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  1. Awesome, works no my 1080. I'm kind of surprised Lego updated this after saying it wasn't going to be maintained.
  2. Finally got the last parts in today. The plan is to get the first volume done this weekend! Can't wait.
  3. It'll soon be my turn to start building this monster. I've ordered thousands and thousands of parts and am now patiently waiting. I won't get to start until sometimes early November. Kudos to everybody involved in the design and for making the manual, it is quite an amazing feat in itself.
  4. Ooohhh, I will have to try this. I attempted the same with Oracle's VirtualBox but ended up with the same issue. The key must be in the way VMWare does the 3D acceleration. Thanks for posting this!
  5. I thought I'd let people know, I have tried using a USB video card, unfortunately the device uses Display Link technology which makes use of the hardware/drivers present on the machine for the rendering. I guess it's then pushed off to the USB device and to the monitor. So the problem is still present, I even tried to uninstall the drivers and use the USB device, I get the software renderer which is super slow and full of bugs (or just doesn't display right). So no go, don't waste your money on this idea.
  6. I hear you, could be either way. LDD works on older cards, why would it not work on the 10XX series? I'm sure this could be fixed by either party. Either by a work around by one or a proper fix by the other. I have to wonder if we should expect an update to LDD. The news that it was no longer in development (or supported) came out before 4.3.10 was released, maybe that's the last version we'll ever get? Hope not. One thing I also thought of trying was using a USB video card for LDD development. I don't have such device and didn't really want to spend because of a software bug. Maybe I could return it if it didn't work.
  7. Unfortunately at this point we are all patiently waiting for an LDD update. The last release (4.3.10) still has the same issue. I am not willing to replace my card with an older one just to get around this, but I was contemplating re-imaging an older machine I still have with an 8800 card, really an awful solution to get around this.
  8. Legorides, I just had a look in my settings, everything is open. Are you on the "Global Settings" tab by any chance? If you can, perhaps try restoring the default settings. I suspect your are running the latest drivers. I don't know what else it could be... Any chance you could post the link to the nVidia thread, if the rules on eurobrick allows it? I would really like to follow it as well. Could this problem also be with LDD itself? As for working without the outlines, I don't know how you do it, to me that's like an itch you can't scratch... :)
  9. That's odd. I'll have to check later when I get home. Are you able to change anything else? I really didn't do anything special here. Just went to the program settings tab, added the ldd executable to the list. You should then be allowed to change every setting. I don't believe anyone has a fix yet. One thing I wanted to try was to use a USB graphics adapter instead. I just don't know how much 3D acceleration those have. I fear it completely relies on the CPU for that. So it may not be a great solution in the end. Larger plates seem to be worse. If I really have to do something with LDD, I often end up moving plates out after I connected them. Definitely harder to work that way, but I can't use the software without the outlines. I've put all my projects on hold because of this.
  10. I'm glad more people are encountering the issue. The more exposure the better chance it has of getting resolved. I tried changing the 3D settings through the NVidia Control Panel, but no luck, I couldn't find a setting that affected the issue. On a side note, I have been using the following settings to improve the visual quality of the bricks in the bricks picker/pane: Antialiasing - Mode: Override any application setting Antialiasing - Setting: 8x Thanks for filing a bug report. I didn't realize this could be done.
  11. Looks like I missed your reply. Thanks for the information. Most of my drawings are rather large and complex, I really can't work without the outlines. As for swapping out the card, I thought about it but didn't want to deal with opening the computer every time I want to switch between LDD and other stuff. But it made me think, I wonder if I could get away with those USB video cards, I probably wouldn't get 3D acceleration but perhaps my computer would be fast enough. Hopefully this gets resolved fast as I've basically put all my creations on hold. Thanks again Nic
  12. I find it hard to believe nobody else is experiencing this. I tried LDD (4.3.10) at my friend's place and he has a 1070. Same issue... actually all I had to do was put two large plates together and this issue started. He is also running on Windows 10, but I have a feeling this is related to something with the nVidia series 10 cards or software/drivers. Is anybody else experiencing this? I really need this to work as LDD is completely useless to me without this.
  13. Hi, I am also having this exact same issue. I upgraded my computer a few months ago from Windows 7 with an nVidia 660ti graphics card to Windows 10 with an nVidia 1080. I can't seem to figure what exactly is triggering this issue; graphics card, OS, LDD, OpenGL, etc... I have tried installing older versions of the nVidia driver, but no luck. I also tried running it inside a virtual machine with Windows XP, I don't get the messed up triangles but the vast majority of the parts are missing somehow. I figure the virtual machine software still uses the same OpenGL/video card acceleration for the rendering... The odd thing is if I select the entire model and try moving it around, the model appears correctly during that operation. I'm hoping you've had luck fixing this issue as I really can't work without the brick outlines. In your initial post, you mentioned advanced shading, do you also get the problem without the brick outlines or only when that option is activated like on my PC?
  14. Official Acceptable Tolerance

    It all makes sense. I had seen that PDF before, you can clearly see that they are not promoting any imperfect connections. I guess I was hoping for a little versatility here... Thanks! Nic
  15. Official Acceptable Tolerance

    Thanks for the replies. I'm a bit surprised to find out there's no tolerance, LDD allows connections well outside of what I would think acceptable. I've even tried in real life some of these connections (not the worst ones I've seen in LDD) and to my surprise they work rather well. I"m still thinking there must be an allowed margin of error, the software should be able to tell me when it's not perfectly right. I've used plenty of hinges, but many of my designs require me to snap both ends of a 45 degree wall and that's where the problems lie. Would you mind pointing out a few sets? Thanks Nic