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  1. S70KES

    [MOC] Road Repair Truck with custom electronics

    Excellent truck, brilliant effort on hiding the battery box. Great light setup to
  2. S70KES

    [MOC] Lego Ghost Train ride

    Amazing work looks amazing the details are wonderful top job
  3. S70KES

    My Lego Town Layout Neu-Brickstadt

    Excellent work great detail every where
  4. S70KES

    MOC Warehouse

    Great building, loads of great details and wonderful design
  5. Hello all Eurobrickers. I'm a fello Lego lover from the south in the UK. I've been a massive fan of Lego for best part of 30 years. Over this period of time I've collected a vast amount of sets mostly Lego town/city. My Lego collection started when I was 3. I don't have many memories from the really early time of my life. However, The ones I do are special. I remember my dad coming home with a carrier bag of pieces he had found. Eyes wide open with excitement as the bag was poured on the table leaving a large pile of mostly blue and red bricks and plates. That was it I was hocked! My Lego passion carried on thick and fast from that point right up until I was about 15. Collection rapidly growing in size. Then I stopped collecting for a few years. It wasn't until I was about 26 and a call from my parents said they where moving and I would need to collect my stuff I had stored in their loft. It was at this point then when sorting through the large pile of boxs and bags, I had such a emotional moment when finding all the Lego safely boxed up and covered. Memories of good times came flooding back, I sat laughing in the loft for ages while having a rummage in the boxs of pieces. Once I finally got it all down and packed I ended up filling up 6 large plastic crates, 2 large suit cases and couple boxs of just Lego. This is how it stayed for couple years in my own loft often being added to with more boxs of other sets and exciting bargains I've brought over the past few years. Now it's come to the time where I am itching to pull it all out and have a good sort and start a new Lego City layout. Should be very exciting sorting out the boxes and finding out what I actully do have. I look forward to sharing my developments as they unfold. thanks all and once again a big HELLO
  6. "worried about my trip to LEGOland next week, if fact! i'm bricking it"

  7. S70KES

    MOC: Safe cracker

    Cracking!! Love it great little vig.... Love the smashed glass look might have to steel the idea if that's ok
  8. S70KES

    MOC: De Vier Gekroonden

    Wonderful modular building great details and Great how you have put so much i'n a small space
  9. S70KES

    MOC Gamers corner

    That's brilliant love it..
  10. S70KES

    MOC: Galaxy Diner and Empire Theater

    One truly amazing set of MOC's... Can't pick a favourite part!!! Outstanding work...
  11. S70KES

    MOC: One big MOC!

    Truly breath taking!! Such beautiful and clever MOC. Attention to detail amazing Good job :)
  12. S70KES

    MOC: Villa Maison (modular building)

    marcosbessa would you be so kind as to forward it to myself also. I love The way you have done the steps and would love to borrow the idea myself... If you don't mind could you please send the file to stokedoggydog@hotmail.co.uk be much appreciated thanks
  13. S70KES

    Modular Building 10218 Pet Shop

    Really exciting news on this new set.. As I'm new to modular and will be getting my 1st modular building i'n the next couple of weeks I'll be sat eagerly awaiting this new set.... Thanks for the great info :)
  14. S70KES

    MOC: The Bar and Grill

    Excellent effort love the tables and the bar... Good work