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  1. TeufelHund

    REVIEW: 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City

    Just finished building this set...have to say I really enjoyed most of the build...often I'd open a bag and an unusual piece would fall out and I'd think "what the hell is that for?" which made the building and consequent revelation very rewarding. The build actually follows the events of the movie starting with landing platform and finishing with the "I am your Father" scene. It does take up a ridiculous amount of space (you definitely need a coffee table to display/play with it) but the way the designer managed to cram every little scene from the film into is to be appreciated. The minifig selection is pretty good – I guess it would have been nice for them to include a second Ugnaught but otherwise they covered almost every base save maybe an Imperial Officer.
  2. I like it - they've done a good job squeezing just about every room from the film into the model. I guess you won't be able to fit a MF on the landing pad but I think they can be forgiven for that one. The name is great too - I suspect TLG are trolling us over "insult on Hoth".
  3. Apparently Imperial Landing Craft is available at the DreamWorld & Chadstone Lego specialist stores in Australia. No news as to whether it will get a wider release than that.
  4. Was tempted to update my Landing Craft but I'm not really impressed by this model - no new minifigs and some odd choices for those included, interior that is nothing but 4 white bathing pools, odd non-canon angular construction. Might be saving my money here.
  5. A revised Clone Wars series leads a bit more credibility to the 501st legion Battlepack rumour that floated around a couple of days ago. Let’s hope there are alternative arrangements for viewing the show outside of the US as Disney Streaming will likely be US only at launch.
  6. TeufelHund

    Star Wars Resitance

    Anime style does not leave me enthusiastic...will wait and see but can't say I'm hanging out for this one.
  7. Ok - I'll probably get the Conveyex, Imperial landing Craft & Snoke's Throne Room from this wave, although I suspect there will be a battle pack released soon that either contains more Range Troopers/Mud Troopers or Snoke's Praetorian Guard. The Hauler would be tempting as it combines with the Conveyex but the minifig selection does nothing for me. I like the speeders but again the minifigs don't really appeal. Add those to the cost of the UCS Cloud City if it's decent and it's looking like an expensive end of year for me.
  8. Not sure if the image I saw is Qi'ra. Also she wasn't even in the Hawler sequence so no sense for her to appear in one of those sets. Maybe it's a character from the rumoured Jurassic World UCS? Box Art for Imperial Landing Craft has leaked. Looks good.
  9. Some nice new sets there. I like the sandcrawler but mainly for it's droid selection - the build itself is nothing special. Snoke's Throne room looks good although I'm disappointed the dramatic red curtains aren't represented. Also that Snoke appears identical to that in the FO Star Destroyer - I was hoping for angry face Snoke! I like the Landing Craft but wish they'd given us 2 more Sandtroopers, a crashed shuttle or a dewback than Obiwan and R2, which seem rather random inclusions. Think I'll stick the old one on Ebay tonight as this definitely looks like a superior replacement. Hoth Medical Bay is cute but will definitely have more appeal to AFOLs than kids.
  10. So the Cloud City UCS doesn’t qualify as even a rumour then, despite the massive hints dropped by TLG and from some posters? Tough crowd...
  11. Not a wish list - just speculation as to what figs will be in a 2018 set.
  12. Can't say I'm impressed by either fig - but will hold judgement till I see the final set/movie. I was just thinking what the likely minifigs in the Cloud City set will be and came up with the following as most likely: * Bespin Luke * Blue Jacket Han (+ Han in Carbonite &/or white shirt Han) * Bespin Leia &/or prison escape Leia * Chewie * C3PO * R2D2 * Lando * Lobot * Bespin Guards x 2 * Ugnaughts x 2 * Darth Vader * Boba Fett * Stormtroopers x2 The following as possibles: * Imperial Officer * Cloud Car Pilot(s) * Bespin Citizens Even if they just go with the likely list that's a minimum of 16 figs.
  13. TeufelHund

    Future Pirates Speculation

    The Roller Coaster looks OK and includes some homages to classic Lego sets, but there are no new pirate torsos included unfortunately except possibly the one on the little boy which was too small to make out in the image I saw.
  14. Another UCS set of no interest to me (I only collect bad guy vehicles and playsets) so money saved - thanks TLG. Cloud City might be harder to resist if that rumour turns out to be true and it's not another "Insult on Hoth" abomination (Crap City?).
  15. Hasbro are trying to crowd fund an action figure scale Sail Barge which is probably the inspiration for this “humour”.