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  1. Will there be any Fallen order sets released? I seem to remember the Battlefront games and KOTOR Online both got some sets.
  2. TeufelHund

    The saddest part about revenge of the sith (IMO)

    The saddest part about Revenge of the Sith was that they wasted an entire movie on Baby Ani and Jar Jar Binks which could have been better utilised to show Anakin's *gradual* corruption and fall to the dark side. It just ends up seeming so rushed where he goes from dobbing in Palpatine to the Jedi and then a few minutes later kneeling before him calling him master.
  3. TeufelHund

    Castle - Fantasy Era (2007-2009)

    I cam out of my Dark Ages after my wife gave me a small Kingdoms set in 2010. Luckily I was able to track down most of the Fantasy era sets I wanted after that as they still weren't too expensive. My favourite is probably the Troll's Siege tower which just looks ridiculously awesome. I also liked the King's Castle and Troll Fort. The Market Village is a great set to but more of a straight medieval approach rather than fantasy - I preferred the Kingdoms Joust myself. 2013 Knights were pretty disappointing. I hated the "good" knights childish emblem although the "evil" knights looked ok. I hope this wasn't the last classic castle wave ever because I'd be pretty disappointed if it was.
  4. TeufelHund

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    I came out of my dark ages fully in 2010 and even before then I had a couple of sets like the 2006 Star Destroyer. I'm happy for them to keep re-releasing old sets as I can always build up my storm/snow/scout trooper armies and if a new version of a set comes along with substantially better figs or build I just sell the old version and upgrade. Plus new versions of OT sets often come with unique figs not available beforehand. For example, the 2014 Cantina came with the Band but the 2018 version had the barkeeper but neither had both.
  5. I keep them in good condition if I can because I sometimes resell old sets and the price is higher to some collectors if you can also include the box.
  6. Death Star Cannon Review: Can't say there's much about this set I like. The hood is ok but I'm sure I'll have tons of them before long. I guess the gun looks a bit better than I thought it would. He also has all the other Force Friday sets so hopefully we'll be seeing more reviews soon. EDIT: Here's another for you:
  7. Maybe the revised version didn't sell that well given a lot of AFOLs would have had the original and the newer version was just the same thing with updated minifigs? Would take a completely new version to get me interested.
  8. An ideal Battle pack for Episode 9 for me would be 2x Sith troopers & 2x Jet Troopers. given each appear only once in sets in this year's wave..
  9. Impressive. Most impressive. Probably not for me though as I prefer playsets/diorama style sets with tons of minifigs than giant freaking spaceships. Hopefully we’ll get a new master builder series set next year.
  10. I'm not a dog person so it looks close enough to a pug for me. The Fright Knight's head looks quite washed out FYI. I looked at some reviews online and this definitely seems to be a design decision rather than a manufacturing fault.
  11. Would be nice if they put both stud shooters and regular blasters in the battlepacks so you could choose which you like. I'm sure sooner or later they'll overhaul the blasters to make them look more like the film weapons and they'll be a huge outcry.
  12. These have arrived in Australia as I picked up all the ones I was after last night. My favourites are the Bounty Hunter, Dog poop girl, Explorer and Mummy Queen. The pug and the chameleon are great little animals (not so keen on the sausage dog). Interesting that these are not made exclusively in China anymore. The quality has certainly improved a great deal since some of the early series.
  13. Death Star set is pretty ordinary - Obiwan's hood is nice but the rest is forgettable. The gun looks nothing like the ones in the film with the barrel much too short. A-Wing, Y-Wing & MF have some nice figures but don't look very compelling being rehashes with slight colour changes. Interesting the MF has gone back to a round dish. Skiff/Bike set looks ok, although in a galaxy where vehicles either have legs or hover the bike seems a bit out of place. Mandalorian set is a bit of a weird choice - the Mandalorian's space ship would have been the obvious choice for a set but maybe wouldn't have fitted into the assigned price point. Nice figures I guess but I'll wait to see the show before opening my wallet. Kylo's Shuttle is the crowning glory of the wave. If I had to criticize I'd say I would have preferred a shuttle pilot or additional Sith Trooper to the generic FO trooper included. Otherwise the only set of the wave I'm definitely getting. I fully expect a BP will have additional Sith Troopers/Jet Pack Troopers (or even Knights of Ren) early next year. I actually don't mind Yoda after seeing some more of the close up shots. It's not for me but they've done a decent job with it.
  14. If the next UCS set is indeed a classic Star Destroyer, it may well be the vehicle only without minifigs as we've seen no leaks so far save for episode 9 figures and it's sure to be announced shortly given it will likely be a September release.
  15. Not bad - I'll probably get the Fright Knight and the Mummy for myself. Maye the gamer boy for my eldest son.