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  1. Some nice new sets there. I like the sandcrawler but mainly for it's droid selection - the build itself is nothing special. Snoke's Throne room looks good although I'm disappointed the dramatic red curtains aren't represented. Also that Snoke appears identical to that in the FO Star Destroyer - I was hoping for angry face Snoke! I like the Landing Craft but wish they'd given us 2 more Sandtroopers, a crashed shuttle or a dewback than Obiwan and R2, which seem rather random inclusions. Think I'll stick the old one on Ebay tonight as this definitely looks like a superior replacement. Hoth Medical Bay is cute but will definitely have more appeal to AFOLs than kids.
  2. So the Cloud City UCS doesn’t qualify as even a rumour then, despite the massive hints dropped by TLG and from some posters? Tough crowd...
  3. Not a wish list - just speculation as to what figs will be in a 2018 set.
  4. Can't say I'm impressed by either fig - but will hold judgement till I see the final set/movie. I was just thinking what the likely minifigs in the Cloud City set will be and came up with the following as most likely: * Bespin Luke * Blue Jacket Han (+ Han in Carbonite &/or white shirt Han) * Bespin Leia &/or prison escape Leia * Chewie * C3PO * R2D2 * Lando * Lobot * Bespin Guards x 2 * Ugnaughts x 2 * Darth Vader * Boba Fett * Stormtroopers x2 The following as possibles: * Imperial Officer * Cloud Car Pilot(s) * Bespin Citizens Even if they just go with the likely list that's a minimum of 16 figs.
  5. Future Pirates Speculation

    The Roller Coaster looks OK and includes some homages to classic Lego sets, but there are no new pirate torsos included unfortunately except possibly the one on the little boy which was too small to make out in the image I saw.
  6. Another UCS set of no interest to me (I only collect bad guy vehicles and playsets) so money saved - thanks TLG. Cloud City might be harder to resist if that rumour turns out to be true and it's not another "Insult on Hoth" abomination (Crap City?).
  7. Hasbro are trying to crowd fund an action figure scale Sail Barge which is probably the inspiration for this “humour”.
  8. In this case no, but I can't see any reason it couldn't in the future.
  9. Just saw a review on You-Tube for the new Clonetrooper battlepack - Baris has the new slope piece for her lower half that I presume Snoke's Praetorian Guards will also get. Looks a lot better than the diagonal slope piece used at the moment for dresses/robes with the added bonus that female characters in dresses won't be towering over their male counterparts any more.
  10. My favourites are Flower Pot and Cactus girls, Dragon costume and the Clown. The birthday kids are adorable with great accessories. I like the Unicorn's shield but otherwise it does nothing for me. Interesting to see they went with Orange stands. I guess I have enough black ones now so this is no big deal. I wonder if after adding the Batman Logo to the stands in the series 2 figures a variety of stands is going to be the new norm. How is the big Spider attached to the kid - is there a bracket attached to it?
  11. I have both the new Cantina and the 2014 version and the older version is miles better - it actually looks like a finished model and can be "folded up" to look like the exterior of the cantina whereas the new one is literally three vignettes stuck together on joints.2014 also comes with a dewback and a landspeeder. The Greedo figure is slightly better in the new version but hardly worth the upgrade on that basis alone. The Ubrikkian 9000 is a nice enough model but rather oversized compared to the movie version and almost dwarfs the Cantina when placed next to it. One thing both lacks is a host of interesting/weird/bizarre aliens to populate them. I hope TLG puts out a battlepack ala the Bounty Hunter battlepack to address this at some stage (a similar one for Jabba's Palace would also be great).
  12. With reflection, and looking at my own kids, I think the toy market in general is in trouble at the moment. Screen time is the preference for most kids and if they do play with toys, then their interest tends to fall on the latest craze rather than on building a collection of similar toys over time (so fidget spinners - > beyblades -> slime etc over acquiring and building up a collection of Lego, Star Wars figures, Barbies etc). My oldest son actually gave me back a polybag Santa gave him this year because he wasn't interested anymore. Established toy companies are going to have to change to keep up with it. One good thing that might happen if Toys R US goes under in Australia is at least we might finally get official Lego stores here which would be nice.
  13. Looks like Toys R US in Australia might be closing down too. My kids both have their birthdays in late January (that's what happens when date night is the same time every year, I guess) – I went to find what they wanted at Toys R Us and the shelves were still bare weeks after Xmas. Ducked into the local Toyworld and they had already restocked with all the latest and greatest. Guess where my money went? The loyalty system here in Australia at Toys R US is terrible (it works out to a $5 return for every $1000 spent!), no click and collect option ordering online, no free shipping until recently (although you need to spend $130 to qualify), some products sold above RRP and Lego exclusives often available in too limited quantities to meet demand. I'm not really going to miss them.
  14. These days I only collect Star Wars sets really because TLG just aren't producing interesting homebrand themes I care about any more. When I came out of my Dark Ages there was stuff like Castle, Pirates, Alien Conquest, Pharaoh's Quest etc available which appealed to me and were fun to collect, but nowdays they're not producing that stuff any more - everything has to be related to media (apart from City, it seems, which never really interested me much). So instead of sets that rely on kids' imagination to fill in the gaps, instead play is limited to kids imitating what they see in TV/Movies. Also, once you've collected SW stuff for a while the release of so many remakes of older sets has limited appeal because chances are you already have an earlier version of that ship. If you're not into the Sequel Trilogy/Spinoffs you're not going to be spending too much on SW after a while.
  15. New DK books incoming: http://www.rebelscum.com/story/front/DK_Adding_Two_New_LEGO_Star_Wars_Titles_In_2018_178475.asp The Ideas book should be interesting.