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  1. Syn

    Tired of licensed sets

    I have to agree with the OP, I was very disappointed in the amount of normal sets Lego has right now, Its hard to find anything that isn't licensed. now LOTR will be the next with a LOTR/LEGO price. ugh. I mean don't get me wrong I like LOTR but these will be ridiculously priced. I was on LEGO just this morning when I looked I saw all the new sets that City had to offer, not a single one was a building, they have a "cave" in one set but not a building. It's all cars and most of them fire related. Ninjago seems like it has taken over as well and I hate everything about that entire line. The whole ninja thing to me is completely over done, cliched, and useless. I don't have a problem with having licensed sets, I like them, I own a couple, but when I go to the store to pick something out and all I see is LITERALLY, STAR WARS | HARRY POTTER | NINJAGO | CARS(PIXAR) | Misc Licensed | 2 or 3 fire trucks or cop car sets under 15 dollars it really is annoying.
  2. I don't read through it before building, I build as I read through it, and if I don't like something or think it looks better another way I change it.
  3. Syn

    New modular building? 10224 Town Hall

    Well the year is coming to an end and I was about to order another Grand Emporium for parts and another big modular only to find that it is sold out. I have no options to add it to wish list, or any dates for when it will become available. Could this be a sign for the new set? I hope so, I need a new official modular!!
  4. Syn

    Complex Archways

    wow that is so simple but looks so good. thank you! I believe that's the winner!
  5. Syn

    MOD: Classic truck conversions

    wow! they just look like newer models of the old, which is fantastic. Brilliant job, I would love to see what you would/could do with some of the others because the first was fantastic and the second was a brilliant representation of the original. the only thing that I think is disproportionate about the second is the wheels. They just look small for that size truck, but other than that they are great! keep brickin'! Syn
  6. Syn

    Complex Archways

    yeah I thought about that but I would need some sort of way to make the three studs fit on 2 and make it look nice, it would be nice to make that work. I have come up with one solution but it is a little big tell me what you think. different colors are only to illustrate parts
  7. Syn

    Complex Archways

    the three stud archway is two small and the four would work OKAY if I didn't have to support it with a 2 stud brick. I thought of that and am trying to figure out how to reduce it to just one stud.
  8. Syn

    London Georgian Townhouse c1905

    wow! I love the amount of detail even with the single color! interior looks fantastic! very very nice! good job! Syn
  9. I'm having a little bit of an issue with a moc that I am creating based on a real building. The entryway is two open archways, side by side, due to the size I only have about 8 studs to work with. I know this is a tall order and it probably isn't possible with the amount of space that I have I just really feel like it really needs the two arch ways as apposed to one since the original building has two. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Syn
  10. Syn

    Expand the Winter Village II

    does it have to be open backed or can it be closed? does the base plate need to be the same 10 stud wide? or can it be wider? longer? I know they need to be around the same size but whats the limit?
  11. Syn

    MOC:Fishing boat repairing centre

    wow that's really good! i like it! makes me want to have a harbor now.....
  12. any updates? its amazing so see this from what you started with!
  13. Syn

    MOC Modular Bank

    fantastic design! I love it I think this is just awesome!
  14. Syn

    Least useful parts?

    Since I've seen 'Technic' given as and answer I'm going to say DUPLO. but as far as Lego parts go, I would have to say I can't honestly think of any. I just scanned through my parts and honestly I can think of plenty of things they can be used for. every piece I can turn into something or use as a detail for something else.
  15. Syn

    My new MOC: Modular Building

    even though you revealed what this building actually is, it looks to me like a Mexican Restaurant which is awesome because you can interchange the buildings duties! very nice moc!