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  1. Might get 73385. New Thrawn looks good even though I already have 75170 (might sell it now though with this coming out) and while I'm disappointed they didn't add Enoch the Stormtrooper with gold highlights is pretty cool. 75396 doesn't add anything new really if you have any of the previous versions apart from a lot more bricks around the Sarlacc pit which doesn't do anything for me although the Han squinting minfig face is kind of fun.
  2. I think I'll stick with my 2014 version of the ISD - the only things I like about the new one is the Anniversary figure and the Star Destroyer hologram. The 2014 had a similar nice hologram, an Emperor hologram figure and superior figures like the best Stormtroopers Lego has ever made and an officer with magnificent 70s mutton chops.
  3. I recently had my 6 & 7 year old niece and nephew over and they wanted to play with my castle (my kids are pretty much in their dark ages now). Let's just say it took me a fair while afterwards to find all the bits on the floor, fix the drawbridge mechanism and swap back all the minifig components that got swapped around.
  4. Yeah - looks more like a wait for sale set than a Day 1 buy to me. Given the D&D set is out a month later I might get that instead in the first instance.
  5. Have to say on first glance I prefer the original (Medieval Market Place) – this looks a bit barren with only a goat and chook compared to the original which had a feasting table and stools, two cows and some brick-built animals and a bigger tree. The tower looks like a tribute to the old guarded inn perhaps which would be a fun call back. Will wait for better pics/reviews before passing final judgement.
  6. Got and built the Tie Interceptor set for Father's Day. The Interceptor looks great but is absolutely massive compared to the Tie Bomber released earlier this year. I don't have the most recent Tie Fighter but it looks like a similar scale to older Tie Fighters than the newest one. Surprisingly for what I initially thought of us a forced extra expense to get the Interceptor, the included Mandalorian Fang Fighter is actually a nice build and the Mandalorian Fleet Commander fig is the MVP figure in the set.
  7. TeufelHund

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    Finished the build today - probably looks most impressive in the longer configuration as the open backed buildings look a bit weird when it’s enclosed. Lego quality control is going downhill as this is the second set this year I’ve got where they have provided an incorrect plate (different colour/mould) piece in the set. Never had that in the 10 years+ since I’ve been out of my dark ages. I don’t like the gap in the ship build at the prow and the minifigs in the 2015 Pirate wave are superior (printed shakos, more resplendent governor, unique female figures rather than just girls in uniforms etc). The build is fairly straightforward compared to something like Lion Knight’s Castle which was almost magical at times in the way they created unique angles and it slotted together. I do like the cobbled slope and some of the tile effects they use for awnings. Probably brick bricks would have been better than some of the techniques they use in this set to create an uneven effect for the walls. The rocks look good too although they are a bit tedious to put together.
  8. TeufelHund

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    I think most of us would be happy for more female minifigs, but just lazily making half your soldiers female is a pretty token and unimaginative effort at achieving gender parity don't you think? It's not sexist to wish Lego could produce a nostalgia-based set that didn't also include a clumsy lesson in gender politics.
  9. TeufelHund

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    It's just lazy on Lego's behalf - if they want to have gender balance then make some cool new female torsos (pirates, civilians etc) or include extra male and female heads so the builder can decide what gender their troops are. don't just arbitrarily make half the soldiers female and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. At least they didn't gender swap the governor I guess, unlike Lion Knights' Castle where you have to accept your castle is ruled by a Queen (unless you have a king available from another source of course).
  10. TeufelHund

    New Rumored Pirate Set in July 2023

    My feelings exactly. Trying to reach gender parity by making half of the soldiers female is pretty lazy in a set with a historical theme given how few good historical civilian minifigs we have.
  11. TeufelHund

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Some of the faces with the oversized blue eyes are a bit disturbing. The torso prints are passable for the most part but don't quite hold up to today's quality (the Russian/German soldiers for instance look more like plastic army men than Lego figures).
  12. TeufelHund

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    No point overacting I guess until we hear the official word one way or the other. The entire Indiana Jones Lego revival hasn't even been announced yet, so the average consumer isn't going to miss something they never knew about in the first place. While Lego do have guidelines they seem to throw them away when it suits them (like having an entire licensed range which literally has "Wars" in the title).
  13. Looks like a petty cheap second half of the year for me at this stage. I usually only collect Imperial stuff so Yavin is unlikely. $650 UCS set might hurt though if it's an MBS (I usually don't collect supersized ships). Tons of potential MBS material from RotJ if they decide to go that way - Sail Barge, Jabba's Palace, Endor Bunker, Ewok Village - hell they could even do a DSII remake.
  14. TeufelHund

    Getting into Pirates

    Lego knows there's a bunch of hardcore pirate fans that can be milked semi-regularly, so no doubt there will be more pirate-themed sets released sporadically over the coming years. Sadly the last time a full theme was released was 2015, but since then we've had a Pirates of The Caribbean ship, the Creator 3in1 set and the Pirates of Barracuda Bay Ideas set as well as a couple of piratical minifigs in the collectible minifig line. If you want to get started at the moment the Creator 3in1 set is the obvious choice and there's also a pirate accessory pack https://www.lego.com/en-au/product/pirates-and-treasure-vip-add-on-pack-40515 that might be relatively easy to obtain. An aftermarket Barracuda Bay set also shouldn't be too expensive if you can find one.
  15. It looks nice but given the the Hasbro version (https://hasbropulse.com/products/star-wars-the-vintage-collection-razor-crest) was "only" $349 this looks too expensive in comparison *and* takes up too much of a display footprint. Easy pass (plus I'm still annoyed we didn't get an MBS set this year).