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  1. Don’t mind a redo of the Shuttle but was kind of hoping for a big playset. I guess they got burned by the reactions to Insult on Hoth and (to a lesser extent) Betrayal at Cloud City, but I’d love a MBS style version of Moss Eisley, Jabba’s Palace, Skariff Beach or even the arena from a Episode II.
  2. Saw a few copies of the Creator Pirate ship at a local store today. Thought about it but to be honest if you have any Pirates sets already it’s probably of minimal interest as apart from one new minifig torso there’s not really any exciting piratical pieces to be had. It’s mainly just basic bricks. The cheap 2015 Juniors set offered a lot more in unique pirate stuff (new torso, map, printed flag and jail cell).
  3. Will definitely be getting the Night Buzzard. Shame they put one KoR in the Xwing though as I don't collect good guy ships and will end up with only 5 of the 6 unless I bricklink the missing one. Never got the original Final Duel as I already had the Death Star and didn't feel the need. This remake/reissue hasn't changed my opinion one bit. Maybe if they'd put in Moff Jerjerrod or some Imperial dignitaries instead of the Royal Guards. Despite not really liking RotS I would have preferred an Exegol Final Duel set as the figures and throne would at least have been interesting and new. Resistance ship does nothing for me - the figures look interesting but there are far too few for such an expensive set. Will get the Razor Crest as that looks great (no he's not a good guy!). Everything else is of no interest.
  4. Neither of the two reviews up have shown off the alternate builds. The ship itself is ok I guess but I'd prefer to see all the builds in a review. At least we have confirmation that there is one new torso in the set although I can't see myself buying it just for that.
  5. Still can't believe 40 years has passed since my heart was ripped out in the cinema when I found out who Luke's dad was... I like the new ATAT (especially the cockpit that can fit two pilots and Veers), but already having the 2010 version that's not really enough to get me to upgrade.
  6. Set looks ok but without new pirate minifigs it's not particularly attractive as I probably have all the parts already.
  7. Instead of Gideon's Tie I'd prefer a full sized Imperial Troop Transporter.
  8. Not impressed by the A-Wing to be honest, but that may be more to do with me not liking the ship design that much (plus I prefer the brutalist design of the Imperial forces anyway). Happy to save my money.
  9. TeufelHund

    Lego SW encyclopedia in April: is it worth it ?

    Book is pretty disappointing as it only goes up to the first wave of the RotS sets despite being released months into 2020. Also would have loved a minifig lineup like in the Ultimate Lego Star Wars book because many figure variations are missing here. A decent book for kids I guess but otherwise not really worth the bother.
  10. TeufelHund


    Kind of preferred the aesthetics of the original set, although it is cool you can turn it into a classic pirate ship. All my pirates are from 2009, 2015 and PotC as I was in my Dark Ages when the original series launched and prefer the more modern torsos to the classic ones, but it will make a nice birthday present for me next month in any case. Not sure why they needed to give two of the pirates massive Mario moustaches either.
  11. https://www.lego.com/en-au/product/the-razor-crest-75292 ...you're welcome! $199 though...:-( I love it but unfortunately so does my oldest son, so he may get it for Xmas and I'll just have to play with/admire it when he's not around. A bit strange they didn't give the scout trooper a speeder bike though - a bit of a tough ask for one solitary imperial trooper to take on the Razor Crest *and* the Mando and allies plus kids could then stick IG-11 on it if they wanted. Hopefully Lego will do a full-sized Imperial transport set with Moff Gideon and some Death troopers/Remnant Troopers (the Hasbro remnant trooper looks pretty cool: https://www.rebelscum.com/photo.asp?image=/2020/Feb20StoreReports-starwarssentinel.jpg). I guess a foldable tie fighter would also be cool but the vehicle has been done fairly recently.
  12. Apart from the MF, XWing and Speeder Bike set there's not a lot of screen time for any of the EIX set vehicles. Regular ties are featured more than the Sith ties and the BP vehicle is just something made up by Lego.
  13. TeufelHund

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I suspect they'll just go for the preexisting baby fig size or maybe do a custom bit of plastic like Salacious Crumb/Jabba's son.
  14. TeufelHund

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    After watching the Mandalorian I desperately need a fig. Hopefully he's included along with the Mando in a Razorcrest set.
  15. As someone that usually only collects “Bad Guy” vehicles/figures I’m a bit disappointed they sneaked a Knight of Ren with an awesome helmet into the Xwing set. Still Jannah is a great fig so I might get it once it goes on clearance anyway. Sith trooper set is fantastic though.