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  1. pgplay

    [MOC] Hamster Washing Machine

    It could turn out to ba a cat-astrophe ☺
  2. pgplay

    Doppelmayr 3s Gondola Ropeway

    It is something else, magnificent and huge. Great build
  3. pgplay

    Technic Pub

    All best, happy b-day!
  4. The belt is motorised by a large turntable, the new turntable - the yellow one is more like a track and the wedge wheel rides on it for stability From what I see
  5. pgplay

    [MOC] FSC Żuk

    Like I wrote on the LUGPol forum - it's great, brings back memories. Really love your work
  6. Specialised parts aren't good - they have a limited application. Lego could have of course used a couple of the rubber tracks in their set (42055), but than it would mean one motor driving multiple sprockets - not even sure it would work. BTW it's a MOC not a set
  7. pgplay

    [TC9] Combine Harvester and Hot Rod

    That is a good question - do explain :)
  8. I'm pretty sure the mining truck as B model was meant as a joke :)
  9. It was a great contest with some great works. Congratulations all.
  10. pgplay

    8839 Supply Ship Studless

    It is amazing, could be a TLG set
  11. Love the way tge boom extandes, got to use it somewhere sometime soon. Great build
  12. I'm afraid TLG won't introduce the so needed smaller tires with tractor tread - the new volvo was the perfect opportunity, instead we got the damn balloon tired which don't fit the great wheeled excavator. Hope I'm wrong
  13. Looks amazing, looking forward to next steps and a working model - should be a joy to look at and see it work
  14. It is a sticker in the real RS - to save weight. Read a bit about the RS since you like it so much.
  15. Some printed parts, like the logo are great, but all printed parts would just be silly - each piece could be used in only one place, otherwise the finished build would look stupid with all the lines going the wrong way. With all printed parts it would be the most irritating build in the world and no kid would finish it, many adults as well. It would be frustrating
  16. pgplay

    Sandvik TH550

    This is something extra. Great model
  17. pgplay

    Technic Photography

    Looks great on flickr
  18. 5: 10 16: 6 7: 4 17: 3 11: 2 9: 1
  19. Tommy, From what I could notice, kids have phones which are just as good as the ones adults use. What's more, kids are better at using their phones or tablets so I wouldn't worry about them using BT to play with Lego.
  20. pgplay

    Doppelmayr 3s Gondola Ropeway

    It's amazing! The videos could use some light
  21. I knew I saw the three steering modes working in one model:
  22. pgplay

    [MOC] Porsche 911

    Sorry, It's ok, but it's far from the best of 2016, there were much better looking mocs in previous years as well. The headlights look somwhat strange, not finished, the hood is way to low and to flat. The back looks more like a DeLorean than a 911. The worst thing however is that you stated that it's maximum detail, Porsche mechanic and perfect scale, which is and will be cause for more criticism than praise. Best of luck next time.
  23. pgplay

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    I think that even these as double wheels would be better:{"color":86} like in this model
  24. pgplay

    42053 - Volvo EW160E

    The L30 can be a forklift or a snowplough many possibilities they could leave the bucket out in the B model