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  1. primitiv

    Contest Pimp My Camper! Voting Thread

    Well done to all entrants! Many nice ideas on this subject. To me, there were some entries that stood out more than others, were the camper van was cleverly put in a completely different context but still recognisable as a camper. Therefore I would like to give my votes to the following entries: 63. Hippie Bumper, by Ondrej 1p 99. Vammoth, by Brick Laboratory 3p (Brilliant entry, my early favourite, well done!) 106. 50c Joy Ride, by Midi 2p 109. TIE Bomber, by GIR3691 1p 175. Steampunk camper, by aditayam 2p Note for Rufus: there is no mention in the voting rules for when the voting closes (or I missed it).
  2. primitiv

    REVIEW: 21018 United Nations Headquarters

    I am of a different opinion; I love this set as it really looks stunning. Yes, the flagpoles are represented by levers but surely they do the trick of imitiating the real thing. And the small Buildings, and the general look of it - this is the first architecture set in a while that i really, REALLY, want to buy. Never mind what the UN does or doesnt; to me (and I´m Swedish and have never been to New York) it´s instantly recognisable for what it is and the UN Buildings are actually quite famous around the World. So I find a great addition to the range and will certainlybuy this set - or even better, have someone else buy it for me for Christmas!
  3. Everybody knows that to properly pimp a camper, and especially such an iconic camper as the VW Camper Van, there is only one place to go: Brick Street Customs! They have pulled off something amazing with this vintage car, turning it into a modern 21st century version! So without further delay, let´s present: the VW Camper Van - BSC Edition! Let´s have a closer look at some of the modifications to this vehicle: Lowered chassie; custom suspension; widened track; added extra rear axle; custom wheels; low-profile tires; classic positioning of the spare tire on the front of the van; added aero spoiler kit in the front; custom headlights; lowered front roof. Looking from the rear, we can see more modifications: Rear top spoiler; massive diffuser; double chrome exhausts; vehicle-wide rear lights; extra brake lights; windows tinted black all around; rear windows replaced with larger versions; side-positioned aero kit. But, it is still a camper van and it will obviously be used for camping - BSC style! Hence they added a larger roof pop-up and slide-outs on both sides to create a big, spacious living area inside the van! The VW Camper Van - BSC Edition! Pimp my camper? Done!
  4. Great revied and a great set! Thanks Rufus! But where do you find it for sale at £109? I can only find it for about £220! Show me where it´s at £109 and I´ll buy two!
  5. primitiv

    Architecture Contest: Stortinget

    I didn´t vote for your building but, with the "other" cat on it, I would have! Not realistic? Not according to the original? Screw that! Here´s a bonus point!
  6. primitiv

    VOTING: Architecture Building Contest

    12) 2p 34) 2p 10) 1p 13) 1p 17) 1p These are my votes. Well done to all contestants who all have created very nice models. I liked the #12 entry since I first saw it; simple design but very nicely done and a good replica. The #34 entry looks very cleverly done and I am looking forward to finding out how it was created. Apart from the entries above I would like to give a bonus point to entry #7 which looks like a very intricate build; well done. Also entry #2 should have been rewarded with a point or two but in the end, I liked some other entries better. Maybe it´s because there was too much blue on the sides of the building?
  7. primitiv

    Maersk Madness Voting

    I am not normally a follower of the LEGO trains and its community, but this competition was good fun and attracted my interest since I liked the big Maersk cargo ship and subsequently got my eyes on the train. Well done to all competitors for the amazing scenarios! IMHO there were a few that stuck out from the rest: Holodoc with a brilliant idea; Quarryman with an original take; Wondermonkey for a great scenario (I never doubted if it was photoshopped or not!); and Woolie for a really good-looking photo of the train in "real life". The one that got my vote in the end was Vlai23's Mad Tea Party because of its unusual take and very original idea, and it fitted into the "mad" theme very well. Plus the funny look of the train, with its ears and the rabbit teeth and those hillarious eyes; brilliant!
  8. primitiv

    Friends "Controversy"

