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  1. TeufelHund

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Some of the faces with the oversized blue eyes are a bit disturbing. The torso prints are passable for the most part but don't quite hold up to today's quality (the Russian/German soldiers for instance look more like plastic army men than Lego figures).
  2. TeufelHund

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    No point overacting I guess until we hear the official word one way or the other. The entire Indiana Jones Lego revival hasn't even been announced yet, so the average consumer isn't going to miss something they never knew about in the first place. While Lego do have guidelines they seem to throw them away when it suits them (like having an entire licensed range which literally has "Wars" in the title).
  3. Looks like a petty cheap second half of the year for me at this stage. I usually only collect Imperial stuff so Yavin is unlikely. $650 UCS set might hurt though if it's an MBS (I usually don't collect supersized ships). Tons of potential MBS material from RotJ if they decide to go that way - Sail Barge, Jabba's Palace, Endor Bunker, Ewok Village - hell they could even do a DSII remake.
  4. TeufelHund

    Getting into Pirates

    Lego knows there's a bunch of hardcore pirate fans that can be milked semi-regularly, so no doubt there will be more pirate-themed sets released sporadically over the coming years. Sadly the last time a full theme was released was 2015, but since then we've had a Pirates of The Caribbean ship, the Creator 3in1 set and the Pirates of Barracuda Bay Ideas set as well as a couple of piratical minifigs in the collectible minifig line. If you want to get started at the moment the Creator 3in1 set is the obvious choice and there's also a pirate accessory pack https://www.lego.com/en-au/product/pirates-and-treasure-vip-add-on-pack-40515 that might be relatively easy to obtain. An aftermarket Barracuda Bay set also shouldn't be too expensive if you can find one.
  5. It looks nice but given the the Hasbro version (https://hasbropulse.com/products/star-wars-the-vintage-collection-razor-crest) was "only" $349 this looks too expensive in comparison *and* takes up too much of a display footprint. Easy pass (plus I'm still annoyed we didn't get an MBS set this year).
  6. TeufelHund

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    It will certainly be a race against time for the movie to come out before its star dies of old age...
  7. TeufelHund

    The NEW Lego Ideas book

    You can still get the original Ideas book which has dedicated chapters on Castle and Pirates (The LEGO® Ideas Book: You Can Build Anything! : DK: Amazon.com.au: Books) although obviously there's a lot more new pieces available since this came out. There's also LEGO® Play Book: Ideas to Bring Your Bricks to Life : DK: Amazon.com.au: Books and LEGO® Awesome Ideas : DK: Amazon.com.au: Books which have a similar approach to the original Ideas book and cover stuff like Wild West, Space, Adventure, Spooky etc. If you can afford the new 90 Years of Play castle that will also fill you with inspiration/ideas!
  8. Picked up the new DK Lego Ideas book on the weekend. I found it a bit disappointing compared to the original Ideas book which had deep dives into a few themes and lots of interesting building techniques detailed (the castle section alone was great). The new book gives individual themes a single two page spread which while it means it covers a lot of different themes, there's not much depth. I think it would be a fun book for kids to get the creative juices flowing but from an AFOL perspective it's a bit lacking.
  9. Yes this is going to be a cheap wave for me. I might get the Scythe on discount even though I wasn't a huge fan of Obiwan but other than that there's not much there for me. Even if Andor is brilliant I can't see myself picking up the set from that show.
  10. I saw a stack of them the last time I wandered into the Canberra Lego store. It seems that Mando’s new ride is in the same boat at the moment - readily available direct from Lego or a certified store but not yet on general release.
  11. The 4+ set looks like something to pick up for the minifigs on sale and throw the parts in with the general mix.
  12. I appreciate your viewpoint but given Lego are the ones pushing it I think it’s relevant. I’d have no problem with a Joan of Arc type figure (nor indeed the included queen in armour) but pushing over 50% female representation as European medieval warriors is a bit rich IMO given this set is clearly targeted at nostalgic middle aged guys with disposable incomes. Look I get it’s a toy and not meant to be historically accurate but it’s just another example of the reality of white European history and cultural heritage being wilfully trampled on for the sake of identity politics. It won’t stop me buying the set but it would be nice if someone expecting me to pay 100s of dollars for something could do it without preaching at me.
  13. Loving the castle but a bit disappointed Lego seem to have made over half the knights female. I guess there is a wizard included so you could argue it’s a fantasy set and you can just swap the heads out but frankly I would have preferred traditional smiley faces rather than this nonsense. I guess we can be grateful they didn’t go with fleshy figs because then the queen would no doubt have been black!
  14. A UCS Razor Crest is unlikely to seperate me from my money. A new MBS set on the other hand…
  15. A Yavin set would be great since I have no interest in good guy stuff so would save lots of cash. A Jabba’s Palace, Geonesian Arena, Endor Bunker or possibly even a re-designed Death Star might cost me big time though…