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  1. 3.599 Parts = about 399€
  2. Will it be the same color as LEGO Speed Champions 75878? Blue / Black ? I hope it will be blue & black and not orange
  3. No rush, take your time :-)
  4. @Jim Could you make a Picture with the Tires from the Set 42000 ?
  5. Outstanding Review ! Thanks JIM :-)
  6. Here you can see the Extreme Adventure without the stickers :-P
  7. That would be a big disappointing I hope it's not true... I want a special set!
  8. If you look closely to the front fender of 42070 (under the teddy), you can see a sticker, on that is written "TOW 067". I think this means that this truck is made to tow the Lego Model Technic 42067. But we dont know anything about this model yet!! I am sooooooo hyped now to see what a suprising set 42067 will be
  9. There is a Liveticker from zusammengebaut.com. I think we will see the pictures there :-P zusammengebaut.com LIVE TICKER
  10. I hope they will give us a very special model too! It's 40th anniversary... And they can't just celebrate it with a special brick in each set :-P (My Opinion)
  11. The International Toy Fair Nürnberg starts at 1st February. So will be the list of the 2h with pictures
  12. I just received my stickers from bricklink and applied them :-) Thanks 8421XXL
  13. Yeah you can rearrange them again into the official order. But like Jim said, it's kinda useless. Another Question: Did anyone had missing parts at the LEGO 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS ?
  14. I just received my copie of this Set, but it was packed in an other way.
  15. Very lovely made Review!