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    Nexo Knights 2017 Rumors and Discussion

    All three of the points in its favor don't feel concrete, and are definitely grasping at straws. I personally am still expecting the 'Action' sets to be akin to the Ultimate sets released this year, with a minifigure and some accessories; but if they are CCBS figures it will be a pleasant surprise to me, and I will totally have to pick up a couple.
  2. TheDesuComplex

    MOCs: Ekimu the Mask Maker - Both forms

    It was released in the Lego Chima CCBS figures from 2014. You probably can't find it because these sets where not released in the USA. Here is a link to the part on Bricklink.
  3. TheDesuComplex

    Where was the "factory" in Hero Factory?

    I DEFINITELY think so. After years of not bothering to MoC in any sort of official way, Hero Factory's premise gave me the impetus to try and create my own Heroes- from playing around with that browser game in 2010 to, when CCBS rolled around, making an entire team of heroes. Hero Factory did have that potential, and I wonder if it was after feedback from the community (aka all the people complaining about the story) that they decided to instead focus on the Alpha team entirely and get that linear story across.
  4. TheDesuComplex

    Bionicle 2016 Story Discussion & Rumors

    Can you mind demonstrating the resemblance? I don't see it at all.
  5. TheDesuComplex

    Journey To One Makuta "Instructions"

    And it's probably more cost efficient to buy as many parts as you can from Bricklink, especially for people who can't find sets in stores anymore. I am sure people have already made Bricklink lists detailing all the parts needed.
  6. TheDesuComplex

    Ekimu - Toa of Creation - MOD 71312

    That's a very interesting take on Ekimu! I certainly like some of the ideas used here, such as using the Golden Armor from the Stars as a bit of back coverage; might have to swipe that for my own custom. I would just recommend two things- the armor shell used on the power arm could impede poseability in the position you used, and try and find a way to utilize the open balljoints on the other arm and the shoulders.
  7. TheDesuComplex

    Journey To One Makuta "Instructions"

    Thank you so much for letting us know about this, and thank you to Lego for allowing this to be documented. One last question- I heard rumors, but was it ever confirmed this was a 'combiner model' in any sense? From what I can tell, it looks like you would just need MMvSG, Uniter Tahu, Lord of Skull Spiders, and a couple of parts from other sets such as Onua Uniter and Umarak the Destroyer. All I personally need now is a parts list so I can throw it into Bricklink, but it shouldn't be too tough.
  8. TheDesuComplex

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I wish you luck. Amazon still has plenty of the sets for less than MSRP, Target and Walmart have gotten rid of them, and Toys R Us shadily put a hefty markup on all the sets just prior to the cancellation announcement.
  9. TheDesuComplex

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I ordered all four sets, received them yesterday, and decided to return my duplicate Storm Beast. Despite being part of the sale, they honored it and I got my money back for it- which essentially means I got three brand new $15 sets for $25 total. Ekimu has turned out to indeed an incredible figure; if Bionicle does indeed end and I run out of shelf space, him and Umarak (Hunter) might be the only figures I leave on display. Makes me wanna Bricklink the Falcon now...
  10. TheDesuComplex

    REVIEW: 71316 Umarak the Destroyer

    It's really awesome to see Lego taking the risk and making an actual 'Titan' figure. This Umarak looks incredible- just as good as his previous incarnation, for different reasons. While the Hunter focuses and hones in the silent and agile warrior vibe, this one goes towards the opposite end of the spectrum with the big, brutish feel. His claws are great, his legs are great, and so is his smart little torso build. The only thing I do not is the technic connectors used to make the mutated MoCo horns- I just may stray from being purist just to paint these gold along with the jaw piece and mask.
  11. TheDesuComplex

    REVIEW: 71315 Quake Beast

    Ouch, his chest printing does not look good. On the other hand, his 'mask' does look really good. I get why they chose to go with solid purple- because using the transparent equivalent would have looked weird and possibly have blended badly with the Tr. Neon Green. He could have still benefitted from more solid purple on him. Now- the set as a whole I like. He sacrifices his aesthetics a bit for the sake of the function, but the function is really neat and well worth it. It's interesting to compare this to 44005 Bruizer, given that they actually cost the same amount (in USD at least). This guy has way more color to him and a much more creative function, but Bruizer beats him out for being more aesthetically unified and have a far simpler build for the target audience.
  12. TheDesuComplex

    REVIEW: 71314 Storm Beast

    This is the only Beast I have so far, and I have already torn him apart to mod him; While the function is really cool and makes the figure well worth the price of admission, I feel like it's a good concept that can be better used for something else. I do appreciate the smaller things they do to try and reign the aesthetics in, such as making his main color Dark Blue instead of White and putting the Bohrok Eyes on his shoulders to give them some more definition. Also love his hands using the small Kaiju feet, even if there is an open socket. He's definitely this wave's Scorpio, built more around the function than being a solid figure. At least the function is cool enough this time that people don't outright hate this figure.
  13. TheDesuComplex

