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  1. kristofpanna

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    When I saw the cloud piece, I couldn't resist.
  2. kristofpanna

    [MOC] Yoshi

    really cute! :)
  3. kristofpanna

    What are you listening to?

    The heroic fantasy power metal (about "fictional scottish history") band Gloryhammer has a new album "Space 1995: Rise of the chaos wizards", which is some sweetly crazy space-fantasy stuff, and goes well with waiting for the Nexo Knights sets. :)
  4. The first set I got after my dark age was 40005 Bunny - my boyfriend got it for my birthday. It's still sitting on my desk (along whith some other bunnies now, too). :)
  5. kristofpanna

    What's in a name ???

    My username is simply the concatenation of my last name and first name, in this order. (Hungarians use this order instead of the "american" order - we have family name first, then the individual's given name next.) :)