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  1. New DK books incoming: http://www.rebelscum.com/story/front/DK_Adding_Two_New_LEGO_Star_Wars_Titles_In_2018_178475.asp The Ideas book should be interesting.
  2. I'll be picking up the battlepack if only for the Officer and another Death Star Trooper Helmet, but would need to see the film before splashing out on anything else. I noticed a number of the minifigs have silvery stains on them which makes me assume that Mimban (spelling?) has a particularly unusual environment.
  3. I like the Imperial battlepack (interesting early stormie variants + officer/death squad commander) despite the stud shooters but the speeders look a bit blocky. I have the 2012 Tie so this one doesn't do much for me but the figures look interesting (Captain Phasma's mummy?). Not really interested in the MF but looks like a lot of the interesting/unique figs will be found there including Lando and maybe Zuckuss as a middle finger to those hoping for him to be in a cheap set.
  4. Just got back - my thoughts (spoilers): * No decent action scenes at all. At least TFA had some good set pieces. There is maybe one action scene in this film I could see myself rewatching a couple of times but not repeatedly. The last 30 minutes of films like RotJ, AotC and RO were bonkers balls to the walls stuff. None of that to be found here. * Luke Skywalker is cooler in this film than in all of the OT. The master-student relationship with Rey is way better than the Luke-Yoda one. * Some lame jokes (particularly the very first one), but the humour is generally ok. Porgs managed to be both utterly adorable and funny. * Somehow the resistance have managed to develop bombers that can drop bombs in Zero-G (did anyone think that through?) * We finally, finally find out where Blue Milk comes from! * One thing that really sold the film to me was the death of Snoke - totally unexpected and well done (of course given Maul came back from the same fate who can say if this is really the end...) * Film would have been much better if Rey and Kylo had joined forces - much more interesting set up for Episode IX. * Still no idea of Snoke's backstory. Generic evil overlord 101. * Rey's parents were apparently space druggies who sold her for their next hit - no one special (could be a lie though) * Leia is still alive - not sure how that's going to work out for the next episode. * Luke setup to go all Obi Wan and sacrifice himself to let the others escape - but wait - it was just a projection - Luke lives and made the bad guys look like fools! Then he promptly dies anyway. What was the point of that? For me ideal endgame would be Kylo/Rey united with Luke to fight/redeem them in the next episode. * Why do the FO land snowtroopers on the final planet when there's no evidence it's cold at all - weird callback to Hoth? * Yoda turns up and is actually not too annoying. * Phasma finally gets into the action but then promptly dies anyway. I think action wise there are a lot better SW films out there but this is at least interesting because of it's non-binary exploration of the force I guess. Better than the prequels maybe slightly better than TFA if only because it's more original. Some Lego thoughts: First Order Heavy Scout Walker nowhere to be seen – not even in the background. True Bargain Bin Material. No sight of the Walker pilots. Did Lego make these up? You don't need more than 2 Executioner Stormies – no need to army build these. TLG need to produce Snoke Bodyguard Minifigs ASAP! Speaking of Snoke – it's a good thing he's a standard minifig that comes apart at the hips...
  5. I was reading elsewhere that the ATST is only partially built? Would be a bit strange to release a vehicle set where the vehicle is not complete. I already have Phasma from the Force Awakens set so not sure if this is something I'll buy but I guess I'll wait and see till after I've seen the film.
  6. Cantina set looks decent to me - would have preferred a couple of random cantina aliens rather than Han/Greedo again but it looks decent and the Pod/Droid thing looks cute. I have the 2014 version but will probably get this.
  7. A Cantina battlepack at some point seems like a no-brainer, especially seeing as TLG have recently started to experiment with packs other than the usual clone/storm/rebel/resistance trooper variants.
  8. I have the 2014 version but happy to get a smaller one for Wuher, Han's new hair and some extra Sandtoopers which seem to be the same as that in the 2014 set (although I still think the ones from the 2012 Droid Escape are the best sandtrooper figures ever).
  9. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    Ughhh...horrible. I pray for some decent UCS style sets next year because these are the worst way I can think of to celebrate an anniversary - it's like expecting a three course meal and getting a bag of peanuts.
  10. Can't see much of interest to me in the leaks without seeing the film. I guess the FO Battlepack might be of interest although I already have the other figs apart from than the Executioner Stormies. Battle of Crait I'd like to see what it's all about although with the FO Walkers it's looking depressingly like a sandy reprise of the Battle of Hoth. Might have to get Kylo's Tie Silencer after all as I was really hoping for the Tie Pilot with the red stripes to be in a cheaper set...
  11. Star Wars Rebels

    You are usually assigned a generalship the moment you join the Rebellion - hence General Solo, General Calrissian etc If Jar Jar had joined the Rebellion he would have gone straight to Admiral/Field Marshall as he was already a general in the Gungan army.
  12. Next year is the 40th Anniversary of Lego Castle - it would be nice if Lego threw us a bone if not an entirely new series of sets. I'd be happy with a nice fat UCS set myself... My five year old loves Nexo Knights - so it certainly does appeal to some kids out there.
  13. Will definitely get the BP as none of the other sets with Jawas/Sandpeople have appealed to me. Would rather have had a second Tusken though than the droid. Disappointing the FO pilot doesn't have the red stripes on his helmet - I was on the edge about getting Kylo's Tie Fighter so that might just push me over.
  14. Star Wars Rebels

    At least there was actually an explosion on board and Hera didn't do it remotely with radio waves...
  15. Star Wars Rebels

    I didn't mind those episodes and I usually find most Mandalore stuff a bit dull and fan servicey. The action was top notch including the chase sequence in Episode 1 and the battles on the Star Destroyer in Episode 2. Sure it was entirely predictable and the Empire looked as useless as ever, but I think sometimes we forget that this is a kid's series.