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  1. The 4+ set looks like something to pick up for the minifigs on sale and throw the parts in with the general mix.
  2. I appreciate your viewpoint but given Lego are the ones pushing it I think it’s relevant. I’d have no problem with a Joan of Arc type figure (nor indeed the included queen in armour) but pushing over 50% female representation as European medieval warriors is a bit rich IMO given this set is clearly targeted at nostalgic middle aged guys with disposable incomes. Look I get it’s a toy and not meant to be historically accurate but it’s just another example of the reality of white European history and cultural heritage being wilfully trampled on for the sake of identity politics. It won’t stop me buying the set but it would be nice if someone expecting me to pay 100s of dollars for something could do it without preaching at me.
  3. Loving the castle but a bit disappointed Lego seem to have made over half the knights female. I guess there is a wizard included so you could argue it’s a fantasy set and you can just swap the heads out but frankly I would have preferred traditional smiley faces rather than this nonsense. I guess we can be grateful they didn’t go with fleshy figs because then the queen would no doubt have been black!
  4. A UCS Razor Crest is unlikely to seperate me from my money. A new MBS set on the other hand…
  5. A Yavin set would be great since I have no interest in good guy stuff so would save lots of cash. A Jabba’s Palace, Geonesian Arena, Endor Bunker or possibly even a re-designed Death Star might cost me big time though…
  6. Jabba's palace from 2012 had an RRP of $200 for roughly the same number of bricks and minifigs. Obviously you got a moulded bigfig in that but still pricewise I feel Boba's palace is fairly reasonable especially compared to Mando's new ride.
  7. I had it in my bag as I was buying some other stuff for my son's birthday but figured they'd be readily available at some point at discount so didn't bother as I was already at the free shipping threshold. Built the Hoth ATST during the cricket the other day - really enjoyable build (the only other ATST I have is the smaller one from the Endor Bunker set), although the Probe Droid is a bit fiddly and broke apart a couple of times during construction. The driver and Dandruff Chewie are great minifigs too.
  8. Gives renewed hope for a moulded Bantha one day... I'm sure if it proves popular we'll see smaller sets ala the Mandalorian. Not sure if the rumour of a Rancor in Boba's Palace is looking good now after this episode. Still looking forward to my bondage Gamorreans though.
  9. Solid Brix Studios has his reviews of the Hoth Snowtrooper battlepack and Hoth ATST up on YouTube. He's also got the ATST next to the UCS ATAT at the end of that review. Both look pretty good - I will definitely grab a Battlepack. While I like the snowy Chewie and Probe Droid in the ATST I probably won't grab it unless I decide to buy the UCS ATAT as it looks great next to that set and scales well.
  10. I have the 2013 Minifig scale Gunship so will probably get a Clone Trooper pack to fill it up a bit more. The Hoth rebel pack is ok. The troopers don't really resemble the Norwegian extras I remember from the movie very closely but heads are easy enough to swap out and the sheer amount of blasters included can help make up a bit for years of battlepack stud shooters.
  11. I like the Battlepack - especially the dumping of the stud shooters. Probably won't bother with the ATST. The new pilot looks nice enough but Chewie looks to me more like a bad case of dandruff than encrusted with snow and I can't remember any female troopers on the Hoth front lines (mind you there were no Snow Scout Troopers either so I guess I'll give it a pass).
  12. Yoda's Training could be the Episode II youngling training. Imagine the fun kids could have recreating the visit from Uncle Ani in Episode III?
  13. Based on the episode where you see them both together I’d say the scaling will look off (Slave I being too small). The 20th Anniversary Slave I would probably be a better match up.
  14. I suspect we might get Jabba's Palace as the MBS set for next year, particularly if it's heavily featured in Book of Boba Fett. It could be similar to the Death Star featuring ANH and RoTJ scenes in that it allows you to recreate scenes from both the RotJ and BoBF timelines. It's also possible we'll get a smaller throne set ala the ending featured at the end of Mandalorian Season 2 in January.
  15. They have to leave something exclusive in the Light Cruiser set minifig-wise. Dark Troopers you would assume would make it into a Battlepack, Shand will probably be in Book of Boba Fett set(s) although they could leave the Helmet here as exclusive I guess and just give her hair elsewhere but other than that Gideon is the only one that would make sense to leave exclusive here ala Director Krennic and his shuttle.