    I´m sorry for not being very enlightened on this subject and as I didn´t want to scroll through 27 pages of comments I must apologise if this has been said before, but anyway. If I understand this correctly, the world is mad at LEGO for doing a girls oriented theme to attract more girls to building with LEGO. What´s the big deal? I mean, what other themes does LEGO have? Hm, let´s see: police. Fire department. Space. Racers. Ninjago. Knights. Star Wars. Harbour. Dump trucks and construction workers. Technic. Super heroes. Architecture. Hero factory. Disney Cars. Etc etc. Very female, right? I´m sure every little girl would be screaming with joy when throwing the princess dress out the window and start assembling a construction crane or a superhero. Give LEGO a break. They want to make a theme specially for girls? Be my guest.
  9. primitiv

    LDD 4.2.5 is out

    I am a big fan of using LDD to create "visions", not necessarily models that can be built. I have noticed a few disturbing things with the new version, concerning the minfigs: one or two wigs seems to have disappeared, and some of the torso designs have been removed from the assembled minifigs although they are still available, which means I have to re-apply the designs to my minifigs... slightly annoying. By the way, when LDD says "x bricks were not correctly placed and have been removed", is there any chance of finding out which they were? Or do I need to scan my entire build to figure it out myself? I am also hugely disappointed with the link to PaB having disappeared; I have been busy with a project for quite some time and luckily I put my last order together in an excel sheet last week by using the now removed feature of being able to check if my design is actually purchaseable. It makes it more or less impossible these days to simply design it; you need to actively check each part you want to use if it is available (and in which color) on the LEGO PaB website. Surely their must be a patch "soon" to rectify this? Or an option under Settings, enable/disable this function? (EDIT: this was a suggestion, not a question.) Then again, as someone said, maybe there is a big task trying to sync LDD with what is available in PaB? But on the other hand, I remember reading something a while ago that the LDD database was not on your computer but a file in cyberspace which means it would be quite easy to manage. Anyway, glad to see an update to LDD but not necessarily the best one. Oh, and why are some minifig torso designs available only in standard LDD and not in LDD Extended? T-h-a-t is weird...
  10. I would like to add a few words to these sad news. First of all, I really hope that LDD will continue to exist, and I agree with this comment: That is to 99% how I use LDD; create my own things, or download instructions to build existing LEGO models and thereby I don´t have to buy them. Occasionally I do buy one of my creations, but not through DbM but through Pick A Brick. As long as these two exist, I don´t see any reason for why we, the true hardcore fans of LDD/LEGO, should be too devastated. Also, having read wishes from users about what they want from LDD5, how they want CAD compatibility and so on, this sort of highlights the problem pointed out by TLG: kids cant get their heads around that; only us hardcore fans who are not necesarily the prime LEGO age target group anymore will appreciate the program fully. I do think that it is important that TLG keeps LDD in action, because surely there must be some revenue coming from us buying models made in LDD and also, they would lose a big group of LEGO fans if LDD was cancelled.
  11. This normally occurs when the file being edited is write-protected. The easiest solution to this is to save the file as "preferences.ini" and save it in a different location, for example on your desktop, and then simply copy this file into the LEGO directory.
  12. primitiv

    [UCS MOC] Escape from Docking Bay 327

    Jesus Christ man, what a collection!!!! The MOC is astonishing as it is but the whole room - WWOOWW! It blew me away! There are some really nice UCS models out there, and I see one of my favourites the Y-wing on one of the pics. Brilliant work with the MOC!
  13. primitiv

    X 24 cylinder engine

    Hi guys, small question: how do you manage to get the pistons and piston heads to line up and fit together in LDD? I cant make the piston fit in the pistonhead, let alone adjust the contraption into the v-angle I am after for my engine. Thanks for any replies!
  14. One more set: 8681 - Tuner Garage - Lego Racers Here´s the pic: Here´s the .lxf: 8681 Tuner Garage Issues: No stickers. It was very difficult to see the black pieces in the scanned online instructions I followed, and it was difficult to see which rims went on which car. Also the rims for the display stand wouldn´t attach, so left them outside. Plus a little artistic freedom to stick the car onto the roof.
  15. Hi! Have recently come across the wonderful creations made by nnenn, and would like to ask if there is somewhere either LDD files or building instructions for his work? If anyone would have further info on these three ships in particular I would be very grateful!