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  1. Nice, I'll probably grab that 2in1 stand when it's available
  2. kylendm

    [MOC] Jakku Quadjumper Alternative Build

    That's actually really cool. Good job!
  3. I love the B-Wing and the UCS set I think is still a great set. The main gripe I have with it is the cockpit. Has anyone on here done any modding to the 10227? I'd like to see some mods.
  4. UCS Falcon on the way. :)
  5. kylendm

    [MOC] Ebon Hawk. minifig scale

    I love the ebon hawk! Good luck building this, i can't wait to see how it turns out!
  6. kylendm

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor

    Looks great!
  7. kylendm

    [MOC] Speederbike/Swoopbike.

    Looks sweet!
  8. Just bought an incomplete Ewok Village set. Tomorrow I should have all the figures here. I'm more into UCS ships but this set always looked great to me.
  9. kylendm

    [MOC] Micro-scale Leviathan

    Just saw this. Thanks for the guidance through this. It was pretty fun trying to get it to look somewhat decent. I just saw your x-wing moc and it's beautiful. I might pick up the instructions some day.
  10. kylendm

    [MOC] Micro-scale Leviathan

    Agreed. I took some time and played with it a bit and I think I got the engines somewhat figured out. Thanks for all the help so far guys! The first model looks like a joke by comparison.
  11. kylendm

    [MOC] Micro-scale Leviathan

    Yeah that's kind of a tricky part for me. I think I managed to fix up most of it though. I also got rid of the wedges on the rear/side and added some more slopes. I think this helped with shaping it a bit more.
  12. kylendm

    [MOC] Micro-scale Leviathan

    The slopes definitely helped slim it down a bit. I really want to use a hard slope rather than the curved one for part that leads up to the bridge but then I can't make a slope in the rear to work. Here's an attempt with the hard slope.