of them. I would only buy CC and Market Street if they redid the insides, as I hear they are quite sparse comparatively to the newer sets. But I wouldn't mind seeing a re-release of at least GG, Fire Brigade or Town Hall.
  9. Hobbun

    Review: 75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

    Thanks all for your responses, especially from the reviewer and designer. To Marcos, I had planned to leave the roof on, it's just Cornelius had indicated in his review that it 'sags less' with the review. I guess I didn't want it to sag 'at all'. :) However, Cornelius assured the sag is barely noticeable, which is good. And thank you for reassuring the stability of the set and I shouldn't have any issue in moving it. And I'm not really worried about opening and closing it any longer as I will just be careful when I need to do so. I will be there day 1 to purchase the set, thanks for making a memorable one!
  10. Hobbun

    10251 Brick Bank

    I wish there was some more info on it, like when it will be released and whether it will be a promotional polybag or something you can purchase. I just don't want it to be something that is there and gone (or hard to get a hold of) and the only way to buy it is via Ebay or something similar (at an inflated price).
  11. Hobbun

    Review: 75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

    I keep hearing the stability of the set, and how it "sags less" if you leave the roof on. I plan to leave the roof on, but honestly, I would rather it didn't 'sag' at all, so it's a bit distressing to hear that it does. But how well are you able to transport the Firehouse? I will be building it in my dining room, but will be transporting it to my bedroom for display. Will I be able to pick it up and carry it there just fine? There are no stairs involved at all.
  12. Hobbun

    10251 Brick Bank

    Do you, or anyone else, have a link to an article (in English) showing what will be in the polybag? Is it something that is supposed to be released on January 1st, as well?
  13. Hobbun

    10251 Brick Bank

    So any idea how we will get the fountain polybag? Is it something we will be able to purchase?
  14. Hobbun

    Fire Truck with Fire Brigade?

    Talk about bringing back an old thread. But just to give you fair warning, but the Fire Brigade set is retired now and quite expensive. You can probably bricklink it at a cheaper price, but that can be very time consuming. Myself, I just don't have the patience for something like that.
  15. Hobbun

    10251 Brick Bank

    Usually I've only seen the 1 set per customer come into effect for sets that getting to be really hard to find, like the Death Star (before it sold out). Normally I've seen a limit of 2 for most Hard to Find sets. But then I've never purchased a set on opening day before, so maybe it's different in regards to that.