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  1. Star Wars Rebels

    I didn't mind those episodes and I usually find most Mandalore stuff a bit dull and fan servicey. The action was top notch including the chase sequence in Episode 1 and the battles on the Star Destroyer in Episode 2. Sure it was entirely predictable and the Empire looked as useless as ever, but I think sometimes we forget that this is a kid's series.
  2. I'd love a UCS Moss Eisley set rather than another Cantina...but it looks like just the Cantina is more likely based on the figures in the leak.
  3. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I live in Australia but travel to Germany every few years to visit in-laws and have been able to both earn and redeem VIP points in German Lego shops with the VIP account I established from Australia.
  4. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I picked up the First Order Star Destroyer today and I'm about half way through. The build is quite a technic fest so far - fun but occasionally confusing (in a good way). I just finished the interior (and the DSS) and the rest of the build will be the panelling. The interior looks great - can't wait to move my FO hordes in.
  5. Star Wars

    I really like Rebels (for the most part). There have been some clunky, filler episodes (hello space whales) but the overarching storyline has been pretty good. I still think the first series was the tightest, but there have been some very good episodes in series 2 & 3. Sadly, it doesn't seem to have gotten the marketing attention of other SW-related projects but that's more an issue with Disney having oversaturated so much that they can't give everything the attention it deserves. Sad there haven't been more Lego sets produced based on the theme though.
  6. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I don't really care much for the MF (I'm more into collecting Bad Guy stuff) but have to admit this model is beyond awesome. Saying that $1,300 AUD is far too much to waste on a toy (my wife never lets me forget I spent <half of that on the Death Star). Also it still has stickers for some reason. I think at that price point they should be abolished. Will probably pick up a First Order Star Destroyer on the weekend though as my Father's Day present for myself. ;-)
  7. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    I think Just2Good or Sir Von Lego mentioned that there would be one set from each of the Pirates, Castle, Space & Town themes. The leaked catalog had outlines of the sets of various sizes but no images.
  8. I just saw the leaked page in the 2018 retailer catalogue. There are no images but there are box outlines and the sets range from quite large down to quite small (including a large red rectangular bucket), so sadly it doesn't look like they're going to be UCS style sets. As well as the bucket there should be one set each from the Town, Space, Castle and Pirates themes, but as to which is getting a small set and which a larger one, there's no new info yet.
  9. Star Wars

    I'd be in for a Boba film and even Jabba could be interesting (although not sure how "action" orientated such a film might be). Please, please don't make a Yoda film though, He's the main reason I don't like ESB so much. All that bad grammar and the way he trolls/lectures every other character is grating. The thought of an entire movie devoted to him fills me with dread.
  10. It seems Lego may be producing five 60th Anniversary Lego sets next year including one each in the Town, Castle, Space and Pirate themes. If these were all UCS that would be great. I would suspect Lego will produce a Pirate ship as these seem to come out on a regular basis so must sell ok. I think a UCS generic pirate ship would be great, as they've never down that before. A pirate town or islander "island" might also be possibilities but I think the ship would be more likely. Of course, we could just get a remaster of a past system set which would be a little disappointing. EDIT: I just looked at the leaked retailer's catalogue for 2018 and the 60th Anniversary sets come in a variety of box sizes (no pictures of the sets yet) from quite large down to small, so no chance they're UCS sets. The largest size could be a pirate ship I guess (or a castle).
  11. Lego appoint new CEO

    Former CEO "reassigned": https://brickset.com/article/29843/lego-appoints-new-ceo That was quick - maybe flatlining US sales spelt his end.
  12. I was kind of hoping for some Episode 2 clones to beef up the troops for my Republic Gunship, but those definitely look like Phase 2 clones (might be a placeholder). Good to see the stud shooters gone though.
  13. The Star Wars Holiday Special Review

    I saw this as a kid when I was 8 and have happy memories - I even remember recreating some of the scenes with my Star Wars figures (although even as a kid the signing bits annoyed me). I'm sometimes tempted to seek it out and look on it with adult eyes, but then I always decide to leave my childhood memories intact instead.
  14. Except the Solo movie is set 10 years prior to the OT, so there may be some variations on what's considered OT (for example variant imperial uniforms/tech etc). Given a UCS Falcon seems imminent, it would not surprise me if a new version of Jabba's Palace is the biggest set in the HS line, given the last version we got came out in 2012.
  15. I hope we get some location type sets rather than just vehicles in the Winter wave. Also some Knights of Ren/Praetorian guards would be nice.