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  1. George G.

    Marvel's Excalibur Figures

    Thanks for you're comment mate! I've never read an Excalibur comic, just looked at some pictures on the internet, so I guess you're the expert . What I was going for was more of a stylised/modern version of the team. - I kept Captain Britain pretty much the same as the original, just without the mask which was decided because of decal issues and I thought he looked pretty neat without. And I'm sorry about the hair colour, I've never seen under the mask - For NightCrawler, I went for a near identical copy of the original just with a beard because that's what was on the face! - For Marvel Girl, I was basing it off this: as I could make it seem a little more modern and "human". - For ShadowCat I was going for a traditional X-men outfit as shown here: . I was using her hair as a filler and it just kind of stuck with the outfit, so I kept it. - And for Meggan, I used this: , just with a little more black. The hair is the only blonde one I have, and you have to let me off for not knowing that she was very smiley
  2. Congratulations everyone! I'm very surprised that I won, and it's a set that I really wanted! Thanks guys, great contest!
  3. Excalibur Figures I created all the torso decals myself and printed them onto sticker paper. My favourite torso has to be Captain Britain's, but my favourite detail of all has to NightCrawler's tail :) Here are the figures in action, facing off against my custom Doctor Doom!
  4. George G.

    Barry Ropley - Ace Reporter!

    Ah man! I was just looking through all the entries for the contest to decide which to vote for, and realised that I had done exactly the same idea for this round as 'Ruslik' did, so sorry mate Great minds think alike eh?
  5. Just wondering if the judges will comment on all the entries before the voting stage? Thanks guys this has been a really cool contest!
  6. Back story ~ As a child, Barry grew up in Metropolis. On the television every day he would watch news reports on the evil plights lead by the Joker and his goons. He also watched how the mysterious Batman would always save the day, but there was never any good footage of the masked hero for everyone to see. At 16, Barry finished school and moved to Gotham City to become the Batman's new assistant and help him stop crime! Unfortunately, Barry was very poor and couldn't afford to make an outfit or buy his own Barrymobile. So he decided to take up a job at Channel 5, being a runner. When he was 19, Barry was offered a job as a reporter for the news station; of which he took up as he decided that the Superhero lifestyle wasn't really for him. On his first report, Barry went out alone with all the camera crew he would need to film. Then, in the shadows, Barry saw the fast-paced flash of Batman zooming past him to save the day! Barry was fast, agile, and was an amazing climber so could keep up with the Dark Knight as he chased down hooligans! Barry presented his footage to the Channel 5 producer, who promoted him to chief reporter! From then on, Barry would go out every night and show the World the next exciting adventure of the Batman! If it is unclear, the torso detail shows the "Channel 5: Gotham Tonight" logo, Barry's name badge and a sound recording device with wires going into his backpack. A small microphone is clipped onto his collar. Costings ~ - Spiked hair - £0.64 - Superman head - £2.25 - White torso - £0.32 - City Pilot legs - £0.28 - Backpack - £0.08 - Camera - £0.10 - 2x 1x1 round stud - £0.02 - 1x1 round tile - £0.05 - Printable sticker - £0.04 - Total - £3.78 Thanks for stopping by!
  7. George G.


    I have added the image you have asked for, and it comes after the back-story text. Thank you very much for the suggestion LuxorV!
  8. If there's any spare constructive criticism floating about that the judges are able to give me on my entry, I would greatly appreciate it thanks
  9. George G.


    Backstory ~ Heja Dayoo grew up in the deepest part of the Amazon Forest, living amongst the trees with her many sisters. Heja lived a very sad life, as her sisters constantly bullied her for not being as strong or fast as them. One time she was so upset, she ran away from her home up into the mountain where the deceased tribe leader was buried. She prayed to the leader, wishing that he could rise from the grave and protect her. Heja was astonished as, as she had wished, the tribesman rose from his deep grave, a horrific zombie! The zombie had no feeling of it's own, but could be controlled from Heja's commands. She sent her new warrior back to the village to kill her sisters, and re-summon them back to act as her servants. Word spread of Heja and her powers through many adventurers and explorers, until it reached the firey grasp of The Joker! He new this now-woman was exactly what he needed in his army of wicked villains who could take down the Batman for once and for all! The Joker took Heja back to Gotham with him and turned her into the villainous NECRO! NECRO summoned an army of the dead and took control of Gotham. She made sure that she summoned two corpses to act as her personal body guards; Batman's mother and father! Will Batman be able to kill his zombie parents? Will he be able to save Gotham? How does NECRO know the identity of Batman's parents? Find out same bat-time, same bat-channel, on the next exciting installment of Batman! Fact File ~ - NAME: Heja Dayoo - VILLAIN: Necro - GENDER: Female - HEIGHT: 8ft 1" - POWERS: Raising the dead Costing ~ - Plain Dark Red Torso - £1.60 - Geisha t Head - £0.26 - Black Helmet - £0.01 - Black Knights Visor - £0.97 - Dark Red Cloth Awning - £0.20 - Dark Red 2x2x3 Slope - £0.06 - 10cmx3.5cm printable sticker – £0.04 - 4L Black Pole – £0.01 - Total – £3.15 The decals were designed myself on Microsoft Office Publisher, and I'm surprised how well the print came out, even if the colour is a little off I'm not too familiar with the in depth Batman story line, but I gave a guess and if there is a character with the same name/powers then I am sorry. And if you're wondering, the background is a painting of a red butterfly, I thought the colours worked well Thanks for stopping by!
  10. George G.

    Modular Madness

    I see your frustration but I don't see contests as prize-bagging events, but ways to build together as a community and see what every one else can come up with! But yes, prizes are pretty awesome when they come as an added bonus
  11. George G.

    Modular Madness: The Antique Shoppe

    B-M-04D The Antique Shoppe I'm a fan of micro building and when I saw the category I thought I'd give an entry a go. I've built a stucco-and-timber style building before in Minifigure scale ( but couldn't work out a way to get the diagonal beams. Now, in microscale, I developed a way by sandwiching a 1x1 tile between 2 oppositely-facing cheese slopes. The whole building interior is filled up by the SNOT reinforcements and the sides were difficult to build due to half stud offset on each floor to make the overhang Another difficulty was trying to fit all the SNOT onto the 8x8 base, but after much fiddling and redesign I got it on there.
  12. George G.

    Avengers Sets - The Continuity Errors

    I did the same for my Captain America figure except I used the spare round trans-clear tile from the Cosmic Cube set as the headlight
  13. George G.

    Lego Licensed Photography Thread

    After a week of patiently waiting, my Avengers sets finally arrived in the post I am slightly disappointed by my Iron Man's helmet as the left side looks as though its been attacked with P60 sand paper I'll have to file for a replacement piece. Any-who, photo time!
  14. George G.

    Avengers Sets - The Continuity Errors

    Well, kids these days are all "want want want"! I'm pretty sure a lot of them do have the full range
  15. George G.

    Avengers Sets - The Continuity Errors

    I see where you're coming from, but I think LEGO could have done with some variation in figures because most of the figures appear twice in the same wave of sets which will leave kids having duplicates of characters which, unless you're playing cloning , can't be too much fun for playing with. But I do understand that they did have to keep some costs down.