    REVIEW: 71313 Lava Beast

    I can definitely appreciate this being the most aesthetically unified of the Beasts with the demon motif, and the four (!) 5M bones in the Tr. Fl. Reddish Orange color alongside providing the new crystal shells in Tr. Brown. The 'wings' certainly do look weird, but I do enjoy the odd function they do have to them. I just wonder where the Tr. Fl. Green went? Edit: Since I don't have much to say about him otherwise, I will go ahead and mention the Beast heads. Using the normal head in a transparent color to represent the eyes is a stroke of genius and I love the mold for the 'mask', I am definitely in the camp of not liking the jaw. I would have much rather had the jaw molded to look like a mutated and corrupted half of a shadow trap- they could have even used the shadow trap piece itself. One way to help the gap is to switch these pieces and the red axles out with this piece- bringing the jaw up half a module helps a little to close the gap and make it seem more like the chin of the head is the membranes within the mouth cavity, which I believe was the intent.
  14. TheDesuComplex

    REVIEW: 71312 Ekimu the Mask Maker

    I like this figure for continuing on the 'do it, but do it better with a gearbox' motto from his earlier incarnation. He isn't the flashiest and most stylized (which is probably a testament to how common transparent parts have become), but he does his job well and manages to exemplify the function in one solid figure. Plus, I like that they gave him a hammer without a studshooter in it and just focus on making a solid little weapon. I was a bit iffy on the shield, but am now sold on it after seeing the upcoming 'Ekimu's Falcon' freebie that uses the attachment to perch.
  15. TheDesuComplex

    TDC's Revamps and Mods

    Bionicle 2015 is just as awesome as I have hoped, and it is thanks to CCBS: a true godsend to me. I love to change around little bits on sets and refine them down from their stock form into something more fitting of my tastes. I have been asked to share my mods before, so I will here with periodic updates. I hope to inspire and encourage you to go beyond the stock. Just some quick things I would like to mention: I don't have a dedicated picture-taking setup, so please forgive me for the ghetto background. I am not trying to advertise BBTS, I just happen to have a few boxes from them. Please feel free to suggest ideas to me: I love experimentation! My 'old' Bionicle parts are in a sealed box. I will be using exclusively CCBS parts in my builds with some Technic. The first mod I will share with you is what I have done with the Protector of Fire. He is the first CCBS-based Bionicle set I have cracked open. Here's a rundown of my mods: On the legs: trans-orange 5m shells, red 3m bones. On the arms: red 5m bones with stop, black 3m bones, and black hands. Melee weapons: Simple Fireswords instead of those weird Fire Tonfa things. Blaster: Unsure about that, but switched it to Technic instead of a ball mount. The original set was already very good, so my mods are relatively few. Next up: the Protector of Ice!
  16. TheDesuComplex

    TDC's Revamps and Mods

    Well, I haven't been around for a while. 2016 modifications won't be coming for a while, because I have yet to get Onua, and majority of the Creatures, and now the Summer wave. I figured that it would be a good time to share my Hero Factory mods, where I worked to create definitive versions of the heroes.
  17. TheDesuComplex

    Help with sorting CCBS and Bionicle

    My sorting system goes as follows: Technic (axles, pins, other parts) Misc. Constraction Bits (Skull Spider legs, Lightsaber blades, etc.) Transparent Parts (by color) CCBS Bones CCBS Shells Misc. Constraction Weapons/Armor (mostly Hero Factory) CCBS Torsos Technic Beams Black CCBS Shells Silver/Gunmetal CCBS Shells Than I mostly have older Bionicle parts sorted by color (minus heads/masks and projectiles/launchers) and my System parts in one 20 gallon tub. My advice for sorting is to go one subdivision at a time. Start by splitting your stuff into 'Technic' and 'Constraction', followed by splitting the Technic stuff into types of parts then splitting the Constraction stuff up, pulling out one part at a time.
  18. TheDesuComplex

    Bionicle 2016 Story Discussion & Rumors

    It was probably made before there was an official design for the G2 Mask of Time. It's likely that the creator just googled 'bionicle mask of time' and found the G1 Vahi.
  19. TheDesuComplex

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    You can always have three beast limbs and have the final one be Destroyerak himself.
  20. TheDesuComplex

    buy bionicle lots or sets? for MOC

    I would still recommend bulk parts lots. You might get some funky pieces and Megablocks mixed in, but it's way cheaper than either of the other two routes if you just want a huge volume of parts to play around with.
  21. TheDesuComplex

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Yeah, I think the combiner model has the problem of looking too much like Destroyerak with some blades and traps slapped on him. I am definitely going to remake him with more of a 'scramble city' style of it looking like the beasts form the entire limb, which is what I was expecting from him at first glance.
  22. TheDesuComplex

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    I was thinking that it could look good draped over Pohatu. I am not banking on it coming out now though.
  23. TheDesuComplex

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    What sort of dirt cheap? I would be interested in grabbing a couple extra Nilkuu's for parts.
  24. TheDesuComplex

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Lewa's. The way his torso is built makes it look a bit awkward, but on its own it is great. Kopaka's is also a good design, but it is parts-intensive and he also has the issue of awkward torso build. Pohatu's also does a good job of looking great from the front, but not really from any other angle.
  25. TheDesuComplex

    How do you store your Bionicle figures?

    I definitely follow a similar method to you. I disassemble my sets and store them in zipped plastic bags, and my loose G1 parts (of which there are many thanks to me getting a ton of 2008/2009 sets) are all sorted by color tucked away in bags as well. Speaking of which- how did you sell off yours?